1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 3

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Solomon Ask For Wisdom

  1. Solomon make agreement wit Pharaoh wey be di King of Egypt, con marry hin daughter. He carry her come di City of David until he build hin palace finish and Baba-God house, plus di wall round Jerusalem.
  2. Evensef, di pipo still dey sacrifice for holy places on top of mountains and shrines, becos dem neva build house for Baba-God name.
  3. Solomon show hin love for Baba-God as hin waka based-on di words of hin papa David, except sey he give sacfrifice, con burn incense for shrines for high places.
  4. Di king go Gibeon to give sacrifice, becos dat na di most important shrine, and Solomon offer one thousand burnt offering for di altar.
  5. Baba-God show-face to Solomon for night, wen he dey dream, and Baba-God tok sey, “Ask for anytin you want make I give you.”
  6. Solomon ansa, “You don sorry-for your servant well-well, my papa David, becos he follow you wit truth, and wit clean-heart plus pure-heart for you. And you don epp am keep dis ogbonge good-heart, con you give am son to sidon for hin king-chair today.
  7. “Now, chai, Baba-God my Oga, you don make your servant be king for my papa David place. But I just be small pikin, and I no sabi do my work.
  8. Your servant dey here among di pipo wey you don choose, great pipo wey too plenty to count.
  9. So give your servant heart wey fit understand so dat he go fit lead your pipo, and separate between wetin dey right and wetin dey wrong. Becos who fit lead dis your ogbonge pipo?”
  10. Body sweet Baba-God becos of wetin Solomon tok, and for wetin he ask for.
  11. So Babab-God tell am sey, “Since you don ask for dis tin instead of long life or plenty beta-beta-tins for yoursef, and you no ask for death for your enemies, but you ask for understanding to fit do tins wit your church-mind,
  12. See, I don do wetin you ask for. I don full your heart wit wisdom plus understanding—sote no pesin don ever dey like you before, and no pesin go ever be like you.
  13. But I go give you wetin you no ask for—both moni plus respect—so dat for your life time, no king go fit be your mate.
  14. And if you waka for my ways, con obey my words and laws as David your papa do, I go give you long life.”
  15. Naso Solomon wake up—and he con notice sey he bin dey dream. He go back to Jerusalem, he stand for front of di ark of Baba-God agreement, con sacrifice burnt offerings, plus peace offerings. And he do party for all hin servants.

Wise Judgement

16. Now two ashawo come meet di king, con stand for hin front.

17. So one of dem tok sey, “My oga, me and dis woman dey live for di same caban (house). I born pikin as she dey for there wit me.

18. E con happun sey di third day afta I born my pikin, dis woman sef born her pikin. We bin dey togeda; no pesin dey for di house wit us, only di two of us.

19. “Naso dis woman son con die for night becos she lie down on top of her pikin.

20. So she stand up for mid-night, con carry my son from my side as I dey sleep. She put my pikin near her breast, con carry her pikin wey don die—and she put am near my breast.

21. But wen I stand up di next morning to give my pikin breast—I con notice sey he don kpeme! But wen I look am well-well for morning, I notice sey no be di pikin wey I born be dat.”

22. Naso di oda woman tok sey, “No! Na me get di baby-boy wey dey alive, and na she get di pikin wey don die.” But di first woman tok sey no be so, “Lai-lai, na you get di pikin wey don kpeme; and na me get di pikin wey dey alive.” Naso dem con dey drag di mata for front of di king.

23. King Solomon con tok sey, “Dis one dey tok sey, ‘My pikin dey alive and your pikin don die,’ and di oda woman dey tok sey, ‘Lai-lai, your son don die and my own dey alive.’ ”

24. So di king tok sey, “Bring sword for me.” So dem carry sword come meet di king.

25. Di king con tok sey: “Cut di pikin wey dey alive into two and give half of am to one of di women, and di oda half to di oda woman.”

26. Di woman wey get di pikin wey dey alive con dey feel for her pikin, and she tell di king sey, “Abeg my oga, give her di pikin wey dey alive! Make you no kill am!” But di oda woman tok sey, “Me or you no go get dat pikin. Cut am into two!”

27. Naso di king give hin judgement: “Give di pikin wey dey alive to di first woman. No kill am; na she be di mama of di pikin.”

28. Wen Isreal hear di king judgement, dem surprise for di king, becos dem see sey he get wisdom (akonuche) from Baba-God to do justice.


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