2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 17

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Hoshea Wey Be Di Last King of Israel

  1. For di twelfth year wey Ahaz be king of Judah, Hoshea wey be di son of Elah con be king of Israel for inside Samaria, and he reign for nine years.
  2. He do evil tins for Baba-God eyes, but no be like di kings of Israel wey bin dey before am.
  3. Shalmaneser wey be di king of Assyria con attack Hoshea, naso Hoshea turn to hin servant, con dey pay homage wit gifts.
  4. But di king of Assyria con notice sey Hoshea na betrayal, becos he bin send pipo go meet king So of Egypt, and he no gree pay tax to di king of Assyria as he bin dey do everi year.
  5. Di king of Assyria take-over di whole land, he march to fight against Samaria, and he surround am wit hin army for three years.
  6. For di ninth year of Hoshea, di king of Assyria take-over Samaria las-las, con carry di pipo of Israel go Assyria. He put dem for Halah and inside Habor, near di river of Gozan, and for di cities of di Medes.

Di Pipo of Israel Go On Exile Becos of Dia Bad Way

7. All dis tins happun becos di pipo of Israel do bad tins against Baba-God wey be dia Oga, wey carry dem komot from Egypt—from under di hand of Pharaoh wey be di king of Egypt. Dem worship oda gods,

8. con dey follow di traditions of di nations wey Baba-God bin pursue komot from front of di pipo of Israel, plus di traditions wey di kings of Israel teach dem.

9. Di pipo of Israel con codedly dey do tins wey dey against Baba-God—tins wey no dey right. Dem build shrines for all dia cities—from di tall-building of di men wey dey watch, reach di city wit fence.

10. Dem make shrines and images of di goddess of Asherah—for everi high hill and under everi green tree.

11. Dem burn incense for all dia shrines like di nations wey Baba-God pursue komot from dia front. Dem do evil tins wey make Baba-God vex.

12. Dem worship idols, even though Baba-God bin tell dem sey, “Make una do dis tin.”

13. Baba-God warn Israel plus Judah tru all dis prophets and priests, “Make una komot hand from una bad ways. Do di tins wey I tell una to do and follow my laws, based-on di whole Law wey I give una papa to obey, and wey I give una tru my servants and prophets.”

14. But dem no gree listen and dia neck too strong to turn—just like dia papa wey no gree believe Baba-God dia Oga.

15. Dem fashi di tins wey he tell dem to do, and hin agreement wey he make wit dia papa, and di laws  wey he warn dem to keep. Dem follow mumu idols and dem sef turn to mumu pipo. Naso dem con dey copy di nations wey dey around dem even though Baba-God tell dem sey make dem no copy dem.

16. Dem fashi all di tins wey Baba-God wey be dia Oga tell dem to do, and dem make two idols for demsef wey get di shape of malu-pikin, dem make image of di goddess Asherah, dem worship all di stars of heaven, and dem worship Baal.

17. Dem sacrifice dia pikin for inside faya, dem con turn to witch and jazzmen. Dem sell desef to evil as Baba-God dey look dem, con make am vex.

18. Baba-God con dey para for Israel well-well, and he komot dem from hin front. Na only di tribe of Judah con remain,

19. and even Judah no gree follow di laws of Baba-God dia Oga. Dem follow di ways wey di pipo of Israel teach dem.

20. So Baba-God con bone all di pipo of Israel; he punish dem, con allow dem enta di hand of pipo wey rob dem, until he throway dem komot from hin front.

21. Wen Baba-God tear Israel komot from di house of David, dem con make Jeroboam dia king—wey be di son of Nebat. Jeroboam whyne di pipo of Israel komot from Baba-God, con make dem commit big sin.

22. Di pipo of Israel kontinu to dey do di bad tins wey Jeroboam teach dem, and dem no gree komot hand from dem,

23. Until Baba-God komot dem from hin front—as he bin warn dem tru hin servants di prophets. So dem komot di pipo of Israel from dia own land go Assyria as prisoners, and dem still dey for there till today.

Dem Resettle Samaria24. Di king of Assyria carry pipo from Babylon, Cuthah, Avva, Hamath, plus

Sepharvaim, con settle dem for di cities of Samaria—to take di place of di pipo of Israel. Naso dem take over Samaria, con dey live for there.

25. Dem no gree worship Baba-God wen dem first start to dey live for there; so Baba-God send lions among dem, and di lions kill some of di pipo.

26. Dem report di mata to di king of Assyria, “Di pipo wey you carry go live for di cities of Samaria no sabi wetin di God of dat land want. He don send lions among dem wey dey kill dem—becos di pipo no sabi wetin he want.

27. Naso di king of Assyria con tell dem sey, “Make one of di priest wey una carry as slave from Samaria—go back to live for there, con teach di pipo di tins wey di God of di land want.”

28. So one of di priests wey dem bin carry as prisoner from Samaria con come back to stay for Bethel, and he teach dem how to worship Baba-God.

29. Upon dat, everi of di different pipo con make dia own gods. For inside di cities wey dem dey live, dem put dia gods for di shrines wey di pipo of Samaria bin build.

30. Di men from Babylon make Succmoth Benoth, di men from Cuthah make Nergal, and di men from Hamath make Asima;

31. Di Avvites make Nibhaz plus Tartak, and di Sepharvites burn dia pikin for inside faya as sacrifices to Adrammelech plus Anammelech, di gods of Sepharvim.

32. Dem worship Baba-God, but dem still choose any kind of pesin to be priests for di shrines wey dey for high places—wey sacrifice for dem for inside di shrines wey dey for high places.

33. Dem worship Baba-God but dem still serve dia own gods based-on di custom of dia own pipo and where dem come from.

34. Reach dis day, dem kontinu to dey live dia former life. Dem no gree worship Baba-God or keep di laws, or follow hin words—di laws plus commandment wey Baba-God give di pikin-pikin-pikin of Jacob, wey he call Israel.

35. Wen Baba-God make agreement wit di pipo of Israel, he warn dem sey, “Make una no worship any oda gods or dobale (bow down) for dem, or serve dem, or make sacrifice to dem.

36. But na Baba-God wey carry una komot from Egypt wit hin ogbonge pawa, and hin hand wey stretch out—nahin una must fear. Nahin una go worship, and nahin una go give una sacrifice.

37. Una must always dey careful to keep hin laws and words, di laws and commandments wey he write for una. Make una no fear oda gods.

38. Make una no fashi di agreement wey I make wit una, and make una no serve oda gods.

39. But make una worship Baba-God wey be una Oga; and he go save una from di hand of una enemies.”

40. Dem no gree listen, but dem kontinu to dey follow dia old ways.

41. Even wen dis new pipo for di land serve Baba-God, but dem still dey worship dia idols. Dia pikin plus dia pikin-pikin still kontinu to dey do wetin dia ancestors do.


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