2nd Kings,  1st Samuel

2nd Kings Chapter 7

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Di Prophecy Sey Yanfu-yanfu Go Dey

  1. Elisha con tok sey, “Hear Baba-God word. Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: around dis time tomorrow, for di gate of Samaria, una go buy container of di best flour wit tashere moni—one silver coin, and una go buy two containers of barley wit tashere moni—one silver coin.”
  2. Di officer wey di king dey rest on hin hand con tell di man of God sey, “See, even if Baba-God open di windows of heavens, dis kain tin fit happen? Naso Elisha ansa am sey, “You go see am wit your eyes, but you no go chop from am!”

Di Sojas Wey Surround Samaria Don Komot

3. Now, e get four men wey get leprosy and dem dey for front of di gate. Dem con tell demsef sey, “Why we go stay for here until we die?

4. If we tok sey, ‘Make we enta di city’—di hunger dey for there, and we go die for there. And if we just sidon for here we go still die. So make we go di Syrians camp, con surrender. If dem agree, we go live, and if dem kill us—we go die.”

5. For early mor-mor, naso dem stand up, con go di camp of di Syrians. Wen dem reach near di camp of di Syrians, dem no see any single man for there,

6. Becos Baba-God don make di Syrian armies hear di sound of plenty horse-moto plus plenty army, sote dem con yarn demsef sey, “See, di king of Israel don go pay di Hittites plus Egyptian kings to fight us!”

7. So dem stand up con run komot for evening and dem leave dia camp, horses plus donkeys. Dem leave di camp as e dey—con run for dia lives.

8. Di men wey get leprosy reach near di camps, con enta one of di tents. Dem chop, con drink, and naso dem pack silver plus gold, and clothes, dem komot con hide dem. Dem come back, con enta anoda tent con carry some tins komot wey dem go hide sef.

9. So dem tell demsef sey, “We no dey do wetin dey right. Today na day of good news and we dey keep am to awasef. If we wait reach morning, na punishment go meet us oh. Make we sharp-sharp go report di news for di king palace.”

10. So dem komot go tell di gatemen of di city. Dem tok sey, “We enta di Syrians camp and we no see any single man for there—we no hear single sound from pesin, na only horses plus donkeys wey dem tie for there, and di tents dey just as di Syrians leave dem.”

11. Naso di gate-men of di city go spread di news, and dem report di mata for di king palace.

12. Di king stand up for night con tell hin officers sey, “I go tell you wetin di Syrians don do us. Dem know sey we dey hungry; so dem don komot from di camp go hide for di field, con dey reason sey, ‘Dem must surely come out, and naso we go catch dem alive, con enta inside dia city.’ ”

13. One of hin officers con tok sey, “Make we send some men wit five horses wey remain, so dat dem go go check wetin dey sup, if anytin happun to dem, e no go bad pass if dem stay for here to kpeme like di rest of us.”

14. So dem select two horse-moto, and di king send dem go meet di Syrian army. He tell di drivers sey, “Make una go check wetin dey sup [happun] for there.”

15. So dem follow di Syrians far-far reach Jordan, and as dem dey go for road, dem see di clothes plus di oda tins wey di Syrian run leave for there. Di messengers come back, con tell di king.

16. Naso di pipo go out, con go carry di tins wey dey for inside di Syrian camp. Dem con dey sell one container of flour for one small silver coin, and two containers of barley sell for one small silver coin, just as Baba-God bin tok.

17. Di king bin put di officer wey he bin dey rest on hin hand—in charge of di gate, naso di pipo march am for ground for near di gate and he die, just as di man of God don bin tok wen di king bin come hin house.

18. E happun as di man of God bin tell di king: “Around dis time tomorrow, one container of flour go sell for one small silver coin, and two containers of barley go sell for one small silver coin—for di gates of Samaria.”

19. Di officer bin tell di man of God sey, “See, even if Baba-God open windows for heaven, dis kain tin fit happen sef?” And di man of God bin ansa am sey, “You go see am wit your korokoro eyes, but you no go chop anytin from am!”

20. Naso e con happun to am, becos di pipo march am for near di gates of Samaria and he kpeme.


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