2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 25

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As Jerusalem Take Fall

  1. So for di ninth year as Zedekiah be king, on di tenth day of di tenth month, Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon march to attack Jerusalem wit all hin sojas. Dem con build camp outside di city and wall round di city.
  2. Dem surround di city until di eleventh year of king Zedekiah.
  3. By di ninth day of di fourth month, di hunger wey dey for di land con serious well-well, sote food no con dey for di pipo of di land to chop.
  4. Naso dem break di wall of di city, and di whole army run for night pass di gate wey dey for di middle of di two walls near di king garden, even though di Babylonians surround di city, di king run go di side of di smooth-land.
  5. But di army of Babylon pursue di king, and dem catch am for di smooth-land of Jericho. All hin sojas don komot from am, con scata.
  6. Naso dem take catch di king. Dem carry am go meet di king of Babylon for Riblah. Na for there dem judge am.
  7. Dem kill Zedekiah sons as he dey look dem. Naso dem komot Zedekiah eyes, dem tie am wit bronze chain, con carry am go Babylon.

Dem Scata Baba-God House

8. On di seventh day of di fifth month, for di nineteenth year of Nebuchadnezzar as di king of Babylon, Nebuzaradan wey be di commander of di king guard, and servant of of di king of Babylon con come Jerusalem.

9. He put faya for Baba-God house, di palace, plus all di house for Jerusalem. He burn everi bigman house wit faya.

10. Di whole army of Babylon wey dey wit di captain of di guard—con break di walls round Jerusalem.

11. Naso Nebuzaradan wey be di captain of di guard carry di pipo wey dey for di city as prisoners, and he carry di pipo wey don surrender to di king of Babylon, plus di remaining pipo.

12. But Nebuzaradan [captain of di guard] leave some of di pipo wey poor pass for di land to take care of di grape-farms and farms.

13. Di pipo of Babylon break di bronze pillars, he break di basin-stands, plus di bronze basin wey dem dey call di ‘Sea’, wey dey for Baba-God house, and dem carry di pieces of di bronze go Babylon.

14. Dem still carry di pots, shovels, wick-cutters, spoons, plus all di bronze tools wey di priest dey use for service inside Baba-God house.

15. Di incense-container, di bowls for sprinkling—plus everitin wey dem make wit pure silver and pure gold—na all dis tins di captain of di guard carry komot.

16. Di two pillars, di big basin wey dem dey call di ‘Sea’, di basin-stands—wey Solomon make for Baba-God house; di bronze of all dis tins pass wetin dem fit measure.

17. Everi single pillar high reach twenty seven feet, di bronze cap wey dey on top of di pillar high reach seven and half feet.  And dem deisgn round di caps-of-di-pillars wit fine bronze of net-design plus pomegranates. Dem do di same design for di second pillar.

18. Di commander of di guard carry Seraiah di chief priest as prisoner, plus Zephaniah di priest wey dey next for rank, plus di three guard.

19. From di city, he take di officers wey bin dey command di sojas, five of di king pesina advisers wey still dey for di city, di officer wey dey sign pipo enta di army, wey dey gada di pipo of di land, plus sixty oda men from for di city.

20. Nebuzaradan wey be di captain of di guard con carry all of dem go meet di king of Babylon for Riblah.

21. Na for there for Riblah, for di land of Hamath, nahin di king of Babylon kill dem. So dem carry di pipo of Judah from dia land as prisoners.

Gedaliah Na Di Govnor of Judah

22. Nebuchadnezzar wey be di king of Babylon choose Gedaliah wey be di son of Ahikam—di son of  Shephan to rule di remaining pipo wey he leave for Judah.

23. Wen all di captains of di armies, dem plus dia men—con hear sey di king of Babylon don choose Gedaliah as govnor, dem come meet Gedaliah for Mizpah, Ishmael wey be di son of Nethaniah, Johanan wey be di son of Kareah, Seraiah wey be di son of Tanhumeth di Netophathite, Jazaniah wey be di son of Maacathite—dem plus dia men.

24. Gedaliah swear to dem and dia men sey, “Make una no fear di servants of Babylon (Chaldeans), settle down for di land, con serve di king of Babylon, and e go beta for una.”

25. E con happun sey, for di seventh month, Ishmael wey be di son of Nethaniah—di son of Eliahaman wey get royal blood, come wit ten men, and dem kill Gedaliah, and di men of Judah plus di men of Babylon wey dey wit am for Mizpah.

26. Becos of wetin happun, all di pipo from smallest to biggest, and even di captains of di armies—con run go Egypt, becos dem dey fear di pipo of Babylon.

Dem Release Jehoiachin From Prison

27. E con happun sey, for di twenty seventh year wey dem carry Jehoiachin wey be di king of Judah as prisoner—for di year wen Evilmerodach be king of Babylon, he release Jehoiachin from prison on di twenty seventh day of twelfth month.

28. He tok to am wit good-heart, and he make Jehoiachin king-chair high pass di king-chair of di kings wey dey wit am for Babylon.

29. So Jehoiachin komot hin prison cloth, and he con dey always chop for di king table for di rest of hin life.

30. king Evilmerodach con dey pay am everi day as long as he dey alive.


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