2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 3

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Moab Change-am-for Israel

  1. Joram wey be di son of Ahab con be di king of Israel for Inside Samaria, for di eighteenth year of Jehoshaphat as di king of Judah, and he be king for twelve years.
  2. He do wicked tins for Baba-God eyes, but no be like wetin hin mama plus hin papa do. He komot di image of Baal wey hin papa make.
  3. But he kontinu di sin of Jeroboam wey be di son of Nebat—wey he make Israel sin; he no gree turn komot from dem.
  4. Now Mesha wey be di king of Moab dey train sheep, and he pay di king of Israel wit hundred thousand lambs, and hundred thousand ram wool.
  5. But afta Ahab die, di king of Moab change-am-for di king of Israel.
  6. So around dat time, king Joram move from Samaria, con gada all Israel pipo.
  7. He still send message go meet Jehoshaphat wey be di king of Judah: “Di king of Moab don change-am-for me. You go follow me go fight Moab?” Naso he ansa am, “I go follow you go, I just be like you, my pipo be like your pipo, my horses be like your horses.”
  8. He con ask sey, “Which side we go attack?” He ansa, “Na from di desert of Edom.”
  9. So di king of Israel move wit di king of Judah plus di king of Edom, and all di three armies travel pass di roundabout road tru di desert, for seven days—but water no con dey for dem plus dia animals.
  10. Di king of Israel con shout, “Haba! Abi Baba-God don call us—three kings togeda, only to carry us give Moab?”
  11. But Jehoshaphat ask, “Abi Baba-God Prophet no dey for here, so dat we go fit ask from Baba-God tru am?” One officer of di king of Israel con ansa, “Elisha wey be di son of Shaphat dey for here. Nahin dey pour water for Elijah hands [nahin dey serve Elijah].”
  12. Jehoshaphat con tok sey, “Baba-God word dey wit am.” So di king of Israel, Jehoshaphat, plus di king of Edom go meet am.
  13. Elisha con tell di king sey, “Which business we get wit each oda? Go meet your papa and mama prophets.” Di king of Israel con ansa am sey, “No, becos na Baba-God call dis three kings togeda to carry dem give Moab.”
  14. Naso Elisha tok sey, “As surely as Baba-God dey live, di God wey I dey serve, if to sey I no get respect as Jehoshaphat di king of Judah dey for here so, I for no look you or even notice you.
  15. But now, make una bring pesin wey dey play harp (music instrument) come.” As di pesin dey play di harp, Baba-God hand con rest for Elisha body.
  16. And he tok sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: ‘Make bottom of dis mountain wey dry—con burku wit water!
  17. Becos dis na wetin Baba-God tok: You no go see breeze or rain, but bottom of dis mountain go burku wit water, and you, your malu plus your animals go drink.
  18. Dis na simple tin for Baba-God eyes, evensef, he go put Moab for una hands.
  19. Una go overthrow everi strong city wey get fence, plus everi beta city. Una go cut everi beta tree, stop all di water wey dey flow, con scata everi beta land wit stones.”
  20. Di next morning, around di time of offering sacrifice, water just show-face. E flow from Edom side, and before you know, water con dey for everi where.
  21. Now wen all di Moabites con hear sey di kings don come fight dem, dem call everi man, both young and old wey fit carry weapon, con position dem for di border.
  22. Wen dem stand up for early mor-mor, and di sun dey shine for di water. For di Moabites wey dey di oda side, di water con red like blood.
  23. So dem tok sey, “Na blood be dis, those king must don fight, con kill demsef. Now make we go rob dem Moab!”
  24. But wen di pipo of Moab reach di camps of Israel, di pipo of Israel stand up con attack dem until dem run. Naso di pipo of Israel enta dia land, con kill di pipo of Moab.
  25. Dem dabaru di cities, and everi man throw stone for everi beta land until e cover. Dem stop all di wells, con cut everi beta tree. Las-las, na only Kir Hareseth plus di stone wall nahin dem leave, but men wey dey shoot stones surround am, con attack am.
  26. Wen di king of Moab see sey dem dey lose di war, he carry seven hundred men wey dey fight wit sword to break tru di king of Edom, but dem no fit.
  27. Naso he carry hin senior son wey suppose take hin place as king, con sacrifice am for di wall of di city. Di fight against Israel con plenty well-well; dem stop, con go back to dia own land.


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