1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 7

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          Solomon Build Hin Palace

  1. Na thirteen year Solomon take build hin palace finish.
  2. He build di House of di Forest of Lebanon, e long reach 150 feet, con wide reach 75 feet. E get 3 rows of cedar pillars, na 15 pillars dey for everi single row, wit cedar wood wey dey rest on di pillars.
  3. E get three rows of cedar pillars, fifteen pillars nahin dey for everi single row, wit cedar wood wey rest on di pillars. Dem build di roof wit cedar wood.
  4. For di two walls, three-three sets of windows dey opposite di walls—wit fine frames wey dem design.
  5. All di doormot and windows get rectangle frames, and di three-three sets of windows dey opposite demsef for di two sides of di wall.
  6. Solomon still build di Hall of Pillars wey long reach 75 feet, con wide reach 45 feet. One balcony dey for front, along wit canopy wey get pillars.
  7. He build big palour for di king-chair, di Hall of Justice, where he go take dey judge, and he cover am wit cedar wood from ground reach di ceiling—from one side to di oda side.
  8. Di palace wey Solomon dey stay—dey for back of di Justice Hall, and e get di same design wit di oda buildings. Solomon build di same kind of palace for Pharaoh daughter wey he marry.
  9. From di foundation go reach up of di building, and from outside go reach di big yard, he build all dis big buildings wit big blocks of beta-beta-stones, dem cut di stones wit saw, inside and outside, con blend am to di correct size for ever corner.
  10. Some of di heavy foundation stones long reach 15 feet, and some long reach 12 feet.
  11. And on top, dem cut di blocks of high grade stones—to di correct size, wey dem use for di wall, and cedar wood.
  12. Dem build di wall of di big yard like dis: one layer of cedar wood dey between everi three layers of stone wey dem carve, just like di walls of di Holy room and di room wey dem take dey enta inside Baba-God house.
  13. King Solomon con ask for one man wey dem dey call Huram to come from Tyre.
  14. Di man na half Israelite. Hin mama na widow from di tribe of Naphtali, and hin papa na bronze artist from Tyre. Huram na man wey sabi well-well, and he get talent for any bronze work. So he come do all di work for king Solomon wey Solomon give am.

Di Bronze Pillars For Baba-God House

15. Huram make two bronze pillars, everi single one of dem tall reach 27 feet, and round di body of di pillar na 18 feet.

16. He use bronze take make two caps for pillars—wey he go put on top of di pillars. Di caps na seven and half feet.

17. He design di cap of everi pillar wit chains wey dem weave and net-design; seven chains for one cap-of-pillar, and seven for di oda cap-of-pillar.

18. So he make di pillars, plus two rows of pomegranates round on di net-design, to design di cap-of-pillar wey dey up of di pillars. And he do di same tin for di oda cap-of-pillar.

19. Di shape of di cap-of-di-pillar wey dey for di front yard—be like lily flower, and di cap-of-pillars tall reach 6 feet.

20. Round di cap of di two pillars, e get 200 pomegranates for two rows, dem dey before di net-design and on top of di part of di body of di pillar wey round like ring.

21. Huram set di pillars for di doormot of Baba-God house, one dey face di right side, and one dey face di left side. He name di one wey dey for right na ‘Jakin’, and he name di one wey dey for left na ‘Boaz.’

22. Di cap-of-di-pillars get shape like lily flower. Naso he take finish di work for di pillars.

23. So Huram use bronze make one big round basin wey dem dey call di ‘Sea’wey be 15 feet from one side of di mouth of di basin. Di basin con deep reach seven and half feet, and round di mouth of di basin na 45 feet.

24. Under di mouth [di rim] of di basin, two rows of bronze calabash [gourds] wey dem design dey around di body of di bowl, ten calabash dey for everi 45.7 centimeters. He cast di calabash [gourds] wit one piece of bronze wit di basin.

25. Dem put di big basin for solid-bottom wey dem make wit twelve bronze malu, and all of dem dey face outside. Three face north, three face west, three face south, and three face east. Dem put di basin [di Sea] on top of all di malu back—and di backs of di malu dey face inside [and dia heads face outside].

26. Di body of di basin [Sea] thick reach 3 inches. Di mouth of di basin be like di mouth of cup, e curve come out like di lily flower. Di basin fit contain 40,000 liters of water.

27. Huram con make ten basin-stands, everi single one of dem high reach 4 ½ feet, dem wide reach 6 feet, con long reach six feet.

28. He make dem wit panels wey dem set for frames,

29. wit shape of lions, malu, plus cherubim for di panels wey dey between di frames; and both on top and bottom of di lions plus malu—fine flower design dey.

30. Everi single one of di basin-stand get four bronze tyres wit bronze axles, and e get four bronze support for di four corners, to support di bronze basin, dem carve design for di sides of di support.

31. One round frame dey wey be di mouth of di basin-stand—wey  deep reach 18 inches, and di mouth round like  design of base, wey wide reach 27 inches, and dem carve round am. And dia borders na foursquare, dem no round.

32. Four tires dey under di panel wey connect to axles wey dem cast wit one piece of bronze wit di basin-stand. Di tires high reach 25 inches.

33. And dem resemble di tyres of horse-motor; di axles, di rims, spoke, plus di hubs na bronze.

34. Handles dey for di four corners of di basin-stand, wey dem cast wit one piece of bronze wit di basin-stand esef.

35. For di up of di basin-stand, e get one round iron wey be nine inches; di supports for di four corners and di body of di basin-stand na one piece of bronze wit di basin-stand.

36. He carve cherubim, lions, and palm tree—for di supports and for any where wey space dey for di body of di basin-stand—con round dem wit flower design.

37. Huram make di ten bronze basin-stands from di same mould, so dem be exactly di same size and shape.

38. Naso Huram use bronze take make ten small basins, one basin for everi basin-stand. Everi basin wide reach six feet, and e fit contain 800 liters.

39. He put five basin-stands for di right side of Baba-God house, con put five basin-stands for di left side of Baba-God house. So he put di big basin wey dem dey call ‘Sea’—for di right side of di house, for southeast corner of Baba-God house.

40. So Huram make di pots, shovels, plus di basins, and he finish all di work wey he do for king Solomon for Baba-God house.

41. Di two pillars; di two cap of di pillars wey get shape like bowl for on top of di pillars; di two net-design of chains wey dem weave to cover everi cap of di pillars,

42. di 400 pomegranates for di net-design wey cover di cap of di pillars—two rows of pomegranates for everi single net-design to cover di caps of di pillars for on top of di pillars;

43. Di ten basin-stands plus di ten basin for di stands;

44. Di big basin wey dem dey call ‘Sea’, plus di twelve malu wey dey under am.

45. Di bucket for di ahses, di shovels plus di bowls. Huram make all dis tins for Baba-God house wit bronze wey dem polish, just as king Solomon tell am.

46. For di smooth-land of Jordan, for di mud ground between Succoth and Zaretan—nahin di king sey make dem make dem.

47. Solomon no weigh all dis tins becos dem plenty well-well; dem no fit measure di weight of di bronze.

48. Solomon make all di properties wey dem dey use for inside Baba-God house: Di gold altar; di gold table for di Bread wey dem dey give to Baba-God,

49. Di ten lampstands wey be pure gold, wey dey stand for front of di Most Holy Place, five for di south-side, and five for di north-side; di flowers, di lamps, and wick-cutter wey be gold;

50. Di basin, lamp-quencher, bowls, long spoon, and di incense-container wey dem make wit pure gold; and golden hinges for both di doors of di outside room [Holy Place], plus di inner room [Most Holy Place].

51. So king Solomon finish all di work for Baba-God house. He con carry all di gifts wey hin papa David bin give to Baba-God—di silver, gold, and different-different tins—and he keep dem inside di stores for Baba-God house.


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