2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 24

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  1. Wen Jehoiakim be king, Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon con take-over di land. Naso Jehoiakin turn to hin servant, and he pay tax for three years, but he stop, con turn against Nebuchadnezzar.
  2. So Baba-God send di pipo of Babylon, Syrian, Moabites and Ammonites to attack am. He send dem make dem scata Judah, based-on di word wey Baba-God tok tru hin servants di prophets.
  3. Dis tins true-true happen to Judah based-on wetin Baba-God yarn, so dat he go komot dem from hin front becos of di sins of Manasseh—based-on all di tins wey he do,
  4. And becos of di innocent blood wey he kill, becos he make Jerusalem brekete wit blood of innocent pipo, and Baba-God no gree forgive.
  5. As for di odas tins wey happun wen Jehoiakim be king, and all di tins wey he do—dem write dem for di books of history of di kings of Judah.
  6. Jehoiakim rest wit hin ancestors and Jehoiachim wey be hin pikin take hin place as king.
  7. Di king of Egypt no gree march out from hin kontri again, becos di king of Babylon don take from di River of Egypt reach River Euphrates—everitin wey belong to di king of Egypt.

Jehoiachim As King of Judah

8. Jehoiachim na eighteen years wen dem make am king, and he be king for Jerusalem for three months. Hin mama name na Nehustha wey be di daughter of Elnathan from Jerusalem.

9. Jehoiachim do evil tins for Baba-God eyes, just as hin ancestors bin do.

10. For dat time, di officers of Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon march go Jerusalem, con surround am wit sojas.

11. And Nebuchadnezzar hinsef come di city as hin officers dey surround am.

12. Jehoiachim wey be di king of Judah, hin mama, hin messengers, hin princes and all hin officers—surrender to am. For di eighth year of di king of Babylon, he catch Jehoiachim as prisoner.

Dem Take Over Jerusalem

13. As Baba-God bin yarn, Nebuchadnezzar carry all di beta-beta-tins from Baba-God house and from di palace, and he cut all di gold properties to pieces—wey King Solomon make for Baba-God house.

14. He carry di full Jerusalem as prisoner—all di princes and di fighters, all di men wit skill plus di artists—he carry ten thousand men. Na only di pipo wey poor pass for di land he leave.

15. Nebuchadnezzar carry Jehoiachim as prisoner go Babylon. He carry di king mama sef, plus hin wives, hin officers, plus di men wey get levels for di land—na all dis pipo he carry from Jerusalem go Babylon.

16. Di king of Babylon still carry all di strong sojas—7,000 men, and he carry 1,000 artists and men plus iron workers—all dis men na strong men wey fit fight war. Di king carry dem as prisoners go Babylon.

17. Di king of Babylon con make Mattaniah wey be Jehoiachim uncle, di king to take Jehoiachim place, con change hin name to Zedekiah.

           Zedekiah As King of Judah

18. Zedekiah na twenty-one years wen Nebuchadnezzar make am king and he be king for Jerusalem for eleven years. Hin mama name na Hamutal, wey be di daughter of Jeremiah, wey be from Libnah.

19. He do evil tins for Baba-God eyes, just as Jehoiachim bin dey do.

20. Becos Baba-God dey vex nahin make all dis tins happun to Jerusalem plus Judah, and las-las, he throway dem komot from hin front. Naso Zedekiah turn against di king of Babylon.


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