2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 5

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Naaman Leprosy Heal

  1. Naaman na commander of di army of di king of Syria. He be ogbonge man for hin oga eyes, and hin oga respect am well-well becos Baba-God don use am take give victory to Syria: Naaman na strong soja but he get leprosy.
  2. Some sojas komot con catch one Israelite babe, so she con dey serve Naaman wife.
  3. Naso she tell her madam sey, “If only my oga fit see di prophet wey dey for Samaria! Di prophet go heal hin leprosy.”
  4. Naso Naaman enta, con tell hin oga wetin di girl from Israel tok.
  5. Naso di king of Syria ansa am sey, “Make you dey go there by all means, I go send letter to di king of Israel.” So Naaman komot and he carry 30,000 pieces of silver, six thousand pieces of gold, and ten set of new clothes.
  6. Di letter wey he carry go meet di king of Israel tok sey: “I dey send my servant Naaman come meet you wit dis letter, so dat you go fit heal am from hin leprosy.”
  7. As di king of Israel just read di letter, he tear hin cloth con tok sey, “Abi I be Baba-God? Abi I fit take life, con bring am back to life? Why dis man dey send pesin come meet me so dat he go heal from hin leprosy? Abeg make una reason am, see as he dey try to start kwanta wit me!”
  8. Wen Elisha wey be man of God hear sey di king of Israel don tear hin cloth, he send dis message to am: “Why you con tear your cloth? Tell di man make he come meet me and he go sabi sey prophet dey for Israel.”
  9. So Naaman go wit hin horses plus hin horse-moto, con stop for di door of Elisha house.
  10. Naso Elisha send messenger to tell am sey, “Go wash yoursef seven times for river Jordan, and your body go come back to normal, and you go heal.”
  11. But Naaman komot dey vex, con tok sey, “I tink sey he go surely come out come meet me, con stand to call di name of Baba-God hin Oga, wave hin hand for di area wey I get leprosy, con cure di leprosy.
  12. Abi Abana plus Pharpar, di rivers wey dey for Damascus no beta pass any of di water wey dey for Israel? Abi I no fit wash my body for dem, con heal?” So he turn, con komot wit vex.
  13. Naaman servant go meet am, con tok sey, “My papa, if di prophet bin tell you to do some kain big tin, abi you for no do am? Tokless of now—wen he tell you sey, ‘Wash your body and make you heal’ ”
  14. So he go down, con put hin body inside river Jordan seven times, as di man of God bin tell am, and hin body con normal, naso he con clean like baby boy.
  15. Naso Naaman plus all hin servants go back to meet di man of God. He stand for hin front, con tok sey, “Now I know sey Baba-God no dey for di whole world except for inside Israel. Abeg accept gift from your servant.”
  16. Di prophet ansa am sey, “As surely as Baba-God dey live, di God wey I dey serve, I no go accept anytin from you.” Even though Namaan beg am to collect di gifts, he no gree collect am.
  17. So Naaman tok sey, “If you no go collect my gift, den make dem load two donkeys wit soil from dis place—wey I go carry go house, becos from now on, I no go give sacrifices or burnt offering to any god except Baba-God.
  18. But make Baba-God forgive your servant for dis one tin: Wen my oga enta di worship-place of Rimmon to go worship for there, and he rest on my hand, make Baba-God forgive me wen I bow down sef.”
  19. Elisha con tell am sey, “Dey go wit peace.” Afta Naaman travel small,
  20. Gehazi wey be di servant of di man of God Elisha—con tell hinsef sey, “My oga too take am easy wit Naaman—dis Syrian, as he no gree collect di gift wey he carry come. As surely as Baba-God dey live, I go run follow am, con collect sometin from am.”
  21. So Gehazi run follow Naaman. Wen  Naaman see am dey run follow am, he come down from hin horse-moto to meet am. He ask Gehazi sey, “Everitin dey okay?”
  22. Gehazi ansa am, “Everitin dey okay, my oga tok sey make I tell you sey, ‘See, two young men from di sons of di prophets just show-face from di mountain kontri of Ephraim. Abeg give dem 34kg of silver plus two sets of clothes.’ ”
  23. Naso Naama tok sey, “Abeg take 68kg of silver.” He beg Gehazi to collect dem, and he tie di two talents of silver for two bags, plus two sets of clothes. He give dem to two of hin servants and dem carry am for Gehazi front.
  24. Wen Gehazi reach di tall-house, he collect di tins from di servants, con hide dem for hin house. He discharge di men, and dem komot.
  25. Naso he go inside, con stand for hin oga Elisha front. So Elisha ask am sey, “Where you dey come from Gehazi?” Gehazi ansa am sey, “Your servant no go any where.
  26. But Elisha tell am sey, “Abi my spirit no bin dey wit you wen di man come down from hin horse-moto to meet you? Abi na dis be di time to collect moni, or to collect clothes, olive farms and grape-farms, or sheep, and malu, or man and woman slaves?
  27. Naaman leprosy go catch you plus your pikin-pikin-pikin forever.” Naso Gehazi komot from Naaman front, and leprosy catch am—wey white like snow.


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