2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 11

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Athaliah Plus Joash

  1. Wen Athaliah wey be di mama of Ahazaiah see sey her son don die, she start to dey kill di whole royal family.
  2. But Jehosheba wey be di daughter of King Jehoram and di sista of Ahazziah carry Joash wey be di son of Ahaziah, con korlorbi am komot among di royal princes wey dem wan kill. She put am and hin nurse for inside one room, to hide am from Athaliah; so dem no kill am.
  3. Naso dem hide am wit hin nurse for Baba-God house for six years as Athaliah rule di land.
  4. For di seventh year, Jehoaiada send for di captains wey dey control hundred sojas, plus di captains and di guard. He carry dem come Baba-God house. He make agreement wit dem con make dem swear for Baba-God house. Naso he show dem di king son.
  5. So he tell dem sey, “Na wetin una go do be dis: one-third of una wey dey on duty on Sabbath; one third of una go dey guard di royal palace,
  6. one third of una go dey for di Sur Gate, and one third of una go dey for di gate wey dey for back of di guards. So una go guard di palace to protect am.
  7. And una wey dey di oda two groups wey dey off for una Sabbath work, go guard di worship place for di king.
  8. Make una position unasef around di king, everi man wit hin weapon for hin hand. Make una kill any pesin wey come near una. Make una dey wit di king as he dey komot and as he dey enta”
  9. Di captains of di sojas of hundred do wetin Jehoiada di priest tok. Everi one of dem take dia men—those wey dey on duty on di Sabbath, and those wey dey go off duty—and dem come meet Jehoiadiah di priest.
  10. Naso Jehoiadiah give di captains of hundred men—di long-sharp-weapons plus di shields wey belong to king David, and wey dey for Baba-God house.
  11. All di guards wit dia weapons for dia hand con position demsef round di king—near di altar and Baba-God house, from di right side of Baba-God house, to di left side of Baba-God house.
  12. Jehoiada carry di king son come out, con put crown for hin head. He give am book wey dem write di law put, and he make am di king, con anoint am. Naso di pipo clap dia hands, con shout sey, “Make di king live long!”
  13. Wen Athaliah hear di noise wey di guards and all di pipo dey make, she enta inside Baba-God house to meet di pipo.
  14. And wen she look, and she see di king dey stand near di pillar, based-on di custom, and  di officers and di pipo wey dey blow di trumpet stand near di king, plus all di pipo of di land con dey celebrate, and dey blow di trumpets. Naso Athaliah tear her clothes, con dey shout, “Betrayal! Betrayal!”
  15. Jehoiada di priest con tell di captains of di hundred sojas, di officers of di army, and he tell dem sey, “Carry her go outside wit guards, and use sword take kill any pesin wey follow her.” Becos di priest bin tok sey, “Make dem no kill her inside Baba-God house.”
  16. So dem hold her as she reach di place where di horse dey use enta di palace, and dem kill her for there.
  17. Naso Jehoiada make agreement between Baba-God and di king, plus di pipo—sey make dem be Baba-God pipo. He still make agreement between di king and di pipo.
  18. All di pipo of di land go di shrine of Baal, con scata am for ground. Dem scata di altars plus idols to pieces, con kill Mattan wey be di priest of Baal for front of di altars. Naso Jehoiada wey be di priest send some guards go Baba-God house.
  19. He carry di commanders of hundred sojas follow-body, wit di guards, plus all di pipo of di land, and dem carry di king from Baba-God house togeda, dem follow di road of di gates of di guards take enta di palace. Naso di king take hin place for di king-chair.
  20. So all di pipo of di land con dey celebrate. Naso di city con dey quiet, becos dem don kill Athaliah wit sword near di palace.
  21. Joash na seven years old wen he climb king-chair as king.


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