1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 9

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        Di pipo wey Enemies Bin Carry komot, Con Settle For Jerusalem Again

  1. Dem write di generations of di history of di families of all Israel for di book of di Kings of Israel plus Judah—wey dem carrygo  Babylon as prisoners of war, because of dia sins.
  2. Di first wey pipo settle down again for dia land and for dia cities na some Israelites, priests, Levites, plus di Nethinims.
  3. Some from di tribes of Judah, Benjamin, plus Ephraim and Manasseh settle down for Jerusalem.
  4. Di pipo wey settle down na; Uthai wey be di son of Ammihud, di son of Omri, di son of Imri, di son of Bani, wey be di family of Perez di son of Judah.
  5. From di Shilonites: Asaiah wey be di firstborn wit hin sons.
  6. From di families of Zerah: Jeuel. Di numba of dia family-pipo reach 690.
  7. From di families of Benjamin: Sallu wey be di son of Meshullam, di son of Hodaviah, di son of Hassenuah;
  8. Ibneiah wey be di son of Jeroham; Elah di son of Uzzi, di son of Mikri; plus Meshullam wey be di son of Shephatiah, di son of Reuel, di son of Ibnijah.
  9. Di numba of dia brodas based-on dia generations for dia family history—reach 956. All dis men na  leaders of dia families.
  10. From di priests: Jedaiah, Jehoiarib, Jakin,
  11. plus Azariah wey be di son of Hilkiah, di son of Meshullam, di son of Zadok, di son of Meraioth, di son of Ahitub wey be chief  leader  for  Baba-God house.
  12. Plus Adaiah di son of Jeroham, di son of Pashhur, di son of Malkijah, and Maasai di son of Adiel, di son of Jahzerah, di son of Meshullam, di son of Meshillemith, di son of Immer.
  13. Dia family-pipo wey be leaders of dia families na 1,760. Dem be men wey sabi and wey dey do di work of di service for inside Baba-God house.
  14. From di Levites: Shemaiah wey be di son of Hasshub, di son of Azrikam, di son of Hashabiah  wey be di family of  Merari.
  15. Plus Bakbakkar, Heresh, Galal, Mattaniah di son of Mika, di son of Zikri, di son of Asaph.
  16. And Obadiah wey be  di  son of Shemaiah, di son of Galal, di son of Jeduthun, di Berechiah, di son of Asa, di son of Elkanah—wey live among di villages of di Netophathites.
  17.  Di guards na: Shallum, Akkub, Talmon, Ahiman, plus dia brodas. Shallum nahin be di leader;
  18.  he bin dey serves  till today for di King Gate for di east. Na dis be di guards from di camp of di pikins of Levi.
  19. Shallum wey be di son of Kore, di son of Ebiasaph, di son of Korah, and hin family-pipo from hin papa side, di Korahites, na dem dey in charge to guard di gate to di worship-place.Dia ancestors nahin bin dey guard di doormot of Baba-God camp.
  20. Phinehas wey be di son of Eleazar nahin be dia leader before-before, and Baba-God bin dey wit am.
  21. Zechariah wey be di son of Meshelemiah nahin be di guard for di doormot of di worship-place.
  22. All di numbas of pipo wey dem select to be gatekeepers for di gate na 212. Dem record dia names based-on dia generation, for dia villages. David plus Samuel wey be di prophet bin choose dem for dia positions.
  23. Dem plus dia pikin nahin con dey in charge to guard di gates of Baba-God house (wey dem dey call di Tent of Meeting).
  24. Dem post di guards for all di four sides—east, west, north, plus south.
  25. Dia family-pipo, wey dey live for  dia villages dey always come serve wit dem everi seven-seven days.
  26. Di four leaders of di guards, wey be Levites get dia office, and na dem dey in charge to guard di stores and di rooms where dem dey keep beta-beta-tins for inside Baba-God house.
  27. Dem dey spend di night for dia posts all around Baba-God house,becos na dia work to guard am and to open am wit key everi morning.
  28. Some of dem dey in charge of di tools wey dem dey use for worship; dem dey always count dem wen dem carry dem go inside and wen dem carry dem come out.
  29. Some of dem dey in charge of di properties and tools of di holy-place,even fine di flour, wine, ororo, incense, plus spices.
  30. And some of di priests sons nahin dey mix di spices.
  31. One Levite wey dem dey call Mattithiah, wey be di firstborn sonof Shallum di Korahite, nahin bin dey in charge of baking di bread for offerings.
  32. Some of di Kohathites wey be dia family-pipo, nahin dey in charge of arranging di bread wey dem dey put on top of di table everi  Sabbath—di holy bread.
  33. Na dis be di musicians, dem be chiefs of di fadas of di Levites. Dem dey stay inside di rooms for Baba-God house,  and dem no dey do any oda work, for day and for night nahin dem dey do dia own work.
  34. Dis chief leaders of di Levites, be chiefs based-on dia generations, and dem stay for Jerusalem.

               Saul Family History

35. Jeiel wey be di papa of Gibeon bin live for Gibeon. Hin wife na Maacah.

36. Hin firstborn son na Abdon, follow by Zur, Kish, Baal, Ner, and Nadab,

37. Gedor, Ahio, Zechariah, plus Mikloth.

38. Mikloth nahin born Shimeam. Dem sef stay near dia family-pipo for inside Jerusalem.

39. Ner born Kish, and Kish born Saul. Saul nahin be di papa of Jonathan, Malki-Shua, Abinadab, plus Eshbaal.

40. Jonathan son na: Meribbaal,wey be di papa of Micah.

41. Dis na di sons of Micah: Pithon, Melech, Tahrea, plus Ahaz.

42. Ahaz nahin born Jarah,and Jarah nahin be di papa of Alemeth, Azmaveth, plus Zimri. So Zimri born Moza,

43. and Moza con born Binea; and  hin son na Rephaiah, hin son Eleasah, and hin son Azel.

44. Azel get six sons and dia names na: Azrikam wey be hin firstborn,follow by Ishmael, Sheariah, Obadiah, plus Hanan. Na dis be di sons of Azel.


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