1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 17

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(Wild birds) Ravens Give Elijah Food To Chop

  1. Now Elijah wey be Tishbite for inside Gilead, con tell Ahab sey, “As long as Baba-God wey be di Oga of Israel dey live, di God wey I dey serve, rain or showers no go dey for some years, until I tok sey make dem dey.”
  2. Naso message from Baba-God come meet Elijah:
  3. “Komot from here, face di east side, con go hide near di stream of Cherith—for di east side of Jordan.
  4. You go drink from di stream, and I don tell wild bird (raven) to bring food for you for there.”
  5. So Elijah do wetin Baba-God tell am. He go di small-river of Cherith—wey dey before Jordan.
  6. Naso ravens carry bread plus meat come meet am for morning and for evening, he drink from di stream and ravens bring bread and meat for am everi morning plus evening.

Di Widow For Zarephath

7. E con happun sey, di water con dry becos rain no gree fall for di land.

8. Naso message from Baba-God come meet am:

9. “Sharply go Zarephat of Sidon, con stay for there. I don tell one widow for dat place sey make she dey give you food.”

10. So he stand up, con go Zarephat. Wen he reach di gate of di city, he see di widow dey for there dey gada sticks. He call her, con ask her sey, “Abeg you fit give me small water for container so dat I go drink?”

11. As she dey go bring am come, he con call her, “And abeg epp me wit small bread for your hand.”

12. Naso she ansa am sey, “As surely as Baba-God your Oga dey live, I no get any bread—only small flour for one container wit small ororo for jug. I dey gada small sticks wey I go carry go house, wey I go use take cook for me and my son, so dat we go fit chop, con kpeme.”

13. So Elijah tell her sey, “No dey fear. Go house make you do wetin you don tok, but first make small cake of bread for me from wetin you get, and make you carry am come give me, and afta make sometin for yoursef plus your pikin.

14. Becos dis na wetin Baba-God di Oga of Israel tok : ‘Di container of flour no go empty, and di jug of ororo no go dry until di day wen Baba-God go send rain for di land.’ ”

15. She komot con do wetin Elijah tell her. Naso food con dey for plenty days for Elijah and for di woman plus her family.

16. And di container of flour no gree empty and di jug of ororo no gree dry—to confam di word wey Baba-God use Elijah tok.

17. Lata-lata, di son of di woman wey get di house con dey sick. He mata con dey bad more-more, sote las-las he con stop to dey breath.

18. Naso she tell Elijah sey, “Wetin you get against me, man of God? Abi you don come make me remember my sins, con make my pikin die?”

19. Naso Elijah ansa her sey, “Give me your pikin,” He carry am from her hands, he carry am go di room for up where he dey stay, con put am for hin own bed.

20. Naso he cry to Baba-God, “Oh Baba-God my Oga, abi you don carry wahala give dis widow wey I dey stay wit sef, con make her pikin kpeme?”

21. He stretch hinsef on di boy three times, con cry to Baba-God, “Oh Baba-God, make dis boy life come back to am again!”

22. Baba-God hear Elijah cry, di boy life come back to am, and he live.

23. Elijah carry di boy go down from di room enta di house. He give am to hin mama, and he tok sey, “See, your pikin dey alive!”

24. Di woman con tell Elijah sey, “Now I know sey you be man of God and Baba-God word wey dey for your mouth na truth.”


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