1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 11

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David Na Di King of Israel

  1. All di pipo of Israel con gada togeda becos of David, for Hebron, con tok sey, “We be your own flesh and blood.
  2. Before-before, even wen Saul be king, na you bin dey lead Israel for dia military movement. And Baba-God wey be your Oga con tell you sey, “Na you go be di shepherd of my pipo Israel, and na you go lead my pipo Israel.’ ”
  3. Wen all di senior-men of Israel don gada come meet David for Hebron. He make holy agreement wit dem, dem anoint am as di king of Israel—just as Baba-God bin promise tru Samuel.

David Take Over Jerusalem

4. David plus all di pipo of Israel march go Jerusalem (wey be Jebus). Na di Jebus pipo dey stay for di land.

5. Di pipo of Jebus con tell David sey, “You no go fit reach here.” But David take over dia strong-house of Zion wey be di City of David.

6. David con tok sey, “Any pesin wey lead di attack against di pipo of Jebus go turn to my chief commander.” So Joab wey be di son of Zeruiah nahin con go first, and he con be di commander.

7. Naso David start to dey live for di strong-house, and dem name di place, di City of David.

8. And he build round di city, even round Milo: and Joab repair di rest of di city.

9. Naso David con dey get pawa more-more, becos Baba-God Almighty dey wit am.

Di Strong Men Wey David Get

10. Dis ones na di chiefs of di strong men wey David get, wey support am wit pawa for hin kingdom, togeda wit all Israel—to make David dia king, just as Baba-God bin promise Israel.

11. Na dis be di names of di strong men wey David get; Jashobeam wey be Hachmonite and wey be di chief of di captains, he use hin long-sharp-weapon take kill three hundred men for one fight.

12. Di pesin wey dey next to am na Eleazar wey be di son of Dodai di Ahohite, na one of di three strong men.

13. He bin dey wit David for Pas-Dammim, where di Philistines gada for war. For one small land wey brekete wit barley, and di sojas con dey run from di Philistines.

14. But dem stand dia ground for di middle dat land land. Dem fight, con kill di Philistines, and Baba-God give dem ogbonge victory.

15. Three of di thirty captains come meet David for one rock wey dey for di Cave of Adullam, as plenty Philistines gada for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Rephaim.

16. Around dat time, David dey for di strong-place, and some Philistines sojas con dey for di town of Bethlehem.

17. Water con dey hungry David, so he tok sey, “Oh, how I wish sey pesin fit fetch water for me  to drink from di well wey dey near di gate of Bethlehem!”

18. So di Three of dem break tru Philistines sojas, dem fetch water from di well wey dey for Bethlehem, con carry am go back to meet David. But he no gree drink am, Instead, he pour am as offering to Baba-God.

19. He tok sey, “Baba-God forbid me to do dis kain tin! Abi make I drink di blood of dis men wey go risk dia life? So David no gree drink am becos dem risk dia life to carry di water come back. Na di kain ogbonge tin those Three strong men fit do.

20. Abishai wey be di broda of Joab nahin be di chief of di three men. He raise hin long sharp weapon against three hundred men wey he kill, and he con get big name like the Three men.

21. Out of di three, he get levels pass two oda men. So he con be dia captain, even though he no dey among di first three [Jashobeam, Eleazar, plus Shammah].

22. Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada, strong fighter from Kabzeel wey do plenty ogbonge tins. Nahin kill two of Moab men wey strong like lion. He still enta inside one pit one day wey snow dey fall, con kill one lion wey dey inside di pit.

23. And he kill one Egyptian, one big and tall man wey tall reach seven and half feet. Even though di Egyptian bin carry long-sharp-weapon wey be like di pole wey dey for weaving-machine, but Benaiah go meet am wit stick, con collect di long-sharp-weapon from di Egyptian hand, and he kill am wit hin own weapon.

24. Na di kain ogbonge tins wey Benaiah wey be di pikin of Jehoiada fit do. Dem know hin name well-well like di three strong men.

25. Dem respect am well-well among di thirty strong men, but hin level no reach di first Three. So David put am in charge of hin bodyguard.

26. Di oda strong men of di army na; Asahel wey be Joab broda, Elhanan wey be di son of Dodo from Bethlehem.

27. Shammoth wey be Horite, Helez wey be Pelonite,

28. Ira wey be di son of Ikkesh from Tekoa, Abiezer from Anathoth,

29. Sibbecai wey be Hushathite, Ilai di Ahohite,

30. Maharai di Netophathite, Heled wey be di son of Baanah di Netophathite.

31. Ithai wey be di son of Ribai from Gibeah for di land of Benjamin, Benaiah wey be Pirathonite,

32. Hurai come from near di waters of Gaash, Abiel from Arabah,

33. Azmaveth wey be Baharumite, Eliahba wey be Shaalbonite,

34. di sons of Hashem di Gizonite, Jonathan wey be di son of Shagee di Harararite,

35. Ahiam wey be di son of Sacar di Hararite, Eliphal wey be di son of Ur,

36. Hepher wey be Mekerathite, Ahijah wey be Pelonite,

37. Hezro wey be Carmelite, Naarai wey be di son of Ezbai,

38. Joel wey be Nathan broda, Mibhar wey be di son of Hagri,

39. Zelek wey be Ammonite, Naharai wey be Berothite, and nahin dey carry di weapon of Joab son wey dem dey call Zeruiah,

40. Ira wey be Ithrite, Gareb wey be Ithrite,

41. Uriah wey be Hittite, Zabad wey be di son of Ahlai,

42. Adina wey be di son of Shiza wey be from Reuben, and wey be di captain of di pipo of Reuben, plus di thirty men wit am,

43. Hanan wey be di son of Maacah, plus Joshaphat wey be Mithnite,

44. Uzzia wey be Ashterathite, Shama plus Jeiel wey be di sons of Hotham wey be Aroerite,

45. Jediael wey be di son of Shimri, hin broda Joha wey be from Tiz,

46. Eliel wey be Mahavite, Jeribai plus Joshaviah wey be di sons of Elnaam, plus Ithmah wey be from Moab,

47. Eliel, Obed plus Jaasiel wey be Mezobaite.


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