1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 18

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Elijah And Obadiah

  1. E con happun sey afta some days, message from Baba-God come meet Elijah on di third year: “Carry yoursef go meet Ahab, and I go send rain for di land.”
  2. So Elijah carry hinsef go meet Ahab. Now di land no gree produce anytin and serious hunger con dey for Samaria,
  3. Ahab don call Obadiah wey dey in charge of hin palace. [Obadiah na pesin wey dey worship Baba-God well-well].
  4. As Jezebel dey kill Baba-God prophet, Obadiah carry one hundred prophets, con hide dem for inside two rocks, fifty-fifty for di two rocks, and he dey supply dem wit food plus water.]
  5. Naso Ahab tell Obadiah, “Go look di land, fyne where water dey flow, and all di rivers, maybe we fit see grass to save di horses and donkeys, so dat we no go lose all di animals.
  6. So dem divide di land wey dem wan look, Ahab go one side and Obadiah go di oda side.
  7. As Obadiah dey waka go, Elijah meet am. Obadiah con sabi am, he bow face ground, con tok sey, “Na you really be dis, my oga Elijah?”
  8. Naso he ansa am “Yes na me! Go tell your oga sey, ‘Elijah dey for here.’ ”
  9. Obadiah con ask am sey, “Which wrong tin I do, wey you dey carry your servant go meet Ahab make he kill me?
  10. As surely as Baba-God your Oga dey live, e no get any nation or kingdom wey my oga neva send pesin go fyne you. And wen any nation or kingdom claim sey you no dey for there, he make dem swear sey dem no fit fyne you.
  11. But now you dey tell me sey make I go tell my oga sey, ‘Elijah dey for here.’
  12. E go happun sey, wen I leave you, I no know where Baba-God Spirit fit carry you go. If I go tell Ahab and he no con see you nkor?—he go kill me. But me your servant don worship Baba-God since wen I be youth.
  13. Abi my oga, you neva hear wetin I do wen Jezebel dey kill Baba-God prophets? I hide one hundred of Baba-God prophets for inside two rocks, fifty-fifty for di two rocks, and I dey give dem wit food plus water.
  14. And now you dey tell me sey make I go tell my oga sey, ‘Elijah dey for here.’ He go kill me!”
  15. So Elijah tok sey, “As Baba-God Almighty dey live, wey I dey serve, I go surely show-face to Ahab today.”

Elijah On Top Of Mountain Carmel

16. So Obadiah go meet Ahab, con tell am, and Ahab go meet Elijah.

17. Wen he see Elijah, he tell am sey, “Na you be dat, you wey be di wahala of Israel?”

18. Elijah ansa am sey “I neva cos wahala for Israel, but na you and your papa family nahin don cos wahala. Una don fashi Baba-God law, con follow Baal.

19. Now gada all di pipo of Israel, make dem meet me for di mountain of Carmel. And make dem bring four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal, and four hundred prophets of Asherah, wey dey chop from Jezebel table.”

20. So Ahab send message tru-out Israel, con gada di prophets on top of mountain Carmel.

21. Elijah go front of di pipo con tok sey, “How long e go take una to decide? If Baba-God na Oga, make una worship am; but if Baal nahin be oga, make una worship am!” But di pipo no tok any word.

22. Naso Elijah tell dem sey, “Na only me be Baba-God prophet wey remain, but Baal get four hundred and fifty prophets.

23. Carry two small-malu come give us. Make dem choose one for demsef, and make dem cut am to pieces, con put am on top of di wood, but make dem no put faya on am. Mesef go arrange di oda small-malu, con put am on di wood, but I no go put faya under am.

24. Den make una call di name of una gods, and I go call di name of my own God. Di god wey ansa wit faya nahin be Baba-God.” Naso all di pipo tok sey, “Wetin you tok good.”

25. Elijah con tell di prophets of Baal sey, “Choose one of di malu and make una arrange am first, since una plenty well-well. Call di name of una gods, but make una no light faya.”

26. So dem carry di small-malu wey dem give dem, con arrange am. Naso dem con dey call di name of Baal from morning reach afta-noon. “Oh Baal, ansa us!” Naso dem dey shout. But Baal no gree hear dem; no pesin ansa dem. And dem con dey dance round di altar wey dem don make.

27. For afta-noon Elijah start to dey whyne dem. He tok sey, “Make una shout more-more! Surely he be god! Maybe hin mind dey reason, or he dey busy, or he dey travel. Maybe he dey sleep and una need to wake am.”

28. So di prophets con dey shout more-more, dey cut demsef wit knife plus dagger, based-on dia ritual until blood flow.

29. So dem kontinu to dey shout and halla until afta-noon pass; but dem no get any ansa, dem no even hear one single sound.

30. Naso Elijah tell all di pipo sey, “Make una come meet me for here.” Dem come meet am, and he repair Baba-God altar wey don scata.

31. Elija carry twelve stones, one for everi single one di tribes of di sons of Jacob—wey Baba-God bin tell sey, “Your name go be Israel.”

32. He use di stones take build altar for Baba-God name. He dig gota round di altar wey big reach to contain two gallons of water.

33. He arrange di wood, he cut di small-malu to pieces, con arrange dem on top of di wood. He con tell dem sey, “Full four big containers wit water, con pour am on top on di offering wey dey on top of di wood.”

34. Naso he tok sey, “Make una do am di second time,” and dem do am di second time. So he tok sey, “Make una do am di third time, and dem do am di third time.

35. So di water flow go down of di altar con full di gota.

36. E con happun sey for di time of evening sacrifice, Elijah waka come front, con dey pray: “Oh Baba-God, God of Abraham, Isaac plus Israel, make everi pesin know today sey na you be di God of Israel, and sey I be your servant, and I don do all dis tins based-on wetin you tell me.

37. Ansa me Oh Baba-God, ansa me, so dat dis pipo go sabi sey—you oh Baba-God—na you be God, and sey you dey turn dia hearts back again.”

38. Naso Baba-God faya just fall, con burn all di sacrifice, di wood, di stones, plus di sand-sand, and e still dry di water wey dey for di gota.

39. Wen all di pipo see dis tin, dem dobale, con dey shout, “Baba-God na Oga! Baba-God na Oga!”

40. Naso Elijah tell dem sey, “Make una catch di prophets of Baal. No let any one of dem escape!” Dem catch di prophets of Baal, and Elijah carry dem go bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Kidron, con kill dem for there.

41. So Elijah tell Ahab sey, “Go chop and drink, becos you go hear di sound of heavy rain.”

42. So Ahab go chop and drink, but Elijah climb di top of Carmel, he bend down face ground, con put hin face for di middle of hin two knees.

43. He tell hin servant sey, “Go look di big-river.” Naso hin servant go look. He con tok sey, “I no see anytin for there.” Na seven times Elijah tell am sey, “Go back go look.”

44. E con happun sey on di seventh time, di servant con tok sey, “See, one cloud wey small like man hand dey rise from di big-river.” So Elijah tell hin servant sey, “Go tell Ahab sey, ‘Climb your horse-moto make you dey move. If you no do fast-fast, di rain go stop you!”

45. Naso di sky con dey black wit clouds, breeze con dey blow, and heavy rain fall, Ahab con ride go meet Jezreel.

46. Special pawa of Baba-God come on Elijah. He tie hin cloth well-well for hin belt, con run pass Ahab horse-moto reach di doormot of Jezreel.


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