1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 26

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Di Pipo Wey Dey Guard Di Gate

  1. Dis na di groups of di guards for Baba-God house: From di Korahites: Meshelemiah, son of Kore, one of di sons of Asaph.
  2. Meshelemiah sons na: Di firstborn na Zechariah, di second na Jediael, di third na Zebadiah, di fourth na Jathnie.
  3. Di fifth na Elam, di sixth na Jehohanan, and di seventh na Elihoenai.
  4. Obed-Edom sons na: Di firstborn na Shemaiah, di second na Jehozabad, di third na Joah, di fourth na Sakar, di fifth na Nethanel.
  5. Di sixth na Ammiel, di seventh na Issachar, and di eighth na Peullethai. Baba-God true-true blessed Obed-Edom.
  6. Even hin son Shemaiah get sons, wey be leaders of dia families. Dem be strong men wey get pawa well-well.
  7. Di sons of Shemaiah na: Othni, Rephael, Obed, plus Elzabad; wey dia brodas, Elihu plus Semakiah—get pawa well-well.
  8. All dis na from di sons of Obed-Edom. Dem plus dia sons and dia brodas na men wey sabi—wit pawa to do di work. Dem be sixty-two of dem from Obed-Edom.
  9. Meshelemiah get sons plus family-pipo wey be strong men—all of dem na eighteen.
  10. Hosah, wey  be  one of sons of Merari, get sons: Di chief na Shimri [no be am really be di firstborn, but hin papa make am di chief],
  11. di second na Hilkiah, di third na Tebaliah, and di fourth na Zechariah. All Hosah sons plus family-pipo na thirteen.
  12. Dem divide di guards of Baba-God house for groups, tru di leaders of dia families, and dem serve for Baba-God house, just like di oda Levites.
  13. Dem cast lots, both young and old, based-on dia families, to know which gate dem go dey in charge of.
  14. Di lot for di east gate go meet Shelemiah.So dem cast lots for hin son Zechariah, wey be wise adviser, and di lot for di north gate go meet am.
  15.  Obed-Edom nahin dey in charge of di south gate, and hin sons nahin dey in charge of di store-house.
  16. Afta dem cast lot, dem put Shuppim plus Hosanahin in charge of di west gate, along wit di Shalleketh gate for di road wey dey go up. One guard dey opposite di oda one.
  17.  Everi single day na six Levites dem dey post go di east, four for di north, and four for di south. Around di store-houses, dem dey post dem two-two.
  18. For di yard for di west side, dem be four wey dem post for di road, plus two for di yard.
  19. Na dis be di group of di guards wey be di sons of Korah plus Merari.
  20. Dia fellow Levites nahin dey in charge of di store-housesinside Baba-God house plus di store-houses wey dem dey keep di holy tins.
  21. From di sons of Ladan,di pikin-pikin-pikin of Gershon tru Ladan, and wey be di leaders of dia papa house, from Ladan di Gershonite na: Jehieli.
  22. Di sons of Jehieli; Zetham plus hin broda Joel. Na dem dey in charge of di stores wey dem dey keep beta-beta-tins for inside Baba-God house.
  23. As for di Amramites, Izharites, Hebronites, plus Uzzielites:
  24. Shebuelwey be dison of Gershom, di son of Moses, nahin be di supervisor of di store-houses.
  25. Hin family-pipo tru Eliezer na: Rehabiah hin son, Jeshaiah hin son, Joram hin son, Zikri hin son, plus Shelomith hin son.
  26.  Shelomith plus hin family-pipo nahin dey in charge of all di store-houses wey dem take dey keep di holy tins wey king David  give Baba-God—wit di family leaders, di captains of one thousands and  hundreds, plus di captains of di army.
  27. Dem give Baba-God some of di tins wey dem collect from war—to maintain Baba-God house.
  28. Na dem sef dey in charge of everitin wey Samuel di prophet bin give Baba-God—even di ones wey Saul di son of Kish give, Abner wey be di son of Ner, plus Joab wey be di son of Zeruiah. Shelomith plus hin family-pipo nahin dey in charge of everitin wey dem give Baba-God.

Di Oda Officials

29. As for di Izharites: Kenaniah plus hin sons nahin dey in charge of di outside business of Israel for di  officers plus judges of Israel.

30. As for di Hebronites: Hashabiah plus hin family-pipo, 1,700 strong men. Na dem dey in charge of all di matas of Israel for di west side of di Jordan; dem dey do Baba-God work and dem dey serve di king.

31. As for di Hebronites: Jeriah nahin be di chief of di Hebronites. Wen di forty years of  David as king reach, dem look di history based-on di generations of Hebronites ancestors con notice sey dem dey among di strong men wey get levels well-well for Jazer inside Gilead.

32. Jeriah get 2,700 family-pipo wey be chiefs wey dem respect for di family.King David put dem in charge of di pipo of Reuben, Gad, plus di half-tribe of Manasseh; na dem dey take care of all matas about Baba-God plus di king.


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