2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chaper 23

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Josiah Make Changes

  1. Naso di king gada all di senior-pipo of Judah plus Jerusalem.
  2. He go Baba-God house wit di men of Judah, di pipo of Jerusalem, di priests, plus di prophets—and all di pipo from big to small. He read all di words for di Book of di Agreement make dem hear (Di book wey dem see inside Baba-God house).
  3. Di king stand near di pillar, con make agreement for Baba-God front—to follow Baba-God and to do everitin wey Baba-God tok sey make dem do, to follow hin words and laws—wit all dia heart plus dia soul, and to do di words of di agreement wey dem write for inside di book. So all di pipo promise to keep di agreement.
  4. Di king con order Hilkiah wey be di high priest, di priest wey follow am for rank, plus di guards, to komot all di tin from Baba-God house—wey dem make for Baal, Asherah, plus all di stars of heaven. He burn dem outside Jerusalem for di fields of Kidron and he carry di ashes go Bethel.
  5. He komot di pagan priest wey di kings of Judah bin choose to burn incense for di shrines to Baal—for di cities of Judah, and di places round Jerusalem. He still komot di pipo wey dey burn incense to Baal, to di sun plus moon, and di planets, and to all di stars for heaven.
  6. He carry di image of wood from Baba-God house, con carry am go di River of Kidron for outside Jerusalem and he burn am for there. Naso he grind di ashes to dust, and he throway di dust on top of di graves of di pipo.
  7. He still scata di rooms of di brostitute shrine wey dey for inside Baba-God house, for where women dey weave material for di idol of Asherah.
  8. Josiah carry all di priests from all di cities of Judah. He still spoil di shrines where dem dey give sacrifice—from Geba reach Beersheba. He scata di shrines for di doormot of di gates of Joshua wey be di govnor of Jerusalem. Dis gate dey for di left side of di gate of di city.
  9. Dem no let di priests wey bin serve for di pagan shrines—to serve for Baba-God altar for Jerusalem, but dem allow dem chop di bread wit no yeast wit di oda priests.
  10. Naso di king corrupt di altar of Topheth for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Ben-Hinnom, sote no pesin fit use am again take sacrifice hin pikin for faya as offering to Molech.
  11. He komot di horses statues wey di kings of Judah bin give [dedicate] to sun [to worship sun]—wey bin dey for di doormot of Baba-God house—near di house of one official wey dem dey call Nathan-Melech. Di king still use faya take burn di horse-moto wey dem dedicate to di sun.
  12. He bring down di altars wey di kings of Judah bin build for di roof wey dey near di upstairs room of Ahaz, plus di altars wey Manasseh bin build for di two yard of Baba-God house. He scata dem to pieces, con throway dia dust for River Kidron.
  13. Di king still scata di shrines for di high place wey dey for di east side of Jerusalem, reach di south of di Mountain of Corruption, wey king Solomon bin build shrines for Ashetoreth—di useless goddess of di pipo of Sidon, and for Chemosh—di mumu god of di pipo of Moab, and for Molech—wey be di mumu gods of di Ammonites.
  14. Josiah scata dia idols to pieces, con cut dia image of wood. Naso he corrupt di place by putting human being bones on top of dem.
  15. Di king still scata di altars for Bethel—di pagan shrines wey Jeroboam wey be di son of Nebat bin build—wey make di pipo of Israel commit sin. He burn di shrine, con grind am to dust, and he burn di image of Asherah.
  16. Naso Josiah look round, and wen he see di graves wey dey for there, for near di mountain, he send hin servants to komot di bones from there, and he burn dem for di altar for Bathel to corrupt am. Dis tin happun just as Baba-God bin promise tru di man of God wey prophecy dis tins.
  17. Naso di king ask sey, “Which grave stone I dey see so?” Di men of di city con tok sey, “Dem use am take mark di grave of one man of God wey come from Judah, wey tok against di altar of Bethel—dis same tin wey you don do to di altar.”
  18. So he tok sey, “Make una leave am, make una no let any pesin disturb hin bones.” So dem leave hin bones plus di bones of those prophets wey come from Samaria.
  19. Josiah komot, con scata di shrines for di cities of Samaria, just as he bin do for Bethel. Na di different kings of Israel build dem and dem make Baba-God vex well-well.
  20. Josiah kill all di priests of those pagan shrines for dia own altar, and he burn human being bones on di altar to corrupt am. Las-las he go back to Jerusalem.
  21. Naso di king con tell di pipo sey, “Make una celebrate di Passover of Baba-God wey be una Oga, as dem take write am for inside di Book of di Agreement.”
  22. Dem neva observe any Passover like dis before—since di days of di judges wey lead Israel or tru-out di days of di kings of Israel and di kings of Judah.
  23. But for di eighteenth year of king Josiah, nahin dem celebrate dis Passover to Baba-God for Jerusalem.
  24. But Josiah komot all di pipo wey dey tok to dead spirits, and di jazzmen, di images, house-idols, and all di tufiakwa wey dey for di land of Judah and Jerusalem—so dat he go fit do di words of di law wey dey for inside di book wey Hilkijah di priest see for inside Baba-God house.
  25. No king be like Josiah before and afta am wey turn to Baba-God as he do—wit all hin heart and wit all hin soul, and wit all hin pawa, based-on all di laws of Moses.
  26. But Baba-God no still turn komot from di heat of hin serious vex wey dey burn against Judah, becos of everitin wey Manasseh bin do to make Baba-God para.
  27. So Baba-God con tok sey, “I go komot Judah sef from my front, as I bin take komot Israel, and I go fashi Jerusalem, di city wey I choose, plus dis House wey I bin tok about sey, ‘Na for there my Name go dey.’ ”
  28. As for di oda tins wey happun wen Josiah be king, plus everitin wey he do—dem write dem for di books of history of di kings of Judah.
  29. Wen Josiah be king, Pharaoh wey dem dey call Neco wey be di king of Egypt go River Euphrates to fight di king of Assyria. So king Josiah attack am, but Neco face am, con kill am for Megiddo.
  30. Josiah servants carry hin deadbody for horse-moto from Megiddo to Jerusalem, con bury am for hin own grave. So di pipo of di land con make Jehoahaz wey be di son of Josiah, king. Dem anoint am, con make am take hin papa place as king.

             Jehoahaz As King of Judah

31. Jehoahaz na twenty-three years wen dem make am king, and he reign for Jerusalem for three months. Hin mama name na Hamutal wey be di pikin of Jeremiah; she come from Libnah.

32. Jehoahaz do wicked tins for Baba-God eyes, just as hin ancestors bin do.

33. Naso pharaoh Neco chain am for Riblah for di land of Hamath so dat he no go be king for Jerusalem, and he tok sey make Judah pay 3.4 tons of silver and 34 kilograms of gold.

34. Pharaoh Neco con make Eliakim wey be di son of Josiah king in place of hin papa Josiah, and he change Eliakim name to Jehoiakim. But he take Jehoahaz, con carry am go Egypt, and na for there he kpeme.

35. Jehoiakim pay Neco di silver plus di gold wey he ask for. For am to fit pay, he tax di pipo based-on wetin Pharaoh tell am. He collect di silver plus gold from di pipo of di land based-on dia level, to give am to Pharaoh Neco.

Jehoiakim As Di King of Judah

36. Jehoiakim na twenty-five years wen dem make am king, and he be king for Jerusalem for eleven years. Hin mama name na Zebidah and she be di pikin of Pedaiah; she come from Rumah.

37. Jehoiakim do wicked tins for Baba-God eyes—just as hin ancestors bin do.


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