2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 10

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Dem Kill Ahab Family

  1. So Seventy sons of Ahab dey for Samaria. So Jehu write letter, con send dem go Samaria: to di official of Jezreel, to di senior-men and to di pipo wey dey protect all Ahab pikin. He tell dem sey,
  2. “As di letter just reach where una dey, since all una oga pikin dey wit una, and una get horse-moto plus horses, strong city, plus weapons,
  3. choose una oga best pikin, and di pesin wey una oga trust well-well among hin sons, con put am for hin papa king-chair. Den make una fight for una oga house.”
  4. But fear catch dem well-well, and dem tok sey, “If two kings no fit fight am, how we wan take fight am?”
  5. So di pesin wey dey in charge of di palace, di govnor of di city, and di senior-men con send dis message to Jehu: “We be your servants and we go do anytin wey you tok. We no go choose any pesin as king; do anytin wey you feel sey be di best.”
  6. So Jehu write dem di second letter, “If una dey for me and una agree to obey me, cut di head of una oga sons, and make una come meet me for Jezreel by dis time tomorrow.” Now seventy of di princes dey wit di men wey dey lead di city, and wey dey train dem.
  7. Wen di letter reach where dem dey, di men kill di princes, all di seventy of dem. Dem put dia heads for inside basket, con send am go Jezreel to Jehu.
  8. Wen di messenger reach there, he tell Jehu sey, “Dem don bring di heads of di princes.” So Jehu tok sey, “Gada dem for two places for di doormot of di gate of di city until morning reach.”
  9. Di next morning Jehu komot. He stand for front of all di pipo, con tok sey, “Una dey innocent. Na me plan against my oga, con kill am, but who kill all dis pipo?
  10. Now make una know sey, no single word of Baba-God wey dem tok against Ahab go fail. Baba-God don do wetin he promise tru hin servant Elijah.”
  11. So Jehu kill everi pesin wey dey for Jezreel wey remain from di house of Ahab, plus all hin chiefs, hin padi, plus hin priests, and no pesin wey relate to Ahab survive.
  12. Jehu con move go Samaria. For one place wey dem dey call ‘Betheked of di shepherds,’
  13. he meet some family-pipo of Ahaziah wey be di king of Judah, and he ask, “Who una be?’ Dem con ansa am sey, “We be di family-pipo of Ahaziah, and we don come here to greet di families of di king plus di queen moda.”
  14. Naso Jehu tok sey, “Catch dem alive!” So dem carry dem go kill near di well of Betheked—forty-two men. None of dem survive.
  15. Afta he komot from there, he meet Jehonadab wey be di son of Recab, wey dey for road dey go meet am. Jehu greet am, con tok sey, “You dey for me as I dey for you?” Jehonadab con ansa am sey, “I dey for you.” Naso Jehu tok sey, “If na so e be, give me your hand.” So he do wetin Jehu tok, naso Jehu epp am up to enta di horse-moto.
  16. So Jehu tok sey, “Follow me make you come see as I take serious reach for Baba-God.” Naso he carry am go for hin horse-moto.
  17. Wen Jehu reach Samaria, he kill all di pipo wey remain for Ahab family; he kill dem, based-on di word wey Baba-God tok tru Elijah.

Dem Kill Di Prophets of Baal

18. Naso Jehu gada all di pipo togeda, con tell dem sey, “Ahab worship Baal small, but Jehu go worship am well-well.

19. Now make una call all di prophets of Baal, all hin servants plus all hin priests. Make sure sey no one of dem dey miss among dem, becos I wan do big sacrifice for Baal. Any pesin wey no gree come go die.” But Jehu dey whyne dem so dat he go fit kill di pipo wey dey worship Baal.

20. Jehu tok sey, “Make una gada di pipo togeda to worship Baal.” So dem go spread di news.

21. So he send message for di whole of Israel, and all di pipo wey dey worship Baal con show-face; No single one of dem wey no come. Dem gada full di shrine of Baal, sote e con full from one side to di oda side.

22. So Jehu tell di pesin wey dey keep di wardrobe sey, “Bring clothes for all di pipo wey dey worship Baal.” So dem bring clothes for dem.

23. Naso Jehu plus Jehonadab wey be di son of Recab enta inside di shrine of Baal. Jehu con tell di pipo wey dey worship Baal sey, “Make una look round, con make sure sey no servant of Baba-God dey here wit una—only di pipo wey dey worship Baal nahin we want.”

24. So dem enta to make sacrifice plus burnt offerings. Now Jehu don keep eighty men for outside wit di warning sey: “If one of una let any of di men escape, I go exchange hin life for di pesin life.”

25. As Jehu just make di burnt offering finish, he tell di captains plus di guards sey: “Make una enta go kill dem: no let any pesin escape.” So dem cut dem down wit dia sword. Di guards plus di captains throway dia body out, con enta di inside shrine of di house of Baal.

26. Dem carry di images of Baal komot from di shrine of Baal, con burn dem.

27. Dem scata di image of Baal, con dabaru di house of Baal put for ground, and dem turn di place to where dem dey throway yama-yama till today.

28. So Jehu scata di pipo wey dey worship Baal for Israel.

29. But he no still komot hand from di sins of Jeroboam wey be di son of Nebat, sins wey he make Israel commit—as dem worship di golden malu for Bethel plus Dan.

30. But Baba-God tell Jehu sey, “Becos you don do well to do wetin dey right for my eyes, and you don do di house of Ahab everitin wey I bin get for mind to do to am, your pikin-pikin-pikin go sidon for di king-chair of Israel reach di fourth generation.”

31. But Jehu no still calm down to keep Baba-God law—di God of Israel, wit all hin heart. He no komot hand from di sins of Jeroboam, sins wey he make Israel commit.

32. For those days, Baba-God start to dey make di size of Israel small. Hazael con over-pawa di pipo of Israel tru-out dia territory.

33. For di east side of Jordan, for inside all di land of Gilead, di area of Gad, Reuben, plus Manasseh, from Aroer wey dey near river Arnon, tru-out Gilead go reach Bashan.

34. As for di oda tins wey happun for Jehu life as king, everitin wey he do, plus all hin pawa—dem write dem for di books of history of di kings of Israel.

35. Jehu rest wit hin ancestors and dem bury am for Samaria. So Jehoahaz wey be hin son take hin place as king.

36. Jehu reign as king of Israel for Samaria for twenty-eight years.


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