2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 16

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Ahaz As King of Judah

  1. For di seventeenth year of Pekah wey be di son of Remaliah, Ahaz wey be di son of Jotham con be king.
  2. Ahaz na twenty year old wen he be king, and he rule inside Jerusalem for sixteen years. He no do di correct tins for Baba-God eyes like David hin papa.
  3. He follow di ways of di kings of Israel, and he even sacrifice hin son for inside faya—con dey follow di mumu ways of di nations wey Baba-God bin pursue komot for front of di pipo of Israel.
  4. He give sacrifices, con burn incense for di shrines, for hills, plus under everi green tree.
  5. Naso Rezin wey be di king of Syria, plus Pekah wey be di son of Remaliah, king of Israel—march go Jerusalem to fight dem, and dem surround Ahaz, but dem no fit over-pawa am.
  6. Around dat time, Rezin wey be di king of Syria take back Elath for Syria by pursusing di men of Judah komot. Di pipo of Syria con move enta Elath, and dem dey for there reach today.
  7. Ahaz send messenger to tell Tiglath-Pileser wey be di king of Assyria sey, “I be your servant and your pikin, come up to save me from di hands of di king of Syria plus and di king of Israel wey dey raise up against me.”
  8. So Ahaz take di silver plus gold wey he see for Baba-God house and inside di store of di palace, con send am as gift to di king of Assyria.
  9. Di king of Assyria ansa am, he march go Damascus, and he take over di place. He carry di pipo wey dey for there go Kir as prisoners and he kill Rezin.
  10. Naso king Ahaz go Damascus to meet Tiglath-Pileser wey be di king of Assyria. He see one altar for Damascus, and he send sample of di altar to Uriah wey be di priest, wit pattern and design of how to build am.
  11. So Uriah wey be di priest build di altar based-on di design wey king Ahaz send to am from Damascus, and he build am finish before king Ahaz come back.
  12. Wen di king come back from Damascus con see di altar, he waka go there con put offerings on am.
  13. He give hin burnt offering plus seed offering, con pour di drink offering, and he sprinkle di blood of hin peace offerings for di altar.
  14. He carry di bronze altar wey dey for front of Baba-God house, wey dey between di new altar and Baba-God house, and he put am for di north side of di new altar.
  15. Naso king Ahaz tell Uriah wey be di priest, sey, “Offer di burnt offering for morning and di seed offering for evening on dis big new altar, di burnt offering of di king plus hin seed offering, plus di burnt offering of all di pipo of di land, plus dia seed offering and dia drink offering. Sprinkle all di blood of di burnt offerings plus di blood of di sacrifices on di altar. But na only me go dey use di bronze altar to know Baba-God mind.”
  16. And Urijah di priest do wetin di king tell am to do.
  17. King Ahaz tear di panels from di bronze basin-stand, con komot di basins wey dey on dem. He still carry di big bronze basin wey dem dey call di ‘Sea’—from back of di twelve bronze malu, and he put am for concrete stone.
  18. He komot di Sabbath canopy wey dem bin build for Baba-God house, con komot di king passage to enta Baba-God house from outside, wey dey for outside Baba-God house. He do dis tins becos of di king of Assyria.
  19. As for di oda tins wey sup wen Ahaz be king, and all di tins wey he do—dem write dem for di books of history of di kings of Judah.
  20. Ahaz rest wit hin ancestors and dem bury am wit hin ancestors for inside di City of David. And Hezekiah wey be hin pikin take hin place as king.


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