2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 4

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Di Widow Ororo

  1. Di wife of one of di sons of di prophets con cry for Elisha, she tok sey, “Your servant my husband don kpeme, and you know sey my husband na man wey dey respect Baba-God. But now, di pipo wey he dey owe moni dey come carry my two sons as slave.”
  2. Elisha ansa her, “Wetin you want make I do for you? Tell me, wetin you get for house?” Naso she tok sey, “Your servant no get anytin for there at all, except small ororo.”
  3. So Elisha tok sey, “Waka round make you ask your neighbour for empy containers. No ask for small oh.
  4. Den make you go inside, con close di door wit you and your sons inside. Pour di ororo for inside all di containers, and as dem dey full, put dem for one side.”
  5. She komot, con close di door wit she plus her sons inside. Dem carry di containers come meet her and she kontinu to dey pour di ororo.
  6. Wen all di containers don full, she con tell her son sey, “Bring anoda container come.” But he ansa her sey, “No container remain.” Naso di ororo stop to dey flow.
  7. She con go tell di man of God, and he tok sey, “Go sell di ororo, con pay di moni wey you dey owe. You and your sons fit make moni from di one wey remain.”

Di Shunammite Pikin Come Back To Life

8. One day, Elisha go Shunem. And e get one big woman wey dey for there wey beg am sey make he wait to chop. So any time wey he come dat area, he dey stop for there to chop.

9. Naso she tell her husband sey, I know sey dis man wey dey always come here na holy man of God.

10. Make we make small room on top of di roof, con put bed inside plus table, chair and lamp for am. So dat he go fit stay for there any time wey he come meet us.”

11. One day wen Elisha show-face, he climb up to di room, con lie down for there.

12. He tell hin servant Gehazi sey, “Call di Shunamite.” So he call her, and she stand for hin front.

13. Naso Elisha tell Gehazi sey, “Tell her sey, ‘See, you don take care of us well-well. Wetin we fit do for you? Abi you wan make I epp you tok to di king or di commander of di army?’ ” Naso she ansa am, “No, I get everitin wey I need among my pipo.”

14. Elisha con ask sey, “Wetin we fit do for her?” So Gehazi tok sey, “She no get pikin and her husband don old.”

15. So Elisha tok sey, “Call her come.” So Gehazi call her and she stand near di doormot.

16. Naso Elisha tok sey, “Around dis time next year, you go carry baby-boy for your hand.” She no gree, and she con tok sey, “No my oga, man of God, abeg no lie to your servant.”

17. But di woman get-belle, and di next year, around di same time, she born baby-boy, just as Elisha bin tell her.

18. Di pikin grow and one day he go epp hin papa, wey dey work wit di pipo wey dey harvest.

19. He con tell hin papa sey, “My head oh! My head oh! So hin papa tell hin servant sey, “Carry am go meet hi mama.”

20. Afta di servant carry am go meet hin mama, di boy sidon for her lap until afta-noon, and he die.

21. She carry am go up, con put am for di bed of di man of God, she close di door, con komot.

22. She call her husband con tok sey, “Abeg send me one of your servants plus one donkey, so dat I go fit go meet di man of God sharply, con come back.”

23. Her husband con ask, “Why you wan go meet am today? No be di New Moon or di Sabbath be dis.” So she tok sey, “Everitin go dey alright.”

25. She ride di donkey, con tell her servant sey. “Dey for front, no slow down for me unless I tell you.”

25. She carry-go, con meet di man of God for di mountain of Carmel. Wen he see her from far-far, di man of God tell hin servant Gehazi sey, “See, na di Shunammite be dat!

26. Run go meet her make you ask her sey, ‘You dey okay? Your husband dey alright? Your pikin dey alright?’ ” Naso she tok sey, “Everitin dey alright.”

27. Wen she reach where di man of God dey for di mountain, she hold hin leg. Naso Gehazi come near to push her komot, but di man of God tok sey, “Leave her joor! She dey feel pain inside her heart, but Baba-God don hide am from me and he no gree tell me why.”

28. So she tok sey, “Abi I ask you for pikin my oga, abi I no tell you sey make you no carry my hope high’?”

29. Elisha con tell Gehazi sey, “Ready to travel; take my walking-stick make you dey go! No follow any pesin tok for road. Go sharp-sharp and put di walking-stick for di pikin face.”

30. But di pikin mama tok sey, “As surely as Baba-God dey alive and as you dey alive, I no go leave you.” So he stand up, con follow her.

31. Gehazi go for front con put di walking-stick for di boy face, but di boy no make any sound or shake body. So Gehazi go back to meet Elisha, con tell am sey, “Di boy no gree wake up.”

32. Wen Elisha reach di house, di boy don die, and he lie down for hin bed.

33. He enta, he close di door wit only di two of dem inside, con pray to Baba-God.

34. Naso he near di bed, con lie down on top of di boy, mouth to mouth, eyes to eyes, hands to hands. As he dey stretch hinsef on am, naso di boy body con dey warm.

35. Elisha turn komot, con dey waka upandan di room, naso he sleep for di bed, con stretch hin body on di boy again. Di boy sneeze seven times, and he open hin eyes.

36. Elisha call Gehazi, con tok sey, “Call di Shunammite woman.” And Gehazi call her. Wen she come, Elisha tok sey, “Take you pikin.”

37. She enta, con knee down and bow down face ground. Naso she carry her pikin, con komot.

Elisha Make Di Pot of Stew Good

38. Elisha go back to Gigal and di land no gree produce food for dat area, so hunger con dey. As di sons of prophets dey for hin front, he tell hin servant sey, “Put big pot for faya make you cook food for all dis sons of prophets.”

39. One of dem go farm to gada some plants, naso he see one wild vine fruit. He gada wild fruits full hin pocket. He cut dem, con put dem for inside pot, but he no sabi di fruits.

40. Dem serve di food for di men, but as dem start to dey chop am, dem cry loud, “Oh man of God, death dey for inside di pot!” and dem no fit chop am.

41. Elisha con tok sey, “Make una bring some flour.” He put am inside di pot, con tok sey, “Serve am for di pipo make dem chop.” And di tin no kill dem.

42. One man come from Baalshalishah. He carry twenty bread wey he bake from di first barley wey he harvest dat year (firstfruit), and one sack of fresh seeds—con give di man of God. So Elisha tell hin servant to give di prophets make dem chop.

43. Hin servant ask am sey, “How I go serve dis one for hundred men?” But Elisha ansa am, “Give am to di pipo make dem chop. Becos dis na wetin Baba-God tok: ‘Dem go chop, con remain some.’ ”

44. Naso he serve am for dem, and dem chop, con even chop some remain, based-on wetin Baba-God don yarn.


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