2nd Kings

2nd Kings Chapter 9

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Dem Anoint Jehu as King of Israel

  1. Prophet Elisha call one of di sons of prophets, he con tell am sey, “Tie your belt well-well and ready, take dis container of ororo follow-body, and make you dey go Ramoth-Gilead.
  2. Wen you reach there, look for Jehu wey be di son of Jehoshaphat, di son of Nimshi. Go meet am, carry am komot from hin padi, con carry am go one room wey dey inside.
  3. Den make you carry di container of ororo, con pour di ororo for hin head, and make you tok sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: “I dey anoint you as king of Israel.”’ Den make you open di door con run komot; no waste time!”
  4. So di young prophet do wetin dem tell am, con go Ramoth-Gilead.
  5. Wen he reach there, he see di captains of di army dey sidon togeda. So he tok sey, “Captain, I get message for you.” Jehu con ask sey, “For which one of us?” Naso di young man ansa, “Na for you captain.”
  6. Jehu stand up, con go inside di house. Naso di prophet pour di ororo on top of Jehu head, con tok sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God, di God of Israel tok: ‘I dey anoint you as king of Baba-God pipo, Israel.
  7. You go scata di house of Ahab your oga, so dat I go revenge for di blood of my servants di prophets, and di blood of all Baba-God servants wey Jezebel shed.
  8. Di whole house of Ahab go scata. I go cut off from Ahab, everi last man for inside Israel, whether na slave or free pesin.
  9. I go make di house of Ahab be like di house of Jeroboam wey be di son of Nebat, and like di house of Baasha wey be di son of Ahijah.
  10. As for Jezebel, dogs go chop her for di plot of land for Jezreel, and no pesin go bury her.’ ” Naso di prophet open di door, con run komot.
  11. Wen Jehu come out to meet hin oda officers, naso one of dem ask am sey, “Shey everitin dey okay? Why dis crase-man come meet you?” So Jehu ansa am, “You know di man and e kind of yarnings.”
  12. So he tok sey, “Na lie! Tell us.” Jehu con tok sey, “See wetin he tell me: ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: I dey anoint you ask king of Israel.’ ”
  13. Naso dem sharp-sharp carry dia cloth, con spread dem under hin leg for di step. Naso dem blow di trumpet, con dey shout, “Jehu di king!”

Jehu Kill Joram Plus Ahaziah

14. So Jehu wey be di son of Jehoshaphat, wey be di son of Nimshi, con plan against Joram. [Now Joram plus di whole of Israel bin dey defend Ramoth-Gilead against Hazael wey be di king of Syria,

15. but king Joram bin go back to Jezreel to heal from di wounds wey di Syrians bin wound am for di war against Hazael di king of Syria]. Jehu con tell di men wey dey wit am sey, “If una wan make I be king, no let any pesin survive from di city to go tok di news for Jezreel.”

16. Naso he enta hin horse-moto, con drive go Jezreel, becos Joram bin dey rest for there, and Ahaziah di king of Judah bin go there go see am.

17. Wen di pesin wey dey watch from di tall-building for Jezreel see Jehu sojas dey come, he halla, “I dey see some sojas dey come.” Naso Joram tell dem sey, “Send one horse-rider go meet dem to ask dem sey, “Una dey come wit peace?’ ”

18. So di horse-rider go meet Jehu, con tok sey: “Dis na wetin di king dey ask, ‘You dey come wit peace?’ ” Naso Jehu ansa am sey, “Wetin concern you wit peace? Dey for my back!” Den di watchmen halla di king sey, “Di messenger don meet dem but he no gree come back.”

19. So di king send di second horse-rider. Wen he reach where dem dey, he tok sey, “Dis na wetin di king dey ask: ‘You dey come wit peace?’ ” Jehu ansa am sey, “Wetin concern you wit peace? Dey for my back.”

20. Di pesin wey dey watch from di tall-building con tok sey, “Di horse-rider don reach there, but he no gree come back sef. Di pesin wey dey ride di horse be like Jehu di son of Nimshi—he dey drive like pesin wey dey vex”

21. Naso king Joram tell dem sey, “Sharp-sharp! Make una set my horse-moto!” So dem set hin horse-moto, and king Joram of Israel plus king Ahaziah of Judah con ride dia own horse-moto go meet Jehu. Dem meet am for di land wey be belong to Naboth of Jezreel.

22. Wen Joram see Jehu, he ask am sey, “Jehu, hope sey you come wit peace?” Naso Jehu ansa am sey, “How peace go dey, as long as all di idols wey your mama dey worship still dey, plus di witch wey your mama still dey do?”

23. Joram turn round, con run. He con dey shout, “Ahaziah, na set up be dis!”

24. Naso Jehu carry hin bow and arrow, con use hin full pawa take shoot Joram for di middle of hin two shoulders. Di arrow shuuk hin heart, and he fall down from hin horse-moto.

25. Jehu con tell Bidkar hin captain sey, “Carry am, make you throway am for di land wey belong to Naboth di Jezreelite. Remember as you and me dey ride togeda for horse-moto for back of Ahab wey be hin papa—wen Baba-God make dis prophecy about am:

26. ‘Yesterday, I see di blood of Naboth plus di blood of hin sons,’ naso Baba-God tok, ‘And I go surely make you pay for am for hin plot of land,’ naso Baba-God tok. Now, carry am, make you throway am for dat plot of land, based-on wetin Baba-God bin tok.”

27. Wen Ahaziah wey be di king of Judah see wetin happun, he run for di road to Beth-Haggan. Jehu pursue am, con dey shout, “Kill am sef!” Dem wound am for hin horse-moto for di road wey lead to Gur near Ibleam, but he escape go Megiddo, con die for there.

28. Hin servants carry am wit horse-moto go Jerusalem, con bury am wit hin ancestors for hin grave, for di City of David.

29. For di eleventh year of Joram wey be di son of Ahab, Ahaziah con be di king of Judah.

Dem Kill Jezebel

30. So Jehu go Jezreel. Wen Jezebel hear wetin happun, she do make-up, she tie her hair, con dey look from window.

31. As Jehu enta di gate, she ask am sey, “Na peace you carry come, Zimri, you wey kill your oga?”

32. He look up face di window, con shout, “Who dey wit me? Who?” Two or three officials con look am for down.”

33. Naso Jehu tok sey, “Make una throway her come down!” So dem throw her come down, and some of her blood splash for wall and di horses as dem march her for ground.

34. Jehu enta inside, con chop and drink. Den he tok sey, “Make una carry dis woman wey dey cursed, and make una bury her, becos she be king pikin.”

35. But wen dem komot go bury her, dem no see any part of her body apart from her head, her leg plus her hands.

36. Dem go back to tell Jehu wey con tok sey, “Dis na Baba-God word wey he tok tru hin servant Elijah di Tishbite: ‘For di plot of land for Jezreel nahin dogs go chop Jezebel body.

37. Jezebel body go be like yama-yama for ground for di plot of land for Jezreel, sote no pesin go fit sabi her, con tok sey, ‘Na Jezebel be dis.’ ”


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