1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 11

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Solomon Wives

  1. But king Solomon con love plenty foreign women apart from Pharaoh daughter; Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians plus Hittites—women.
  2. Dem come from di nations wey Baba-God tell di pipo of Israel sey, “Una must no marry dem, becos dem must surely turn una heart to follow dia gods.” But Solomon love dem well-well.
  3. Seven hundred of hin wives na princess, plus three hundred side-chicks, and hin wives carry am waka-lose.
  4. As Solomon con dey old, hin wives turn hin heart follow dia gods, and hin heart no con perfect wit Baba-God, like di heart of David hin papa.
  5. He follow Ashtoreth wey be di goddess of di Sidonians, and Milcom wey be di mumu god of di Ammonites.
  6. So Solomon do evil tins for Baba-God eyes; he no follow Baba-God kpatakpata, as David hin papa bin do.
  7. On top of one hill wey dey for di east side of Jerusalem, Solomon build shrine for Chemosh wey be di mumu god of Moab, and for Molech wey be di mumu god of di Ammonites.
  8. He do di same tin for hin foreign wives, wey con dey burn incense and give sacrifice to dia gods.
  9. Naso Baba-God vex for Solomon becos hin heart don turn komot from Baba-God, di God of Israel, wey show-face to am two times,
  10. wey bin warn Solomon about dis tins, sey make he no follow oda gods, but he no gree follow Baba-God word.
  11. Naso Baba-God tell Solomon sey, “Becos you do dis kain tin, and you no gree keep my agreement, and you don fashi my laws, I go surely tear di kingdom komot from you, con carry am give one of your servants.
  12. Becos of your papa David, I no go do am wen you still dey alive. I go komot di kingdom from your son.
  13. But I no go tear all di kingdom komot; but I go give one tribe to your son, becos of David my servant, and becos of Jerusalem wey I don choose.

Solomon Enemies

14. Naso Baba-God stand enemies against Solomon, Hadad di Edomite wey be from di royal line of Edom.

15. And e happun sey, wen David dey for Edom, Joab wey be di commander for di army go bury di dead, afta he don kill everi man for Edom;

16. Joab plus di pipo of Israel stay for there for six months, until dem don kill all di men for Edom,

17. but Hadad wey just be small boy dat time run go Egypt wit some Edomite officials wey bin dey serve hin papa.

18. Dem move from Midian, con go Paran. Naso dem carry men from Paran wit dem, dem go Egypt, go meet Pharaoh wey be di king of Egypt. Pharaoh give Hadad house plus land, con still give am food.

19. Pharaoh con like Hadad well-well sote he give am di sista of hin own wife, di sista of Queen Tahpenes to marry.

20. Di sista of Tahpenes born baby-boy for am wey dem call Genubath. Taphenes train Genubath for Pharaoh palace among Pharaoh pikin.

21. As he still dey for Egypt, Hadad hear sey David don rest wit hin ancestors and sey Joab wey be di commander of di army sef don die. Naso Hadad tell Pharaoh sey, “Make I dey go, so dat I fit go back to my own kontri.”

22. So Pharaoh ask am sey, “E get wetin you no get for here wey you wan go back to your own kontri?” Hadad con ansa am sey, “Notin, but just allow me dey go!”

23. Naso Baba-God raise anoda enemy against Solomon; Rezon wey be di son of Eliada wey run from hin oga, Hadadezer wey be di king of Zobah.

24. He gada men round am, con turn to di leader of rebel group wen David bin scata di army of Zobah; di rebels go Damascus, where dem settle down put, con take control.

25. Rezon na enemy of Israel as long as Solomon still dey alive, to add-join di wahala wey Hadad cos. So Rezon rule for Syria and he con dey against Israel.

Jeroboam Turn Against Solomon

26. Jeroboam sef, wey be di son of Nebat con change-am-for king Solomon. He be one of king Solomon official, na Ephraimite from Zeredah, hin mama na widow and her name na Zeruah.

27. Dis na di story of how he take fight against di king. Solomon build Milo, con repair some part of di wall of di city of hin papa David.

28. Now Jeroboam na young man wey sabi, and wen Solomon see as he dey hustle tight, he put am in charge of di slave-labor for di territory of di tribes of Manasseh plus Ephraim.

29. Around di time wey Jeroboam dey komot from Jerusalem, he wear new cloth, and Ahijah wey be di prophet of Shiloh meet am for road as he dey go. Di two of dem con dey alone for outside di kontri.

30. Naso Ahijah take di new cloth wey Jeroboam wear, con tear am into twelve pieces.

31. He tell Jeroboam sey, “Take ten pieces for yoursef, becos dis na wetin Baba-God di Oga of Israel dey yarn: ‘See, I go tear di kingdom komot from Solomon hand, con carry ten tribes put for your hand.

32. But Solomon go get one tribe becos of my servant David, and di city of Jerusalem wey I don choose out of all di tribes of Israel.

33. I go do dis tin becos dem don fashi me, con dey worship Ashtoreth wey be di goddess of di Sidonians, Chemosh wey be di god of di Moabites, plus Molech wey be di god of di Amonites; and dem no gree waka for my ways or do wetin dey correct for my eyes, or keep my yarnings and laws as David Solomon papa take keep am.

34. “But I no go komot di whole kingdom from Solomon hand; I don make am to be prince all di days of hin life becos of David wey be my servant, wey I choose, becos he keep my words plus my laws.

35. But I go komot di kingdom from hin son hand, con give you ten tribes.

36. I go give one tribe to hin son, so dat David wey be my servant go always get lamp for my front for Jerusalem—di city wey I choose to put my Name.

37. But as for you, I go carry you, and you go rule over everitin wey you want; you go be king for Israel.

38. E go be sey, If you do everitin wey I tell you to do, you waka for my ways, and do wetin dey correct for my eyes by keeping di laws and words—just as David my servant do, I go dey wit you. I go make your pikin-pikin-pikin rule your kingdom [I go build sure house for you] just as I bin take build for David. And I go put Israel for your hand.

39. I go punish David pikin-pikin-pikin becos of dis tin, but no be forever.’ ”

40. So Solomon try to kill Jeroboam, but Jeroboam run go Egypt, go meet Shishak di king, con stay for there until Solomon kpeme.

As Solomon Take Kpeme

41. As for di oda tins wey happun wen Solomon be king—everitin wey he do plus all di wisdom wey he show—dem write am for di Book of works of Solomon.

42. Solomon be king of di whole Israel for forty years.

43. Naso he join hin ancestors and dem bury am for di City of David hin papa. And Reoboam hin son take hin place as king.


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