1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 21

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       David Count Di Pipo

  1. Satan rise up against Israel, con ginger David to count di pipo of Israel.
  2. So David tell Joab and di commanders of di sojas sey, “Go count di pipo of Israel from Beersheba reach Dan. And make una come tell me so dat I go sabi how many pipo dey.”
  3. But Joab ansa am sey, “Make Baba-God make hin pipo grow one hundred times. My oga di king, abi all of dem no be my oga pipo? Why my oga wan count dem? Why he wan carry sin come meet Israel?”
  4. But di words of di king silence Joab, so Joab komot go round Israel and he come back to Jerusalem.
  5. So Joab tell di king how many men dey Israel. All of dem na one million one hundred thousand men wey sabi use sword, plus four hundred and seventy thousand for Judah.
  6. But Joab no count Levi plus Benjamin, becos he no like wetin di king tell am to do.
  7. Evensef Baba-God no like wetin David tell Joab to do; so Baba-God con punish Israel.
  8. So David tell Baba-God sey, “I don commit big sin by doing dis kain tin. Now I dey beg you, carry di sin komot from your servant. I don do big mumu tin.”
  9. So Baba-God tell Gad wey be David prophet sey,
  10. “Go tell David sey, ‘Dis na wetin Baba-God yarn: I dey give you three tins. Choose di one wey you wan make I do against you.’ ”
  11. So Gad go meet David, con tell am sey, “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok: ‘Choose di one wey you want:
  12. Three years of hunger for di land, three month make your enemies carry you komot wit dia sword to take-over you, or three days of Baba-God sword—day of disease for di land wit Baba-God angel wey go scata di whole of Israel.’ Now decide which ansa I go tell Baba-God wey send me.”
  13. So David tell Gad sey, “I dey inside big wahala. Make I fall enta Baba-God hand, becos he dey sorry-for pesin well-well, but no let me fall enta men hand.”
  14. So Baba-God send disease go meet Israel, and seventy thousand pipo for Israel die.
  15. And Baba-God send angel to scata Jerusalem. But as di angel dey scata am, Baba-God see am and he change hin mind from di kasala, he con tell di angel wey dey scata di pipo sey, “E don do! Stop your hand.” So Baba-God angel con stand near di harvest ground of Ornan di Jebusite.
  16. David look up con see Baba-God angel dey stand between heaven and earth, wit sword wey he carry for hin hand and wey he stretch put for Jerusalem. Naso David plus di senior-men wey wear sackcloth con fall face ground.
  17. Naso David tell Baba-God sey, “Abi no be me tok sey make dem count di pipo? Na me commit sin con do wrong tin. All dis pipo na just my followers. Wetin dem do? Oh Baba-God my Oga, make your hand fall for my body and my family, but no let dis disease kontinu on your pipo.”
  18. Naso Baba-God tell Gad to tell David sey make he go up to build altar for Baba-God, for di harvest ground of Ornan wey be Jebusite.
  19. So David obey wetin Baba-God tok tru Gad, con go up.
  20. And Ornan turn back, con see Baba-God angel. So him plus hin four sons go hide. Ornan bin dey komot di seeds from di wheat.
  21. Naso David waka come, and wen Ornan look, con see am, he leave di harvest ground con bow down face ground for David front.
  22. David con tell am sey, “Make I take dis land wey you dey use for harvest, so dat I go fit use am build altar for Baba-God. Sell am to me for di full price, so dat di disease wey dey on di pipo go stop.”
  23. Ornan con ansa David sey, “Take am! Make my oga di king do anytin wey go make am happy. See, I go give di malu for burnt offerings, and di board wey I dey use take komot di seeds from di wheat—as faya wood, plus di wheat as seed offering—I go give all of dem.
  24. But di king ansa am sey, “Lai-lai, I wan pay di full price. I no go collect wetin belong to you con give am to Baba-God, or sacrifice burnt offering wey no cost me anytin.”
  25. So David pay Ornan six hundred gold coin, as payment for for di land.
  26. David build altar for Baba-God for there, con sacrifice burnt offerings plus peace offerings. He call Baba-God and Baba-God ansa am wit faya from heaven on top of di altar of di burnt offering.
  27. Naso Baba-God follow di angel yarn, and he keep hin sword back.
  28. Around dat time, wen David see sey Baba-God don ansa am for di harvest ground of Ornan di Jebusite, he give sacrifices for there.
  29. As at dat time, di worship-place of Baba-God wey Moses bin make for inside desert, and di altar of di burnt offering—still dey for di high place of Gibeon.
  30. But David no fit go there to pray to Baba-God becos he dey fear di sword of Baba-God angel.


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