1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 20

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Ben-Hadad Attack Samaria

  1. Now, Ben-Hadad wey be di king of Syria gada hin full army. Thirty-two kings dey wit am, wit horses, plus horse-moto, and he move, con round Samaria, and he attack am.
  2. He send messengers enta di city to Ahab wey be di king of Israel, and he tell am sey, “Dis na wetin Ben-Hadad tok:
  3. ‘Your silver plus gold belong to me, plus your best wives and pikin belong to me sef.’ ”
  4. Di king of Israel ansa am, “Just as you don tok my oga di king, me plus everitin wey I get belong to you.”
  5. Di messenger come again, con tok sey, “Dis na wetin Ben-Hadad yarn: ‘I send message to ask for your gold plus silver, your wives and your pikin.
  6. But around dis time tomorrow, I go send my men make dem con look your palace and di houses of your servants. Dem go seize everi beta-beta-tins wey you value, con carry dem komot.’ ”
  7. Di king of Israel gada all di senior-men of di land, con tell dem sey, “See as dis man dey fyne wahala! Wen he send message sey make dem carry my wives and pikin, my silver plus my gold, I gree for am.”
  8. Di senior-men plus di pipo con ansa am sey, “No listen to am, or gree for wetin he dey ask for.”
  9. So he ansa Ben-Hadad messenger sey, “Tell my oga di king sey, ‘Your servant go do everitin wey you bin ask for di first time, but I no go fit do wetin you dey ask for now.’ ” Dem komot, con go give Ben-Hadad di ansa.
  10. Naso Ben-Hadad send dis message go meet Ahab: “Make di gods deal wit me, con even kill me, if I no scata Samaria kpatakpata—sote notin or dust go remain wey my sojas go fit carry for dia hand come back.”
  11. Di king of Israel ansa am, “Tell king Ben-Hadad sey, ‘Make soja wey dey wear hin fighting-cloth no dey make-mouth like di soja wey dey komot am,’ ”
  12. Ben-Hadad hear dis message as him and di kings dey drink for dia tents, naso he tell hin men sey: “Make una ready to attack.” So dem con ready to attack di city.

Ahab Win Ben-Hadad

13. Naso one prophet come meet Ahab wey be di king of Israel, con tok sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: ‘You dey see dis big army so? I go put dem for your hand today, and naso you go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.’ ”

14. Ahab con ask am sey, “But who go do dis tin?” Di prophet ansa am, “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: na young sojas wey dey under di govnors go do di job.” So Ahab tok sey, “Who go start di war?” And he ansa am, “Na you.”

15. So Ahab call di 232 young officer wey dey under di area commander. Den he call di army of Israel wey be 7,000 men.

16. Dem komot for afta-noon as Ben-Hadad plus di 32 kings wey be hin padi dey for inside dia tents dey high.

17. Di young sojas march out first. So spies wey Ben-Hadad send go tell am sey some group of sojas dey come out from Samaria.

18. He tok sey, “If dem don come for peace, take dem alive; if dem don come for war, take dem alive sef.”

19. So di young sojas wey dey under di govnors match out from di city wit di army wey dey for dia back.

20. And everi one of dem kill dia enemy. Naso di Syrians run komot as di pipo of Israel pursue dem. But Ben-Hadad wey be di king of Syria escape wit horse and wit some of hin horse-riders.

21. Di king of Israel carry-go, con kill di horses plus all di horse-moto, con kill di Syrian well-well.

22. And di prophet come meet di king of Israel, con tell am sey, “Stand your ground, and start to dey plan now, becos di king of Syria go come back next season.”

Ahab Win Syria Again

23. Naso di servants of di king of Syria con advise am sey, “Dia gods na di gods of di hills. Na wetin make dem strong pass us well-well. But if we fight dem for smooth-land, surely we go strong pass dem.

24. Do dis tin: Remove all di kings from dia position, con put captains for dia position.

25. You must raise army like di one wey you lose—horse for horse, and horse-moto for horse-moto—so dat we go fit fight Israel for smooth-land. Den we go surely strong pass dem.” He agree wit dem, con do wetin dem yarn.

26. E con happun sey early di next year, Ben-Hadad gada di Syrian army, con go Aphek to fight Israel.

27. Naso Israel gada e army, and all of dem show-face, and dem march out for war. But di army of Israel con be like two groups of small-small goats, but di army of di Syrians full di kontri.

28. Di man of God show-face, con tell di king of Israel sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: ‘Becos di Syrians tok sey Baba-God na di god of di hills and no be di god of bottom-of-di-mountain, I go put dis big army for your hands, and you go sabi sey na me be Baba-God.’ ”

29. Dem camp face each oda for seven days, and on di seventh day, di war start. Di pipo of Israel wound one hundred thousand Syrian ground sojas in one day.

30. Di rest of dem escape go di city of Aphek. Na for there di wall of di city take fall on twenty-seven thousand of dem. So Ben-Hadad run go di city, con hide for one room wey dey inside-inside.

31. Hin servants con tell am sey, “See, we don hear sey di kings of di pipo of Israel dey sorry-for pesin. Make we go meet di king of Israel wit sackcloth round awa waist, wit ropes round awa heads. Maybe he fit sorry-for your life.”

32. Dem wear sackcloth round dia waist wit ropes round dia heads, dem go meet di king of Israel, con tok sey, “Your servant Ben-Hadad tok sey: ‘Abeg, no kill me.’ ” Naso di king ansa, “He still dey alive? Na my broda.”

33. Now di men bin dey watch to see if dem go see any sign of favour from am. Naso di men con sharp-sharp use hin word, con tok sey, “Yes, your broda Ben-Hadad!” Di king con tok sey, “Make una go bring am come,” Naso Ben-Hadad come meet am, and Ahab tell am to climb hin horse-moto.

34. Ben-Hadad con tell am sey, “I go return di cities wey my papa collect from your papa.You fit arrange your own market for Damascus, as my papa do for Samaria.” Ahab still tok sey, “I go free you based-on agreement.” So he make agreement wit am, con allow am dey go.

One Prophet Condemn Ahab

35. By di word of Baba-God, one of di sons of di prophets tell hin padi sey, “Nack me wit your weapon,” but di man no gree.

36. So di prophet tok sey, “Becos you no gree obey Baba-God, as you just komot from my side, lion go kill you.” And afta di man komot, lion see am, con kill am.

37. Di prophet see anoda man, con tok sey, “Abeg nack me wit your weapon,” So di man hit am wit weapon, con wound am.

38. Naso di prophet go, con stand for road dey wait for di king. He use ashes for hin face take code hinsef.

39. As di king dey pass dey go, di prophet call am, “I  go di middle of di fight, wen one man just come meet me wit one slave, con tell me sey, ‘Guard dis man, anytin wey make di man miss, na your life go exchange for di man life, or you go pay one talent of silver.

40. As I dey busy for here and there, di man disappear.” Naso di king of Israel tell am sey, “Naso your judgement go be, na you use your mouth tok am.”

41. Naso di prophet sharp-sharp komot di ashes from hin eyes, and di king of Israel con sabi am as one of di prophets.

42. He tell di king sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: ‘Becos you don free man wey I don zero my mind to kill. So he go be your life for hin life, your pipo for hin pipo.’”

43. Naso di king of Israel use vex komot go hin house for Samaria.


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