1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 6

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Solomon Build Baba-God House

  1. On di four-hundred and eighteeth year afta di pipo of Israel komot from Egypt, on di fourth year wen Solomon be king of Israel, on di fourth month of Ziv, di second month, he start to dey build Baba-God House.
  2. Di House wey king Solomon build for Baba-God long reach 90 feet, con wide reach 30 feet, and e high reach 45 feet.
  3. Di yard for front of Baba-God house wide reach 30 feet, e wide like di worship-place, con high reach 45 feet. E long come outside wit 15 feet from di front of Baba-God house.
  4. Solomon make windows wit frames wey get design—for Baba-God house.
  5. And he build rooms round di wall of Baba-God house, and round walls inside di Holy place, and and round di Most holy place (di room wey dey for inside afta di main palour [holy-place]); naso he build rooms all round.
  6. Di rooms for downstairs wide reach 7 ½ feet, di rooms for di middle floor wide reach 9 feet, and di rooms wey dey for last floor wide reach  10 ½ feet. E build small place wey wood go rest put—round di wall for outside—so dat no wood go enta di walls of di building.
  7. Di noise of hammer, axe, or any iron tool no dey wen dem dey build di worship-place, becos dem cut di stones for quarry.
  8. Di doormot of di last floor dey for di south side of di building, and steps dey to go di middle floor and di third floor.
  9. So he build di house, con finish am. He build di roof of di worship-place wit cedar wood plus planks.
  10. So he build di rooms all round Baba-God house, everi storey high reach 7 ½ feet, and dem join di wall of di building wit cedar woods.
  11. So message from Baba-God come meet Solomon:
  12. “As for di worship-place wey you dey build, if you follow my words, con keep my law and obey dem, I go use you take confam di promise wey I make to your papa David.
  13. And I go live among di pipo of Israel and I no go fashi dem.”
  14. So Solomon build di worship-place, con finish am.
  15. He use wood take cover di inside—from ground reach ceiling. He use cedar wood take cover di walls and di ceiling, and he use cyress planks for di floor.
  16. He build one room for di end of di building, dem dey call di place ‘Most holy place.’ Di place na nine meters sqare, and dem use cedar wood take cover am from ground reach di ceiling.
  17. Di room wey dey for front of di Most holy place long reach 60 feet.
  18. Dem design di cedar panel wit carvings of calabash plus flowers wey open; dem cover di whole inside wit cedar, sote pesin no fit see di stones of di wall.
  19. For di end of di worship-place, dem build one inside room, na there dem dey put di ark of Baba-God law.
  20. Di room wey dey for inside wide reach 30 feet, e long reach 30 feet, con high reach 30 feet, he cover everi where wit pure gold, and he use pure gold take cover di altar wey dem make wit cedar wood.
  21. He cover inside di worship-place wit pure gold, and he put gold chains take cross di doormot of di inside room (Most Holy Place), and dem cover di room wit gold sef.
  22. He cover all di inside of di worship-place wit gold—until he build di house finish, and he even use gold take cover di altar wey dey for inside di Most holy place.
  23. He use olive wood take make two cherubim wey get feathers, and dem put dem inside di Most holy place, di two of dem tall reach 15 feet.
  24. Di two of dem get two-two feathers wey long reach seven and half feet. So di two feathers wey stretch na 15 feet.
  25. Di oda cherubim na 15 feet, di two cherubim na di same size and shape.
  26. Dem tall reach 15 feet.
  27. Solomon put di two cherubim for di side of each oda, for inside di Most Holy room, and dia feathers stretch from one side of di room reach di oda side.
  28. He cover di two cherubim wit gold.
  29. He design all di walls of di house wit carvings of cherubim, palm-trees, plus flowers wey open—both di Holy place, and di Most Holy place.
  30. He con cover di floor of di two rooms wit gold.
  31. For di doormot of di Most holy place, he use olive wood take make doors, di lintel (di wood wey dey on top of door), and di frame wey get five sides.
  32. He use olive wood take make two doors, con carve cherubim, palm trees, plus open flowers. He cover di doors wit gold, plus di design of cherubim and di palm trees.
  33. So he use olive wood take make di doorframes for door of di Holy Place (di main hall). Di door-frame get four sides.
  34. He use cypress wood take make two doors wey dey fold; dem use two planks take make one door, and two planks for di oda door.
  35. He design dis double doors wit carvings of cherubim, palm trees, plus open flowers. And he cover dem wit gold wey smooth on top.
  36. He build di walls of di yard wey dey inside—wit one layer of cedar wood between everi three layers of stone wey dem carve.
  37. Dem build di foundation of Baba-God house for di second month, di month of Ziv, for di fourth year of Solomon as king
  38. For di eighth month, di month of Bul, for di eleventh years of Solomon as king—nahin dem take complete Baba-God house as dem bin plan am. Na seven years king Solomon use take build Baba-God house.


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