1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 20

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         As Dem Take Take Over Rabbah

  1. E con happun sey wen di year don dey end, around di time wen kings dey go fight war, Joab lead di army. He turn di land of di Ammon to waste and he go surround Rabbah wit hin army, but David stay for Jerusalem. Joab attack Rabbah, con scata everi where.
  2. David carry di crown from dia king head—di weight na 34kg of gold, and dem design am wit fine-fine-stones—and dem put di crown for David head. David collect plenty tins from di city.
  3. And he carry di pipo wey dey from there, con force dem to work wit; saw, iron picks, and axes. Naso David do to all di Ammonites cities. David and all di pipo con go back to Jerusalem.

War Wit Di Philistines

4. E con happun sey, war burst out wit di Philistines for Gezer. Around dat time Sibbecai wey be Hushathite kill Sippai, one of di pikins of di giants, and dem over pawa dem.

5. For anoda war wit di Philisties, Elhathan wey be di son of Jair kill Lahmi wey be di broda of Goliath di Gittite—wey carry long-sharp-weapon thick like di pole wey dey for weaving-machine.

6. For anoda fight again for Gath, e get one tall man wey get six fingers and six toes for hin legs—and all of dem na twenty four. Hinsef na di son of di giants.

7. Wen he whyne Israel, Jonathan wey be di son of Shimea, David broda—kill am.

8. Na dis be di pikins of di giants for Gath, and David and hin men fall dem.


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