1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 19

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Di War Wit Di Ammonites

  1. Afta dis, e con happun sey Nahash wey be di king of Ammon con kpeme, and hin son take hin place as king.
  2. David con reason sey, “I go show good-heart to Hanun wey be di son of Nahash, becos hin papa show me good-heart.” So David send some messengers go meet Hanun to greet am becos of hin papa. Wen David men meet Hanun for di land of di Ammonites to greet am,
  3. Di leaders of di Ammonites con tell Hanun sey, “Abi you tink sey David dey show respect to your papa by sending men come greet you? Abi you tink sey dis men neva come meet you to see and spy di land, con take-over di land?”
  4. So Hanun catch David men, con shave dem, he cut hole put for dia cloth, for di middle—go reach di yansh side, con pursue dem dey go.
  5. Wen dem come gist David about wetin Hanun do di men, he send messenger go meet dem, becos shame catch dem well-well. Di king con tok sey, “Make una stay for Jericho until una bear-bear grow, and afta dat make una come back.”
  6. Wen di pipo of Ammon con notice sey dem don turn to yeye wey dey smell for David nose, Hanun plus di Ammonites con send one thousand silver coins—to rent horse-moto from and horse-riders from Mesopotamia, Syria, Maacah plus Zobah.
  7. Dem pay for thirty-two thousand horse-moto, wit di king of Maacah and hin army—wey con camp for near Medaba, and di pipo of Ammon gada from dia cities and dem march go out for war.
  8. As David hear dis mata, he send Joab wit hin full army of strong fighters.
  9. Di pipo of Ammon come out, and dem take dia fighting position for di gate of di city, and di kings wey follow dem come by demsef for di field.
  10. Wen Joab con see sey dem don set di fight against am for hin front and back. He choose some of di best sojas for Israel, con send dem go fight di Syrians.
  11. He con tok sey make Abishai wey be hin broda control di rest of dem—and dem go fight di pipo of Ammon.
  12. And Joab tok sey, “If di Syrians get pawa pass me well-well, make you come epp me, and if di pipo of Ammon get pawa pass you well-well, den I go come epp you.
  13. Make you dey strong and make we fight wit full-mind for awa pipo, and for Baba-God cities. Baba-God go do wetin good for hin eyes.”
  14. Naso Joab plus di sojas wey dey wit am carry-go fight di Syrians, and dem run from hin front.
  15. Wen di pipo of Ammon see sey di Syrians dey run, dem sef con run from Abishai (Joab broda) and dem enta inside di city. So Joab go back to Jerusalem.
  16. Afta di Syrians see sey di pipo of Israel don win dem, dem send messengers, and dem go bring Syrians wey dey for di oda side of River Euphrates, con put dem under Shobach—wey be di commander of di army of king Hadadezer of Zobah.
  17. Wen dem tell David dis tin, he gada di whole of Israel, con cross River Jordan, he move to fight dem, and he form hin fighting line opposite dem. Wen David form hin line to fight di Syrians—dem attack David.
  18. But dem run from di pipo of Israel, and David kill seven thousand of dem wey dey ride horse-moto, and forty thousand sojas wey dey on ground. He still kill Shophach wey be di commander of dia army.
  19. Wen di kings wey dey under Hadadezer see sey Israel don win dem, naso dem make peace wit David, con turn to hin servants. Di Syrians no ever try am again to epp di pipo of Ammon.


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