1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 5

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Arrangement To Build Baba-God House

  1. Wen Hiram wey be di king of Tyre hear sey dem don anoint Solomon to take over from hin papa David, he send hin messengers go meet Solomon, becos him and David don always be padi.
  2. So Solomon send back dis message to Hiram:
  3. “You know sey becos of di wars wey dem fight against David from everi corner, he no con fit build house for di name of Baba-God hin Oga—until Baba-God put all hin enemies under hin leg.
  4. But now Baba-God my Oga don give me peace from everi side, and I no get any enemy or any wahala.
  5. So, I wan build house for di name of Baba-God my Oga, as Baba-God bin yarn my papa David, wen he tok sey, ‘Your son wey I go put for di king-chair  for your place, go build holy house for my name.’
  6. “So give oders make dem cut cedars tree from Lebanon for me. My men go work wit your men, and I go pay you for your men, any amount wey you tok. You know sey no oda pipo among us wey sabi cut big-wood like di Sidonians.”
  7. Wen Hiram hear Solomon message, he happy well-well and he tok sey, “Praise be to Baba-God today, becos he don give David pikin wey get-sense to rule dis ogbonge nation.”
  8. So Hiram send message to Solomon sey: “I don receive di message wey you send to me, and I go do everitin wey you want, to arrange cedar woods and fir trees.
  9. My men go move dem from Lebanon go di big-river, and I go join dem togeda like boat, con float dem for water—reach di place wey you choose, and dem go separate di wood for there, so dat you go fit carry your wood. So you go pay me by giving me food for my house.”
  10. Hiram con give Solomon all di cedar wood plus di cypress wood wey he want.
  11. So year by year, Solomon give Hiram twenty thousand tons of wheat as food for hin pipo, and twenty thousand twenty thousand liters of pure ororo.
  12. Baba-God give Solomon wisdom, just as he promise am. Hiram and Solomon run-tins wit peace, and di two of dem make agreement.
  13. Solomon organize 30,000 laborers from di whole of Israel.
  14. He send dem go Lebanon for shift of ten-ten thousand everi month, so dat dem spend one month for Lebanon and two months for Israel. Na Adoniram dey in charge of di laborers.
  15. Solomon still get 70,000 common laborers [pipo wey dey carry kpon-kpon], 80,000 stone-workers for di hill kontri,
  16. And he choose 3,300 supervisors wey go control di work.
  17. Naso di king tell dem to bring big-big stones, plus beta-beta-stones—con shape dem to make di foundation of Baba-God house.
  18. So di men wey dey build for Solomon and Hiram, plus di men of Gebal—con cut and arrange di wood plus di stones wey dem take build Baba-God house.


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