1st Kings

1st Kings Chapter 9

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Baba-God Show-face To Solomon

  1. Wen Solomon don build house for Baba-God finish, and di palace, and he don do everitin wey dey for hin mind.
  2. Baba-God show-face to am di second time, as he take show-face to am for Gibeon.
  3. Baba-God tell am sey: “I don hear di prayer and wetin you dey ask from me for my front; I don make dis house wey you build for me holy, by putting my name for there forever. My eyes plus my heart go always dey for there.
  4. “As for you, if you waka for my front wit clean-heart and clean-hand, as David your papa bin do, and you do everitin wey I tell you to do, con keep my laws and follow my words,
  5. I go stand your king-chair gidigbam forever for Israel, as I bin promise David your papa wen I tell am sey, ‘You go always get man for di king-chair of Israel.’
  6. But if you or your sons turn komot from me and una no keep my words and laws wey I give una, and una komot go serve oda gods, con dey worship dem,
  7. naso I go cut Israel komot from di land wey I don give dem, and I go fashi dis holy house wey I don make holy for my Name. Den all di nations go dey yab and laff di pipo of Israel.
  8. And wen Baba-God house don kpafuka, all di pipo wey dey pass near am go shock, and dem go hiss, con tok sey, ‘Why Baba-God do dis kain tin to dis land and to dis worship-place?’
  9. Pipo go ansa sey, “Na becos dem fashi Baba-God wey be dia Oga, wey carry dia papa komot from Egypt, and dem don dey follow oda gods, con dey worship and serve dem—nahin make Baba-God carry all dis gbege meet dem.’ ”

        Solomon Oda Works

10. Wen di end of twenty years reach, wen Solomon don build dis two buildings—Baba-God house and di palace—

11. King Solomon give twenty cities for inside Galilee to king Hiram of Tyre, becos Hiram supply am wit all di cedar plus fir trees, plus all di gold we he want.

12. Wen Hiram komot from Tyre go see di cities wey Solomon give am, belle no sweet am for dem.

13. Naso he ask sey, “Which kain cities be all dis ones wey you don give me my broda?” And he call dem di land of Cabul, name wey dem dey bear reach today.

14. Now Hiram bin send 5 tons of gold go meet di king.

15. Na dis be di story of di slave-labor wey king Solomon organize to build Baba-God house, hin own palace, di Millo, di wall of Jerusalem, Hazor, Megiddo, plus Gezer.

16. [Pharaoh wey be di king of Egypt bin attack, con take over Gezer. He burn am wit faya. He kill di pipo of Canaan wey dey stay for there, con give Gezer as wedding gift to hin daughter, Solomon wife.

17. And Solomon build Gezer again.] He build di low part of Beth-horon,

18. Baalath, plus Tamar for di desert of Judah,

19. plus hin store cities wey Solomon get for hin horse-moto and hin horses—anytin wey he like to build for Jerusalem, Lebanon, and tru-out all di land wey he dey control.

20. All di pipo wey remain from di Amorite, Hittite, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites wey no be di pipo of Israel,

21. dia pikin-pikin-pikin wey remain for di land, wey di pipo of Israel no fit kill kpatakpata—na dis pipo Solomon gada togeda to be slave labor, as dem be till today.

22. But Solomon no turn any of di pipo of Israel to slave; dem be hin men wey dey fight, hin servants, hin officers, hin captains, and di commander of hin horse-moto, and hin horse-riders.

23. Na dis be di chief officials wey dey in charge of Solomon works—550 officials wey dey control di men wey dey do di work.

24. Afta Pharaoh daughter komot from di City of David to her palace wey Solomon build for her, naso Solomon build Milo.

25. Three times a year nahin Solomon dey sacrifice burnt offerings plus peace offerings for di altar wey he build for Baba-God, and he burn incense on di altar wey dey for Baba-God front. So he build Baba-God house finish.

26. King Solomon build some ships for inside Ezion-geber, wey dey near Elath inside Edom, for di water-side of di Red Sea.

27. And Hiram send hin men—sailors wey sabi water—to work for di ships wit Solomon men.

28. Dem move ships go Ophir con bring back 16 tons of gold, wey dem deliver to king Solomon.


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