1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 12

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David Pesina Army

  1. Na dis be di men wey come meet David for Ziklag, wen he dey run komot from Saul wey be di son of Kish. Dem dey among di fighters wey epp am fight;
  2. All of dem sabi shoot arrow. Dem sabi use dia right plus left hand take shoot stones and arrows—dem be Saul brodas wey be di from di tribe of Benjamin.
  3. Ahiezer na dia chief, plus Joash wey be di son of Shemaah wey be from Gibeah; Jeziel plus Pelet wey be di sons of Azmaveth; Beracah, plus Jehu wey be Anathothite.
  4. Plus Ishmaiah wey be from Gibeon, wey be strong man among di Thirty, and wey be leader of di Thirty; Jeremiah, Jahaziel, Johanan, Jozabad wey be Gederathite,
  5. Eluzai, Jerimoth, Bealiah, Shemariah plus Shephatiah wey be Haruphite;
  6. Elkanah, Isshiah, Azarel, Joezer plus Jashobeam wey be Korahite;
  7. And Joelah, plus Zebadiah wey be di sons of Jeroham from Gedor.
  8. Some of di men of Gad go join David for di place wey he dey hide for inside desert. Dem be fighters wey get-mind and wey ready for fight, and dem fit handle shield and long-sharp-weapon. Dia face be like lion face, and dem fast like gazelle on top of mountain.
  9. Ezer nahin be di chief, and na Obadiah be di second in command, Eliab na di third,
  10. Mishmannah na di fourth, Jeremiah na di fifth.
  11. Attain a di sixth, Eliel na di seventh.
  12. Johanan na di eighth, Elzabad na di ninth.
  13. Jeremiah nahin be di tenth, and Macbannai nahin be di eleventh.
  14. Dis na di sons of Gad, army commanders; di smallest one among dem dey control hundred men, and di one wey get pawa pass among dem dey control one thousand men.
  15. Na dem cross River Jordan for di first month wen di water dey overflow  for everi corner, and dem pursue everi pesin komot—wey dey live for bottom-of-di-mountain, both east and west.
  16. Some oda men of Benjamin plus some men from Judah sef come meet David for where he dey hide put.
  17. David go out to meet dem, con tell dem sey, “If na wit peace una take come meet me, to epp me, my heart go accept una. But if una come betray me for my enemies wen I dey innocent and I no do any wrong tin, make di God of awa ancestors judge una.”
  18. Naso di Spirit just enta Amasai wey be di chief of di captains, and he tok sey, “We belong to you David! We dey wit you, oh Jesse pikin! Make peace dey wit you, and make peace dey wit di pipo wey dey epp you, becos your God go epp you.” So David accept dem, con make dem commanders for hin army.
  19. Some of di men of Manasseh come meet David wen he follow di Philistines go fight Saul. (Him and hin men no epp di Philistines becos, afta di Philistines reason di mata, dia leaders con tell am to dey go back. Dem tok sey, “We go pay wit awa head if David run go meet hin oga Saul.”)
  20. Wen David go Ziklag, na di men of Manasseh wey come join am be dis: Adnah, Jozabad, Jediael, Michael, Jozadab, Elihu plus Zillethai—dem be commanders of thousands sojas for Manasseh.
  21. Dem epp David fight men wey wan attack dem, becos all of dem be fighters wey get-mind, and dem be commanders for di army.
  22. Day by day men dey come epp David—sote hin army con big well-well, like Baba-God army.

Odas Join David For Hebron

23. Na dis be di numbas of men wey get weapon and wey ready for war—wey come meet David for Hebron to over-throw Saul kingdom give David—as Baba-God don bin tok:

24. Di men of Judah wey carry shield plus long-sharp-weapon na—6,800, and wey ready for war.

25. Di fighters wey be from Simeon wey carry shield plus long-sharp-weapon and wey ready for war na—7,100;

26. Di men of Levi na—4,600,

27. Jehoiada na di leader of di family of Aaron, wit 3,700 men.

28. And Zadok wey be young fighter wey get-mind well-well, plus 22 officers from hin family;

29. Di men of Benjamin wey be Saul family-pipo na—3,000 and most of dem bin dey loyal to Saul house until dat time.

30. Di men of Ephraim wey be fighters, wey get-mind well-well, and wey get levels for dia own family na–20,800.

31. Di men of di half tribe of Manasseh wey dey for di west of Jordan, 18,000 nahin dem choose to epp David be king.

32. Di men of Issachar, men wey understand di times and wey sabi wetin Israel suppose do—dem be 200 chiefs plus all dia family-pipo wey dem dey control.

33. Di men of Zebulun, 50,000 sojas wey get experience, wey sabi set for dia position for war, wey ready for fight wit everi type of weapons, and wey get-mind.

34. Di men of Naphtali na 1000 captains, togeda wit 37,000 men wey carry shield plus long-sharp-weapon.

35. Di men of Dan wey sabi fight war na 28,600.

35. Di men of Asher, sojas wey get experience, and wey sabi fight—na 40,000 men;

37. And from di east side of river Jordan, di men of Reuben, Gad, plus di half-tribe of Manasseh, and wey carry all kind of weapon—na 120,000.

38. All dis na men wey sabi fight war, and wey sabi set for dia fighting position for war. Dem come Hebron wit full-mind to make David di king of Israel. All di remaining pipo for Israel still get one mind to make David king.

39. Di men spend three days for there wit David, dem dey chop and drink becos dia families supply wetin dem need.

40. Even dia neighbors from far-far Issachar, Zebulun plus Naphtali carry food come on top of donkeys plus camels, malu and ox. Dem bring plenty flour, fig cakes, dry-grape cakes, wine, ororo, malu, sheep—and happiness con dey for Israel.


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