2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 12

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Joash Repair Baba-God House

  1. For di seventh year of Jehu nahin Joash be king, and he reign for Jerusalem for forty years. Hin mama name na Zibiah; she come from Beersheba.
  2. Joash do di correct tins for Baba-God eyes for all di years wey Jehoiada di priest dey teach am wetin to do.
  3. But dem no scata di shrines for high place, and di pipo still offer sacrifice, con burn incense for there.
  4. Joash con tell di priests sey, “Collect all di moni wey dem dey bring as holy offering to Baba-God house—whether na moni from tax or gifts,
  5. make di priests collect some of di moni, con use di moni take pay to repair any place wey don spoil for inside Baba-God house.”
  6. But e con happun sey by di twenty-third year of king Joash, di priests neva still repair Baba-God house.
  7. So king Joash call Jehoiada wey be di priest plus di oda priests, con ask dem, “Why una no dey repair di places wey don spoil for Baba-God house? Make una no collect any more moni from una treasurers, but make una drop di moni to repair Baba-God house.”
  8. So di priest gree sey dem no go collect any more moni from di pipo, and sey dem no go repair Baba-God house by demsef.
  9. Jehoiada wey be di priest con bring one box. He burst hole on top. He put am near di altar, for di right side as pesin dey enta Baba-God house. So na inside di box di priests wey dey guard di doormot put all di moni wey pipo dey carry come Baba-God house.
  10. So any time wey dem see sey moni don plenty for inside di box, di king writer plus di high priest go con put di moni for inside bags, and dem go count di moni wey dem see inside Baba-God house.
  11. Wen dem decide di amount, dem give di moni to di men wey dey do di work for Baba-God house, di men wey dey supervise di work for Baba-God house. Dem use di moni take pay di carpenters, plus di builders wey dey work for Baba-God house,
  12. di stone-workers, and di men wey build di wall. For buying wood, blocks of stones wey dem carve, for maintainance Baba-God house, and to pay for everitin wey dem repair for Baba-God house.
  13. Dem no use di moni wey dem carry come Baba-God house take make silver basins, trumpets, lamp-quenchers, bowl for sprikling, or any oda tin wey dem make wit silver or gold.
  14. But dem use di moni take pay di men wey dey work, and dem use di moni take repair Baba-God house.
  15. Di men wey dey in charge of di work na pipo wey get clean-heart, so no need to tell dem to write wetin dem spend.
  16. But dem no put di guilty offering and sin offering moni for inside di box; becos di moni belong to di priests.
  17. Around dis time, Hazael wey be di king of Syria go attack Gath, and he take over di place. Naso he con make moves to attack Jerusalem.
  18. But Joash wey be di king of Judah carry all di holy tins wey Jeoshaphat give to Baba-God, and wey Jehoam, Ahaziah, hin papa, di kings of Judah—give to Baba-God, and di gift wey he himsef give Baba-God, plus all di gold wey dey for di store-house of Baba-God and di king palace, and he send dem to Hazael di king of Syria, naso Hazael take komot from Jerusalem.
  19. As for di oda tins wey happun wen Joash be king, plus all di tins wey he do—dem write dem for di history books of di kings of Judah.
  20. Hin servants plan against am, con kill am for Beth Millo, for di road to Silla.
  21. Di servants wey kill am na Jozachar wey be di son of Shimeath, plus Jozabad wey be di son of Shomer. He die am dem bury am wit hin ancestors for di City of David. Naso Amaziah wey be hin son take hin place as king.


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