2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 6

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     Head of Axe Float On Top Of Water

  1. Di sons of prophet tell Elisha sey, “See, di place wey we dey stay too small for us.
  2. Make we go river Jordan, everi single one of us go fit get wood, and make we build place for there for us to stay.” Elisha con tok sey, “Make una dey go.”
  3. Naso one of dem tok sey, “Abeg you no go follow your servants?” Elisha ansa am, “I go follow una.”
  4. And he follow dem go. Dem go Jordan, con start to dey cut trees.
  5. As one of dem dey cut one tree, naso di head of di axe just fall inside di water. So di man halla, “Oh my God, and we borrow am!”
  6. So di man of God ask am sey, “For where di tin fall put?” Wen di man show Elisha di place, Elisha cut stick, con throw am for there, and di iron con dey float.
  7. Naso Elisha tok sey, “Carry am come out.” Di man stretch hin hand, con carry di iron.

Dem Catch Di Syrians Wey Don Blind

8. Now di king of Syria con dey fight war wit Israel. Afta he meet wit hin officers, he tok sey, “I go set up my camp for so-so-and-so place.”

9. So di man of God send message to di king of Israel sey: “I dey warn you make una no pass dat place, becos di Syrians dey go there.”

10. So di king of Israel check di place wey di man of God tok about. And he save hinsef from there many times.

11. Dis tin con dey make di king of Syria dey vex. He call hin officers, con ask dem sey, “Abi una no go tell me which of us dey support di king of Israel?”

12. So one of dem tok sey, “None of us my oga di king, but Elisha di prophet wey dey for Israel nahin dey tell di king of Israel even di words wey you dey tok inside your room.”

13. Naso di king tell dem sey, “Make una go fyne am for where he dey, so dat I go send men go catch am.” Dem send message back to di king sey, “He dey for Dothan.”

14. Naso di king send horses plus horse-moto, and plenty sojas to go there. Dem go for night con surround di city.

15. Wen Baba-God servant stand up con dey komot for early mor-mor, army wit plenty horse-moto surround di city. Hin servant con tell am sey, “Oh my oga, wetin we go con do now?”

16. Elisha ansa am sey, “No let fear catch you, di pipo wey dey wit us, pass di pipo wey dey wit dem.”

17. And Elisha pray, “Oh Baba-God, open hin eyes so dat he go fit see.” Naso Baba-God just open di servant eyes, and he look, con see as di mountain burku wit horses plus horse-moto wey carry faya—wey round Elisha.

18. As di enemy dey come down come meet am, Elisha pray to Baba-God, “Make dis pipo blind.” So Baba-God turn dem to blind pipo just as Elisha ask am.

19. Naso Elisha tell dem sey, “No be di road be dis, and no be di city be dis. Make una follow me, and I go carry una go meet di man wey una dey fyne.” So he carry dem go Samaria.

20. Afta dem enta di city, Elisha tok sey, “Baba-God, open dis men eyes so dat dem go fit see.” Naso Baba-God open dia eyes, and dem look, and naso dem see demsef for inside Samaria.

21. Wen di king of Israel see dem, he ask Elisha sey, “Abi make I kill dem, my papa? Abi make I kill dem?”

22. Elisha ansa am, “No kill dem, abi you go kill men wey you don already catch wit your own sword plus bow? Give dem food plus water, so dat dem fit chop and drink, con go back to meet dia oga.”

23. So he arrange plenty chop-chop for dem, and afta dem chop and drink finish, he discharge dem, and dem go back to meet dia oga. So di sojas from Syria stop to dey raid Israel territory.

Hunger For Samaria Wey Sojas Don Surround

24. E con happun sey afta dis tins, Ben-Hadad wey be di king of Syria gada hin full army, and dem march to go surround Samaria.

25. Serious hunger con dey for di city; dem surround di city for plenty days sote dem con dey sell donkey head for eighty pieces of silver, and one small cup of dove-dung* con dey sell for five pieces of silver.

26. As di king of Israel dey pass near di wall, one woman cry go meet am, “Epp me my oga di king!”

27. Naso di king ansa her, “If Baba-God no fit epp you, how I go con fit epp you? From di harvest ground? From di wine-factory?”

28. So he ask her, “Wetin dey do you?” She ansa am sey. “Dis woman tell me sey, ‘Carry your pikin come so dat we go chop am today, and we go chop my own pikin sef tomorrow.

29. So we cook my pikin, con chop am. Di next day, I con tell her sey, ‘Carry your pikin come so dat we go chop am, but she con hide her own son.’ ”

30. Wen di king hear wetin di woman tok, he tear hin clothes. As he dey move near di wall, di pipo con dey look am, and dem see sey he wear sackcloth for hin body.

31. He tok sey, “Make Baba-God deal wit me, con even kill me sef, if di head of Elisha wey be di son of Shaphat still dey for hin shoulder today!”

32. Now Elisha dey sidon for hin house, and di senior-men dey sidon wit am. Di king send messenger go for front, but before he reach there, Elisha con tell di senior-men sey, “Una no see as dis killer pikin dey send pesin to come cut my head komot? See, wen di messenger show, make una lock am for inside. Abi no be di sound of hin oga leg dey follow am come so?”

33. As he still dey follow dem tok, di messenger come meet am, and he tok sey, “Dis kasala na from Baba-God. Why I go still dey wait for Baba-God again?”


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