1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 22

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  1. Naso David tok sey, “Baba-God house go dey for here, and even di altar of di burnt offering for Israel.”

Arrangement For Baba-God House

2. David give orders make dem gada all di foreigners wey dey live for Israel, and he choose pipo wey go dey cut stones from among dem—so dat dem go prepare stones wey dem cut, to build Baba-God house.

3. He give dem plenty iron wey dem go use take make nails for di doors of di gates and for di joints, and plenty bronze wey dem no fit measure,

4. And plenty cedar woods wey dem no fit count, becos di pipo of Sidon plus Tyre carry plenty cedar woods come meet David.

5. David con tok sey, “My pikin Solomon still young and he no get experience, and di house wey we go build for Baba-God suppose fine well-well, pipo suppose dey tok about am, and e suppose get levels for di whole world. I go start to dey arrange materials to build am now.” So David arrange plenty materials for di building before he kpeme.

6. Naso he call hin son Solomon, con tell am sey make he build house for di Oga, Baba-God of Israel.

7. David tell Solomon sey, “My pikin, I bin get am for mind to build house for di Name of Baba-God my Oga,

8. but dis message from Baba-God come meet me, sey: ‘Di blood wey you don shed too much, and di wars wey you don fight too plenty. No be you go build house for my Name, becos you don shed too much blood for earth—for my eyes.

9. But you go get pikin wey go be man of peace plus rest, and I go give am rest from all hin enemies wey dey everi side. Hin name go be Solomon, and I go give Israel peace and rest wen Solomon go be king.

10. Nahin go build house for my name. He go be my pikin and I go be hin papa, and I go stand di king-chair of hin kingdom for Israel forever.

11. “Now my pikin, make Baba-God dey wit you, and make you succeed con build house for Baba-God your Oga—as he tok sey you go do.

12. Make Baba-God give you wisdom plus understanding wen he put you in charge of Israel, so dat you go fit keep di laws of Baba-God your Oga.

13. Naso e go take beta for you, if you cool down to follow di laws and di words wey Baba-God give Moses for Israel. Dey strong and get-mind. No let fear catch you or make you lose-mind.

14. “I don take serious pains to provide wetin you need to build Baba-God house—3,775 tons of gold, 37,750 tons of silver, plenty bronze and iron wey too plenty sote dem no fit weigh dem, and wood plus stones. And you fit add join dem.

15. Evensef you get many workers, pipo wey dey cut stones, carpenters, plus men wey sabi everi kind of work.

16. As for di gold, silver, bronze plus iron—dem no fit count dem. Now start di work, and Baba-God go dey wit you.”

17. Naso David tell all di leaders of Israel sey make dem epp hin pikin Solomon.

18. He tell dem sey, “Abi Baba-God una Oga no dey wit una? And he neva give una rest from everi side? He don put di pipo wey dey live for di land for my hand, and na Baba-God and hin pipo dey control di land now.

19. Now put una heart and una soul to fyne Baba-God una Oga. So make una stand up and start to dey build holy place for Baba-God, so dat una go fit bring di Ark of Baba-God word, plus all di oda holy properties wey belong to Baba-God—come di house wey una go build for Baba-God Name.”


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