1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 2

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    Wetin David Tell Solomon

  1. Wen time con dey reach for David to die, he tell Solomon hin pikin dis tin.
  2. “I go soon enta ground. Dey strong and make you show yoursef as man.
  3. Do wetin Baba-God your Oga tell you to do: Waka for inside hin way, and keep hin words plus hin yarnings, and commands, hin laws, plus wetin he tell you to do, as dem write am inside di laws of Moses, so dat you go fit prosper for everitin wey you dey do, and any where wey you go.
  4. And so dat Baba-God go keep hin promise to me: ‘If your pikin-pikin-pikin watch how dem dey live, and if dem waka wit truth for my front, wit dia whole heart plus soul, you go always get man for di king-chair of Israel.’
  5. “Now you yoursef sabi wetin Joab wey be di son of Zeruiah do to me—wetin he do to di two commanders of Israel armies—to Abner wey be di son of Ner plus Amasa wey be di son of Jether. He kill dem, he shed dia blood wen peace dey, as if dem dey fight war, and wit dat blood he stain di belt for hin waist and di bata [sandals] for hin leg.
  6. Deal wit am based-on your wisdom, but no let hin white head go grave wit am in peace.
  7. But show love to di sons of Barzillai of Gilead. Make dem dey among di pipo wey dey chop for your table. Dem dey wit me wen I dey run from your broda Absalom.
  8. “And remember, you get Shimei wit you—wey be di son of Gera, di Benjamite from Bagurim, wey curse me well-well di day wey I go Mahanaim. Wen he come down to meet me for Jordan, I swear to am wit Baba-God name: ‘I no go kill you wit sword.’
  9. But now no see am as innocent pesin. You be man wey get wisdom; you go sabi wetin you go do to am. Carry hin white head go down wit am enta grave wit blood.”
  10. Naso David rest wit hin ancestors and dem bury am for di City of David.
  11. He be king for forty years for Israel—seven years for Hebron, and thirty-three years for Jerusalem.
  12. So Solomon sidon for di king-chair of hin papa David, and hin kingdom stand gidigbam well-well.

Solomon King-chair Stand Gidigbam

12. Now, Adonijah wey be di son of Haggith go meet Bathsheba wey be Solomon mama. Naso Bathsheba ask am, “Na wit peace you take come meet?” So he ansa, “Yes, na wit peace.”

13. He con still tok sey, “E get wetin I wan tell you.” She ansa am, “You fit tell me.”

14. Naso he tok sey, “As you know, na me bin get di kingdom. Di whole of Israel dey look me as dia king. But tins con change, and di kingdom enta my broda hand; becos na Baba-God give am.

15. Now e get wetin I wan ask you. Abeg give me wetin I ask for.” So she ansa am, “You fit ask me.”

16. So he kontinu, “Abeg ask king Solomon—he no go tell you no—make he give me Abishag di Shunammite as my wife.”

17. So Bathsheba ansa am sey, “Oya, I go epp you follow di king tok.”

18. Wen Bathsheba go meet King Solomon to tok to am for Adonijah, di king stand up to meet her, he bow down to her, con sidon for hin king-chair. He tok sey make dem bring di queen chair come for di king mama, and she sidon for hin right hand.

19. Naso she tok sey, “E get one small tin wey I wan ask you, abeg no tell me no.” So di king ansa her, “Ask me my mama, I no go tell you sey no.”

20. Den she tok sey, “Make Abishag di Shunammite marry your broda Adonijah.”

21. Naso king Solomon ansa hin mama, “Why you dey tok sey make Abishag di Shunammite marry Adonijah? Since he be my senior broda, you for kukuma ask for di kingdom for am sef, and even for Abiathar di priest, plus Joab di son of Zeruiah!”

22. Naso king Solomon swear wit Baba-God name: “Make Baba-God deal wit me and kill me, if dis tin wey Adonija tok no go make am lose hin life!

23. And now, as surely as Baba-God dey live, wey don make me stand gidigbam, con put me for di king-chair of my papa David, and wey don make house for me as he promise, dem go kill Adonijah today.”

24. So king Solomon give order to Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada, and he kill Adonijah.

25. Di King tell Abiathar di priest sey, “Go back to your land for Anathoth. You suppose die, but I no go kill you now, becos you carry di ark of Baba-God Almighty for front of my papa David, and you share inside all my papa suffer-head.”

26. So Solomon komot Abiathar as Baba-God priest—to confam di word wey Baba-God tok for Shiloh about di house of Eli—come to pass.

27. Wen Joab hear di news, Joab wey plan wit Adonijah, but he no bin support Absalom—Joab run go Baba-God house, con hold di horns of Baba-God altar.

28. Dem tell King Solomon sey Joab don run go Baba-God house and he dey near di altar. Naso Solomon order Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada, “Go kill am!”

29. “So Benaiah enta Baba-God house, con tell Joab sey, “Di king tok sey make you come out!’ ” Naso he ansa am, “Lai-lai, I go die for here.” So Benaiah report to di king sey, “Naso Joab take ansa me.”

30. So di king tell Benaiah sey, “Do wetin he tok. Kill am, con bury am, so dat you go clear me and my papa house of di sin of di innocent blood wey Joab shed.

32. Baba-God go pay am back for di blood wey he shed, becos he attack two men wey my papa David no know about, con kill dem wit sword. Both of dem—Abner wey be di son of Ner, commander of Israel army, plus Amasa wey be di son of Jether, commander of Judah army—dem be men wey beta pass am and wey get clean-heart pass am.

33. Make di sin of dia blood rest on Joab head and hin pikin-pikin-pikin forever. But peace from Baba-God go follow David head, hin pikin-pikin-pikin, hin house and hin king-chair forever.

34. So Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada go kill Joab. Dem bury am for hin own land for desert.

35. Di king con put Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada in charge of di army, for Joab position, and he replace Abiathar wit Zadok di priest.

36. Naso di king sey make dem call Shimei, con tell am sey, “Build house for yoursef for Jerusalem and live for there, but no go any oda place.

37. Di day wey you go komot, con cross di stream of Kidron, you go surely die and your blood go dey on your own head.”

38. Shimei con ansa di king, “Wetin you tok dey good. Your servant go do wetin my oga di king don yarn.” And Shemei stay for Jerusalem for long time.

39. But three years lata, two of Shemei servants run go meet Achish wey be son of Maacah, king of Gath. So dem tell Shemei sey, “Your servants dey for Gath.”

40. As he hear am, naso he carry hin donkey, con go Achish for Gath—to fine hin servants. So Shemei komot, con carry di servants come back from Gath.

41. Wen dem tell Solomom sey Shemei komot from Jerusalem go Gath, and sey he don come back,

42. Di king call Shemei, con tell am sey, “Abi I no make you swear wit Baba-God, con warn you sey, ‘On di day wen you komot go any oda place, you go surely die’? Dat time you tell me sey, ‘Wetin you tok dey good.’

43. So why you no con keep your oath to Baba-God, con obey wetin I tell you?”

44. Di king still tell Shemei sey, “You know for your heart all di evil tins wey you do to my papa David. Now Baba-God go pay you back for di wrong tins wey you do.

45. But blessings go follow king Solomon, and David king-chair go dey kamkpe for Baba-God front forever.”

46. Naso di king tell Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada wetin he go do. So Benaiah komot, con go kill Shemei. Di kingdom con stand gidigbam for Solomon hands.


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