1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 10

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           As Saul Take Kill hinsef

  1. Di Philistines con fight war wit Israel and di pipo of Israel run, and dem kill plenty of dem for Mountain Gilboa.
  2. Naso di Philistines pursue Saul well-well wit hin sons, and dem kill hin sons Jonathan, Abinadab plus Malki-Shua.
  3. Di fight con serious well-well around Saul, and dem use arrow shoot am, wey con wound am.
  4. Saul con tell di man wey dey keep hin weapon sey, “Carry your sword take shuuk me, or dis men wey neva circumcise go come do me any-how.” But di man wey dey carry hin weapon con dey fear, and he no gree do am. Naso Saul  carry hin own sword, con fall on top of am.
  5. Wen di man wey dey carry Saul weapon see sey Saul don kpeme, hinsef carry hin own sword, he fall on top of am, con kpeme.
  6. Naso Saul plus hin three sons take kpeme, all hin house.
  7. Wen all di pipo of Israel for bottom-of-di-mountain see sey di army don run, and Saul plus hin pikin don kpeme, dem run komot from dia cities. And di Philistines come take-over di cities and dem stay for there.
  8. Di next day wen di Philistines come remove tins from di deadbody, dem see sey Saul plus hin sons don fall for Mountain Gilboa.
  9. Dem komot everitin wey dey for hin body, con cut hin head komot, and dem carry hin weapons. Naso dem send messengers tru-out di land of di Philistines to tok di news among dia idols plus dia pipo.
  10. Dem put hin weapon plus hin fighting-cloth for inside di shrine of dia gods, and dem hang hin head for di shrine of Dagon.
  11.  Wen all di pipo wey dey stay for Jabesh Gilead hear everitin wey di Philistines do Saul,
  12. All dia strong men go carry di body of Saul plus hin sons body, con carry am come back to Jabesh. Naso dem bury dia bones for under one big oak tree for Jabesh, and dem fast for seven days.
  13. Saul die becos he commit sin against Baba-God; he no gree follow Baba-God word, and he even go meet pipo wey dey tok to dead spirits—to ask for epp.
  14. He no gree ask Baba-God for epp. So Baba-God kill am, con carry di kingdom put for David hand—David wey be di son of Jesse.


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