1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 4

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Solomon Official Plus Govnors

  1. So king Solomon rule di whole of Israel.
  2. Dis na di names of hin chief officials: Azariah wey be son of Zadok—di priest;
  3. Elihoreph plus Ahijah, sons of Shisha—dem be writers; Jehoshaphat wey be di son of Ahilud, di recorder;
  4. Benaiah wey be di son of Jehoiada—na commander in chief; Zadok plus Abiathar—dem be priests;
  5. Azariah wey be di son of Nathan—nahin dey in charge of di officers; Zabud wey be di son of Nathan—na senior officer and di king padi;
  6. Ahishar—nahin dey in charge of di palace; Adoniram wey be di son of Abda—nahin dey in charge of di slave-labour.
  7. Solomon still get twelve govnors for di whole Israel, wey dey supply di king and di palace. Everi single one of dem dey provide supply for one month of di year.
  8. Na dia names be dis: Di sons of Hur—for mountain Ephraim;
  9. Di son of Deker—wey dey Makaz, Shaalbim, Beth Shemesh, plus Elon-beth-hanan;
  10. Di son of Hesed—wey dey for Arubboth (Sochoh plus all di land of Hepher belong to am);
  11. Di son of Abinadab—wey dey Naphoth Dor (he marry Taphath wey be daughter of Solomon);
  12. Baana wey be son of Ahilud—wey dey for Taanach and Megiddo, and inside di whole Beth-shean wey dey near Zarethan under Jezreel, from Beth-shan to Abel-meholah, fa-far go reach di oda side of Jokmeam;
  13. Di son of Geber—wey dey for Ramoth Gilead (di settlements of  Jair wey be di son of Manaseeh for inside Gilead belong to am, plus di territory of Argob inside Bashan, plus e sixty big cities wey get big wall wit bronze and gates of iron);
  14. Ahinadab wey be di son of Iddo—wey dey for Mahanaim;
  15. Ahimaaz –wey dey for Naphtali (he marry Basemath wey be Solomon daughter);
  16. Baana wey be di son of Hushai—wey dey for Asher and inside Aloth;
  17. Jehoshaphat wey be di son of Paruah—wey dey for Issachar;
  18. Shimei wey be di son of Ela—wey dey for Benjamin;
  19. Geber wey be di son of Uri—for inside Gilead (di kontri of Sihon wey be king of di Amorites plus di kontri of Og wey be di king of Bashan). Nahin be di only govnor for di land of Judah.

Solomon Prosper

20. Di pipo of Judah plus Israel con plenty like sand-sand for beach; dem chop; dem drink and dem con dey happy.

21. Solomon rule all di kingdoms from di River reach di land of di Philistines, far-far reach di border of Egypt. Dis kontris bring gifts and dem serve Solomon all di days of hin life.

22. Di supply wey Solomon need everi day na; 5,000 liters of beta flour plus 10,000 liters of wheat flour;

23. 10 ororbor malu, 20 malu wey dem feed from fields, 100 sheeps, and even deer, gazelles, roebuck, plus fat fawo.

24. He rule all di kingdoms wey dey for di west of di Euphrates River, from Tiphsah go reach Gaza, and he get peace for everi side.

25. For all di days of Solomon, Judah plus Israel—from Dan reach Beersheba dey live for safety, everi single man under hin vine tree and fig tree.

26. Solomon get forty thousand horse-house for hin horse-moto, plus twelve thousand horse riders.

27. All di govnors of di territories, for dia month, dey supply king Solomon plus everi pesin wey come di king table. Dem make sure sey di king no need anytin.

28. Dem still bring dia share of barley come di correct place, plus food for di horses of di horse-moto and di oda horses.

Di Wisdom of Solomon

29. Baba-God give Solomon wisdom and plenty understanding, con make am get-sense wey brekete like sand-sand for beach.

30. Solomon wisdom pass di wisdom of all di men for di East, and e pass di wisdom of di whole Egypt.

31. He wise pass any oda man, even Ethan di Ezrahite—he even wise pass Heman, Calcol plus Darda, di sons of Mahol. Naso plenty pipo con dey know about Solomon around di nations.

32. He tok three thousand proverbs, and di songs wey he compose na one thousand and five songs.

33. He tok about plants, from di cedar of Lebanon, to di hyssop wey dey grow from wall. He still tok about animals plus birds, animals wey dey crawl, plus fish.

34. All di kings of di world wey don hear about Solomon wisdom—send men from everi nation come listen to Solomon wisdom.


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