1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 14

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Ahijah Prophecy Against Jeroboam

  1. Around dat time, Abijah wey be di son of Jeroboam con dey sick,
  2. So Jeroboam tell hin wife sey, “Abeg stand up, con pretend so dat pipo no go know sey na you be di wife of Jeroboam. Den make you dey go Shiloh. Abijah di prophet dey for there. Nahin tell me sey I go be king of dis pipo.
  3. Carry ten bread follow body, some cake, plus container of honey, con go meet am. He go tell you wetin go happun to di boy.”
  4. So Jeroboam wife do wetin he tok, and she go Abijah house for Shiloh. Now Abijah no fit see again, hin eyes don dey close becos he don old.
  5. But Baba-God tell Abijah sey, “Jeroboam wife dey come ask you about her son, becos he dey sick, and you go give her so-so and so ansa. Wen she come, she go pretend like sey she be anoda pesin.”
  6. Naso e con happun. Wen Abijah hear di sound of her dey waka come for doormot, he tok sey, “Come inside Jeroboam wife. Why you con dey pretend like sey you be anoda pesin? I get message of bad news for you.
  7. Go tell Jeroboam sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God, di Oga of Israel dey tok: “I raise you up from among di pipo, con make you be leader of di pipo of Israel.
  8. I tear di kingdom komot from di house of David, con carry am give you, but you no do like my servant David, wey keep my laws, con follow me wit all hin heart, and he do only wetin dey right for my eyes.
  9. You don do plenty evil pass all di pipo wey dey before you. You don make oda gods for yoursef, idols wey you mold to make me vex, con push me for your back.
  10. Becos of dis tin, I go carry gbege put for di house of Jeroboam. I go cut Jeroboam komot—everi last man wey dey for Israel, wey be slave or wey be free pesin. I go komot di remaining pipo from Jeroboam house, as pesin take dey sweep yama-yama—until e komot kpatakpata.
  11. Dogs go chop those pipo wey belong to Jeroboam—wey die inside di city; and birds wey dey fly for sky go chop those ones wey die for field. Baba-God don yarn!”’
  12. “So stand up, dey go back to your house. Di boy go die wen you enta di city.
  13. Di whole of Israel go cry for am, con bury am. Nahin be di only pesin wey belong to Jeroboam wey dem go bury, becos nahin be di only pesin wey dey inside di house of Jeroboam wey Baba-God see sometin good inside am.
  14. “But Baba-God go raise king for hinsef for Israel wey go cut off di family of Jeroboam. Dis tin go happun today. Evensef, now!”
  15. Baba-God go nack Israel, sote dem go be like grass for inside water. He go komot Israel from hin beta land wey he give dia papa-papa-papa, con scata dem go far-far pass river Euphrates, becos dem ginger Baba-God to vex by making idols of di goddess of Asherah.
  16. And he go fashi Israel becos of di bad-bad-tins wey Jeroboam do, he commit sin, con make Israel sef do bad-bad-tins.
  17. Naso Jeroboam wife stand up, con komot. She go Tirzah and di pikin die as she reach di doormot of her house.
  18. Dem bury am, and all di pipo of Israel cry for am, just as Baba-God tok tru hin servant di prophet Ahijah.
  19. Di oda tins wey Jeroboam do as he be king, di wars wey he fight and how he rule—dem write dem for di books of history of di kings of Israel.
  20. He be king for twenty two years, con rest wit hin ancestors. And Nadab hin son take hin place as king.

Rehoboam Wey Be King Of Judah

21. Rehoboam wey be King Solomon son con be king for Judah. He be forty-one years old wen he be king, and he be king for Jerusalem for seventeen years—Jerusalem, di city wey Baba-God choose out of all di tribes of Israel wey he put hin Name. Hin mama name na Naamah and she be Ammonite.

22. Judah do evil tins for Baba-God eyes. Dem ginger Baba-God to vex becos di sins wey dem commit pass wetin dia papa bin do.

23. Dem sef build shrines for demsef, images, plus image of wood on top everi high hill, and under everi gree tree.

24. Sote dem even get shrine for brostitute and men wey dey sleep wit men for di land; and dem do all di yao-yao traditions of di nations wey Baba-God purse from Israel front.

25. For di fifth year wen Rehoboam be king, Shishak wey be di King of Egypt attack Jerusalem.

26. He carry di beta-beta-tins wey dey for inside Baba-God house plus di beta-beta-tins wey dey inside di king palace. He carry everitin even all di golden shields wey Solomon make.

27. So king Rehoboam use bronze take make shields to replace dem, and he keep dem wit di commanders of di guard, wey dey guard di doormot of di king palace.

28. Any time wey di king go Baba-God house, di guards go carry shield, con keep dem back for di guardroom.

29. As for di oda tins wey happun wen Rehoboam be king, plus everitin wey he do—dem write dem for di books of history of di kings of Judah.

30. Na so-so fight Rehoboam and Jeroboam dey fight all dia days.

31. Naso Rehoboam rest wit hin ancestors, and dem bury am wit dem for di City of David. Hin mama name na Naamah; she be Ammonite. And Abijah hin son take hin place as king.


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