1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 8

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     Dem Carry Di Ark Go Baba-God House

  1. King Solomon call di senior-men of Israel come hin front for Jerusalem, all di leaders of di tribes, plus di chiefs of di Israelite families, to carry di ark of Baba-God agreement from Zion, di City of David.
  2. All di men of Israel gada togeda go meet king Solomon, for di time of di festival for di month of Ethanim—di seventh month.
  3. Wen all di senior-men of Israel con show-face, di priests carry di ark.
  4. Naso dem carry di ark of Baba-God, plus di Tent [wey dem dey use for di worship-place], plus all di holy properties wey dey inside am. Di priests and Levites carry dem up.
  5. So king Solomon plus di whole pipo of Israel wey gada round am—dey for front of di ark, dem sacrifice plenty sheep plus malu—dem plenty well-well sote dem no fit count dem.
  6. Naso di priests carry di ark of Baba-God agreement put for e place, for di room wey dey inside Baba-God house—di Most Holy Place—and e put am under di feathers of di cherubim.
  7. Di cherubim spread dia feathers take cover di ark, and dia shadow cover di ark plus di poles wey dem take dey carry am.
  8. Dis poles long well-well sote dem fit see dia end for di Holy-place, wey dey for front of di Most Holy Place, but dem no fit see am from outside. Dem still dey for there till today.
  9. Notin dey for inside di ark except di two stones wey dem write put—wey Moses put inside am for Horeb, where Baba-God take make agreement wit di pipo of Israel, afta dem komot from Egypt.
  10. Wen di priests komot from di Holy Place, di cloud con burku for Baba-God house,
  11. sote di priests no fit do dia sevice becos of di cloud, becos Baba-God levels con burku for inside di place.
  12. Naso Solomon tok sey, “Baba-God don tok sey he go stay for inside cloud wey dark;
  13. I don true-true build house for you, place wey you go stay forever.”
  14. As di whole pipo of Israel gada for there, di king turn round con bless all di pipo of Israel: and all di pipo of Israel stand.
  15. Naso he tok sey: “Praise be to Baba-God, di Oga of Israel, wey don use hin own hand do wetin he promise wit hin mouth to my papa David. He tok sey,
  16. ‘Since di day wey I carry my pipo Israel komot from Egypt, I neva choose any city for any tribe of Israel to build house for my name, wey my name go dey, but I don choose David to rule my pipo Israel.’
  17. “My papa David get am for hin heart to build House for di name of Baba-God, di God of Israel.
  18. But Baba-God tell my papa David sey, ‘Becos e dey for your heart to build House for my Name, you don do well to get dis tin for inside your heart.
  19. But, no be you go build Baba-God house, na your pikin wey be your own flesh and blood—go build House for my Name.’
  20. “Baba-God don keep di promise wey he make: I don take my papa David position, and now I dey sidon for di king-chair of Israel, just as Baba-God bin promise, and I don build House for di Name of Baba-God, di God of Israel.
  21. I don make place for di ark, wey di agreement of Baba-God dey—agreement wey he make wit awa papa-papa-papa, wen he carry dem komot from Egypt.”

Solomon Prayer For Baba-God House

22. Naso Solomon stand for front of Baba-God altar, for front of di whole pipo of Israel wey gada togeda, he spread hin hands face heaven,

23. con tok sey: “Oh Baba-God, God of Israel, no God be like you for heaven wey dey up, or for earth wey dey ground—you wey dey keep your agreement plus mercy—wit your servants wey dey serve you wit dia whole heart.

24. You don keep your promise to your servant David my papa, you don promise wit your mouth and you don use your hand take do am—as e be so today.

25. “Now Baba-God, God of Israel, keep di promise wey you make to your servant David my papa wen you tok sey, ‘You go always get man wey go sidon for my front, for di king-chair of Israel, if only your sons calm down to waka for my front as you sef don do.’

26. And now, Oh Baba-God of Israel, make your word wey you promise your servant David my papa—come to pass.

27. “But Baba-God go true-true stay for di earth? Di heavens, even di highest heavens no fit contain you, tokless di House wey I don build for you!

28. But make you still turn your face to your servant prayers and hin cry for epp, oh Baba-God my Oga. Hear di cry plus di prayer wey your servant dey pray for your front today.

29. Make your eyes open face dis house—for night and for day, dis place wey you tok about sey, ‘My name go dey for there,’ so dat you go hear di prayer of your servant for dis place.

30. Hear wetin your servant dey ask you for, and your pipo Israel, wen dem pray face dis place. Hear from heaven, for where you dey stay, and wen you hear, make you forgive.

31. Wen man do wrong tin to hin neighbour and he suppose take oath for front of your altar inside dis your house,

32. den make you hear from heaven, and make you take action. Judge between your servants, condemn pipo wey don do bad tins and carry wetin dem don do—put for dia own head. Judge innocent pipo sey dem get clean-hand, and pay dem back—dem based-on dia clean-heart.

33. Wen enemy win your pipo Israel, becos dem do bad against you, and wen dem turn back to you, con call your name, wit prayers, and dem beg you inside dis your house,

34. Den make you hear dem from heaven, con forgive di sins of your pipo Israel, and carry dem come back to di land wey you give dia papa-papa-papa.

35. “Wen di sky lock up, and rain  no gree fall becos your pipo don do bad tins against you, and wen dem pray face dis place, con call your name, and dem turn from dia sins becos you don suffer dem,

36. den make you hear dem from heaven, con forgive di sins of your servants—your pipo Israel. Teach dem di correct way wey dem go live dia life, con send rain go di land wey you give your pipo as dia property.

37. If hunger dey for di land, or disease, or disease dey chop di plant, or attack from locust or catapillars, or if dia enemies dey for di land and dem surround dia cities—which ever kasala of disease e be,

38. and wen any of your pipo Israel pray, con beg you becos of dia palava, and raise dia hand dey face your House,

39. den make you hear from heaven, from where you dey stay. Forgive and make you take action; deal wit everi single man based-on wetin he don do, since you sabi hin heart (na only you sabi di heart of all men),

40. So dat dem go fear you everi time wey dem dey live for di land wey you give awa papa-papa-papa.

41. As for di foreigners wey no belong to awa pipo Israel, but wey don come from far-far land becos of your name—

42. becos men go hear about your ogbonge name, plus your strong hand, and your hand wey stretch out—wen he come pray face dis your House,

43. den make you hear from heaven, from where you dey stay, and do anytin wey di foreigner ask from you, so dat all di pipo wey dey for di earth go sabi your name, con fear you, as your own pipo Israel dey do, and make dem sabi sey dis House wey I build for you dey carry your Name.

44. “Wen your pipo go fight war wit dia enemies, any where wey you send dem go, and wen dem pray to Baba-God as dem dey face di city wey you don choose, and di House wey I build for your Name,

45. den make you hear dia prayers from heaven, and wetin dem dey ask from you, and make you stand for dem.

46. “Wen dem do bad against you—becos e no get pesin wey no dey commit sin—and you dey vex for dem, con carry dem give dia enemy, wey carry dem as prisoners go dia own land, far-far or near,

47. and if dem change dia heart for di land wey dem carry dem go as prisoners, and dem repent, con beg you for inside di land of di pipo wey carry dem, and dem tok sey, ‘We don do bad, we don do evil tins’;

48. if dem turn back to you wit all dia heart and soul, for di land of dia enemies wey carry dem as slaves—and dem pray to you  as dem dey face di land wey you give dia papa-papa-papa, and di city wey you don choose, and di House wey I don build for your Name;

49. Den make you hear dem from heaven where you dey stay, hear dia prayers plus wetin dem dey ask from you, and stand for dem.

50. Forgive your pipo wey don sin; forgive all di bad-bad-tins wey dem don do against you, and make di pipo wey catch dem—show dem good-heart; so dat dem go sorry-for dem.

51. Becos dem be your pipo and dem belong to you, pipo wey you carry komot from Egypt, komot from hot faya wey dey melt iron.

52. Make your eyes dey open to wetin your servant dey beg you for, and to di cry of your pipo Israel, and make you listen to dem for everitin wey dem cry to you for.

53. Becos you choose dem from all di nations of di world to belong to you, just as you yarn tru your servant Moses, wen you carry awa papa-papa-papa komot from Egypt, oh Almighty God.”

54. Wen Solomon don finish all dis prayers and wetin he dey ask from Baba-God, he stand up from front of Baba-God altar, where he bin kneel down wit hi hand wey stretch out face heaven.

55. He stand up con bless all di pipo of Israel wey gada wit loud voice, he tok sey:

56. “Praise be to Baba-God wey don give peace to hin pipo Israel just as he bin promise. No single word don fail out of all di beta promise wey he give tru hin servant Moses.

57. “Make Baba-God awa Oga dey wit us as he bin dey wit awa papa-papa-papa; make he no ever leave us or fashi us.

58. Make he turn awa heart face am, to waka for all hin ways and to keep hin laws, yarnings, and commands wey he give awa papa-papa-papa.

59. And make all dis my words, wey I don pray for Baba-God front—dey near Baba-God awa Oga for day and for night, so dat he go stand for hin servant, and for hin pipo Israel—based-on wetin we need everi day,

60. so dat all di pipo wey dey for di earth go sabi sey Baba-God na Oga, and sey no oda God dey.

61. But make una hearts fully dey for Baba-God awa Oga, to live by hin laws, con obey wetin he tell una to do, just as una dey do today.”

Solomon Bless Di New House For Baba-God

62. Naso di king plus di whole of Israel give sacrifice for Baba-God front.

63. Solomon give sacrifice of peace offering to Baba-God: 22,000 malu, plus 120,000 sheep and goats. So di king plus all di pipo of Israel bless Baba-God house for di opening-ceremony.

64. On dat same day, di king dedicate di middle area of di yard wey dey for front of Baba-God house. He sacrifice burnt offering, seed offering, plus di fat of di peace offerings for there, becos di bronze altar wey dey for Baba-God front too small to contain all di burnt offerings, plus meat offerings, and di fat of di peace offering.

65. So Solomon do party dat time, plus di whole of Israel wit am—plenty-plenty pipo wey gada, pipo from Lebo Hamath to di River of Egypt. Dem celebrate for Baba-God awa Oga front for seven days and seven more days, fourteen days togeda.

66. On di eighth day, Solomon discharge di pipo. Dem bless di king, con go dia house wit happiness and jollification inside dia heart, becos of all di beta-beta-tins wey Baba-God don do for hin servant David, and di pipo of Israel.


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