1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 10

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Bilikisun Sungbo [Queen of Sheba] Visit King Solomon

  1. Wen Bilikisun Sungbo hear as Solomon name take dey spread, becos of Baba-God name, she come test am wit hard questions.
  2. She reach Jerusalem wit plenty moto, plus camels wey carry spices, plenty gold, plus fine-fine-stones. So she come meet Solomon, con tell Solomon everitin wey dey for her mind.
  3. Solomon ansa all her questions, notin dey too hard for di king to explain to her.
  4. Wen di queen of Sheba [Bilikisun Sungbo] see all Solomon wisdom and di palace wey he build,
  5. di food wey dey for hin table, di way hin officials take dey sidon, di servants wey dey serve plus dia clothes, plus how king Solomon dey climb Baba-God house to give burnt offering—e burst her brain.
  6. Naso she tell di king sey, “Di gist wey I don hear about for my own kontri, about wetin you don do and your wisdom—na true.
  7. But I no believe all dis tins until I come see wit my korokoro eyes. True-true, dem no even tell me reach half, for wisdom and for moni—you pass wetin I don hear about you.
  8. You be happiness for your men and happiness for dis your servants wey dey always stand for your front, con dey hear your wisdom!
  9. Praise be to Baba-God your God, wey dey happy wit you and wey don put you on top of di king-chair of Israel. Becos Baba-God love Israel forever, he don make you be king, to maintain justice plus righteousness.”
  10. So she give di king about 5 tons of gold, plenty-plenty spicies, plus fine-fine-stones. No oda pesin don ever bring dat kain plenty-plenty spice come Jerusalem, like di ones wey Bilikisun Sungbo [Queen of Sheba] carry come give king Solomon.
  11. Plenty ship from Hiram bring gold from Ophir; and from there, dem bring plenty almug wood plus plenty fine-fine-stones.
  12. Di king use di almug wood take make pillars for Baba-God house and for di palace, and to make harp plus lyre for di musicians. Dem neva ever bring dat kain plenty almug wood before or see dat kain plenty almug wood since dat day.)
  13. King Solomon give Bilikisun Sungbo [Queen of Sheba] everitin wey she want, plus anytin wey she ask for, apart from di gifts wey Solomon give her wit free-mind from palace. Naso she komot, con go back to her land wit her servants.

King Solomon Beta-beta-tins Plus Hin Big Name

14. Di weight of di gold wey king Solomon dey collect everi year na 25 tons of gold,

15. minus di tax from market-pipo, di gain from pipo wey dey buy and sell spices, di tax from all di kings of Arabia, and from di govnors of di kontri.

16. King Solomon make two hundred big shields wit gold wey dem hammer; about 7kg of gold nahin dem take make everi single shield.

17. He still make three hundred small shields from gold wey dem hammer, na three pounds of gold dem take make everi single shield. And di king put dem for di Palace of di Forest of Lebanon.

18. Naso di king make big king-chair wey dem design wit ivory, con cover am wit pure gold.

19. Di king-chair get six steps, and back of am get round top. Hand-rest dey for di two sides of di chair, and two lions dey stand near dem.

20. Na twelve lions stand for di two sides of di six steps. And no pesin don ever make anytin like dis for any oda kingdom!

21. Na solid gold dem take make all di cups wey king Solomon dey use drink, and even di spoons and plates plus oda tins wey dey for di Palace of di forest of Lebanon. Dem no even use silver take make dem becos silver no even get value for di days of King Solomon!

22. Di king get plenty ship wey dey carry market for deep-deep water along wit di ships of Hiram. Dem dey come back once everi three years—wit gold, silver, plus ivory, and apes plus peacocks.

23. So King Solomon get moni plus wisdom pass all di oda kings of di earth.

24. Di whole world con dey fyne way to meet Solomon—to hear di wisdom wey Baba-God don put inside hin heart.

25. Year afta year, everi pesin come wit gift—wey dem make wit silver and gold, clothes, weapons, plus spices, and horses plus donkeys.

26. Solomon get plenty horse-moto plus horses; he get one thousand four-hundred horse-moto, and twelve thousand horses-riders, wey he keep for di cities of horse-moto, and wit di king for Jerusalem.

27. Di king make silver common like stones for Jerusalem, and cedar trees plenty like sycamore trees wey brekete for di lowland.

28. Solomon bring hin horses from Egypt and linen thread. Di king agent buy dem for di price.

29. Dem bring one horse-moto from Egypt for 600 silver coins, and one horse for 150 silver coins. And di king agents sell am out for all di kings of di Hittites plus di kings of Syria.


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