1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Israel Change-am-for Rehoboam

  1. Rehoboam go Shechem, becos di whole Israel pipo don go there to make am king.
  2. Wen Jeroboam wey be di son of Nebat hear di gist [he still dey for Egypt, where he go hide from Solomon],
  3. dem sey make dem call Jeroboam, and him plus all di whole Israel pipo gada go meet Rehoboam, con tell am sey:
  4. “Your papa put heavy load on us, but now we wan make you komot small from awa hard work and di heavy load wey he put on us, and we go serve you.”
  5. Rehoboam con ansa, “Go for three days, and make una come back to me.” So him and di pipo komot go dia way.
  6. Naso Rehoboam meet di senior-men wey serve hin papa Solomon wen he bin dey alive. He ask dem sey, “Wetin una advice me to ansa dis pipo?”
  7. So dem ansa am sey, “If you go be servant to dis pipo today, con serve dem and give dem ansa wey go favour dem, naso dem go always be your servants.”
  8. But Rehoboam fashi di advice wey di senior-men give am, con go meet di small guys wey grow up wit am.
  9. He ask dem, “Wetin be una advice? How we go take ansa dis pipo wey dey yarn me sey, ‘komot small from di hard work wey your papa give us’?”
  10. “Di young men wey grow up wit am con ansa am sey, “Tell di pipo wey tell you sey, ‘Your papa put heavy load on us, but komot small from di load’—tell dem sey, ‘My small finger go thick pass my papa waist.
  11. My papa give una heavy load; me I go make am heavy pass. My papa flog una wit koboko; but I go flog una wit scorpions.’ ”
  12. Three days lata, Jeroboam plus all di pipo come back to meet Rehoboam, as di king bin tell dem, “Make una come meet me in three days time.”
  13. Naso di king ansa di pipo in a rugged way, con fashi di advice wey di senior-men give am.
  14. He follow di advice of di young men, con tok sey, “My papa make una load heavy; but I go make am heavy pass; My papa flog una wit koboko, but I go flog una wit scorpions.”
  15. So di king no gree listen to di pipo, becos all dis tins wey happun na from Baba-God, to make Baba-God word come to pass wey he use Ahijah di Shilomite tell Jeroboam wey be di son of Nebat .
  16. Wen all di pipo of Israel see sey di king no gree listen to dem, dem ansa di king sey: “Which share we con get inside David, which part we get for inside Jesse son? Make everi pesin face hin papa house! Oh Israel! Face your own house, oh David!” So di pipo of Israel go dia house!”
  17. But as for di pipo of Israel wey dey stay for di cities of Judah, Rehoboam still rule dem.
  18. King Rehoboam send Adonijah wey dey in charge of di slave-labor, but all di pipo of Israel stone am sote he die. Naso king Rehoboam climb hin horse-moto sharp-sharp, con escape to Jerusalem.
  19. So Israel change-am-for di house of David reach dis day.
  20. Wen all Israel pipo hear sey Jeroboam don come back, dem send for am, con call am come where dem gada, dem make am king for di whole Israel. Only di tribe of Judah nahin con dey follow di house of David.
  21. Wen Rehoboam reach Jerusalem, he gada di whole house of Judah, plus di tribe of Benjamin—one hundred and eighty thousand fighters—to fight against di house of Israel, and to collect back di kingdom for Rehoboam wey be Solomon son.
  22. But Baba-God word  come meet Shemaiah di man of God:
  23. “Tell Rehoboam wey be Solomon pikin and di king of Judah plus Benjamin, and di rest of di pipo, sey:
  24. ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God dey tok: “Make una no go fight against your brodas di pikins of Israel. Make everi single one of una dey go back to una house, becos na me do all dis tins wey happun.”’” So dem obey Baba-God word, con go back to dia house, just as Baba-God tell dem to do.

Di Golden Malu For Bethel Plus Dan

25. Jeroboam build Shechem for di Mountain of Ephraim, con stay for there as hin capital; lata he komot from there con build Penuel.

26. Naso Jeroboam reason sey, “Now di kingdom fit go back to David house,

27. if dis pipo go up to offer sacrifices for Baba-God house for Jerusalem, dia hearts go reason dia oga Rehoboam wey be di king of Judah; naso dem no go kill me, con go back to Rehoboam wey be di king of Judah.”

28. Afta he fine advice, di king con make two small-malu wit gold. Naso he tell di pipo sey, “E too much for una to dey go Jerusalem. Na una gods be dis, Oh Israel, wey carry una komot from Egypt.”

29. He put one for Bethel and di oda one for Dan.

30. Dis tin con be sin; di pipo come worship di one wey dey for Bethel, and dem even waka far-far go Dan to worship di oda one.

31. Jeroboam build shrine for di high places, and he choose ordinary pipo as priests—pipo wey no be Levite.

32. He start one festival on di fifteenth day of di eight month, like di festival wey dem dey do for Judah, con give sacrifices for di altar. He do dis tin for Bethel, he sacrifice to di small-malu wey he make. And he put priest for di shrines wey he make.

33. On di fifteenth day of di eighth month wey he choose, he give sacrifices for di altar wey he build for Bethel. So he sey make Israel pipo dey celebrate di festival.He con go di altar go give offerings and burn incense.


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