1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 16

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Dem Put Di Ark Inside Di Worship-place

  1. Dem carry Baba-God Ark, con put am for di tent wey David set for am. Naso dem sacrifice burnt offering plus peace offerings for Baba-God front.
  2. Afta David don sacrifice di burnt offering plus di peace offerings, he con bless di pipo wit Baba-God name.
  3. Naso he give everi man and woman for Israel—bread, piece of meat, plus bottle of wine.
  4. He choose some of di Levites to serve for front of Baba-God Ark —to celebrate Baba-God, to give tanks, and to praise Baba-God di Oga of Israel.
  5. Asaph nahin be di chief, Zechariah nahin be di second, and Jeiel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Mattithiah, Eliab, Benaiah, plus Obed-Edom. Na dem go play di lyres plus harps (music instrument). Na Asaph go sound di cymbal,
  6. and Benaiah plus Jahazial wey be priests nahin go blow di trumpets everi time for front of di ark of di agreement of Baba-God.

David Psalm of Tanks-giving

7. Dat day, David give Asaph and hin fellow Levites dis song of tanks-giving to Baba-God:

8. Give tanks to Baba-God, call hin name, make di nations know wetin he don do.

9. Sing to am, sing praises to am; tok about di ogbonge tins wey he don do.

10. Get levels for hin name; make di hearts of those pipo wey dey fyne Baba-God dey happy.

11. Look Baba-God and hin pawa; always dey fyne hin face.

12. Remember di ogbonge tins wey he don do, hin miracles plus judgement wey he don yarn.

13. Oh pikin-pikin-pikin of Israel wey be hin servants, oh sons of Jacob—di pipo wey he choose.

14. Nahin be Baba-God awa Oga; hin judgement dey for all di earth.

15. Make una always dey remember hin agreement forever, di word wey hin command to one thousand generations,

16. Di agreement wey he make wit Abraham, di oath wey he swear to Isaac.

17. He confam am to Jacob as law, and to Israel as everlasting agreement—

18. sey, “Na una I go give di land of Canaan, as di portion wey go be una property.”

19. He tok dis tin wen una neva plenty, wen una small, and wen una be strangers (jjc) for di land,

20. Wen dem dey waka about from nation to nation, and from one kingdom to di oda.

21. He no let any man oppress dem, but he pursue kings komot becos of dem, con tok sey,

22. ‘No touch di pesin wey I don anoint, and no wound my prophet at-all.’

23. All di whole earth—make una sing for Baba-God, make una tok about how he take dey save pesin everi day.

24. Tok about hin levels among di nations, and hin ogbonge works among di pipo.

25. Becos Baba-God great and dem suppose praise am well-well; dem suppose fear am pass all di gods.

26. Becos all di gods of di nations na idols, but na Baba-God make di heavens.

27. Levels plus respect dey for hin front, pawa plus happiness dey for where he dey stay.

28. Give to Baba-God oh families of di nations, give Baba-God levels plus pawa.

29. Give Baba-God di levels wey fit am. Carry offering come hin front, worship Baba-God inside di fineness of hin holiness.

30. Make all di earth fear for Baba-God front! Di earth stand gidigbam; e no go fit move.

31. Make di heavens dey celebrate, make di earth dey happy, make dem tok among di nations sey, “Na Baba-God dey reign!”

32. Make di big-rivers [seas] plus everitin wey dey inside am make noise.

33. Naso di trees for inside forest celebrate for Baba-God front, becos he dey come judge di earth.

34. Give tanks to Baba-God becos he good; and he dey sorry-for pipo forever.

35. Make una tok sey, “Save us, chai Baba-God—wey dey save pesin; gada us make you save us from di nations, so dat we go fit give tanks to your holy name. So dat praising you go be awa levels.”

36. Praise be to Baba-God wey be di Oga of Israel—for ever and ever. Naso all di pipo con tok sey, “Iseeee [Amen].” And “Praise Baba-God.”

37. David leave Asaph plus hin pipo for front of di Ark of agreement of Baba-God—to dey always serve for there, based-on wetin dem suppose do everi day.

38. He leave Obed-Edom sef, plus sixty-eight of hin family-pipo to serve wit dem. Obed-Edom wey be di son of Jeduthun, and Hosah as guards.

39. David leave Zadok wey be di priest and hin fellow priests for front of Baba-God holy-place—for di high place for Gibeon,

40. To dey give burnt offerings to Baba-God, for di altar of di burnt offering everi time—morning plus evening, based-on everitin wey dem write for di Law of Baba-God—wey he don give Israel.

41. Heman plus Jeduthun dey wit dem, plus di rest of those wey dem choose and wey dem choose by dia names—to give tanks to Baba-God, becos hin love dey last forever.”

42. Heman plus Jeduthun dey wit dem and na dem dey sound di trumpets loud, plus cymbals, and oda music instruments of Baba-God. Di sons of Jeduthun go take dia position for gate.

43. Naso all di pipo komot, everi one of dem go dia own house, and David go hin house to bless hin family.


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