1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 28

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           David Plan For Baba-God House

  1. So David call all di princes [officials] of Israel to gada for Jerusalem; di princes of di tribes, plus di captains of di groups wey dey serve di king, di captains of thousand men plus di captains of hundred men, and di officers wey dey in charge of all di property plus animals wey belong to di king plus hin sons, togeda wit di palace officials, di strong men, plus all di fighters wey get-mind.
  2. Naso King David stand up con tok sey, “Make una listen to me, my brodas and my pipo. I bin get am for mind to build house as place of rest for di Ark of di agreement of Baba-God, for di stool of Baba-God leg, and I make plans to build am.
  3. But Baba-God tell me sey, ‘No be you go build house for my Name, becos you don fight plenty war and you don shed blood.’
  4. “But di Oga, Baba-God of Israel choose me from among my papa family to be king of Israel forever. He choose Judah as leader, and from inside di house of Judah he choose my family, and from inside my papa family body sweet am to choose me as king of Israel.
  5. Baba-God give me plenty sons—but out of all my sons, he choose Solomon to sidon for di king-chair of Baba-God kingdom—to rule Israel.
  6. He con tell me sey, ‘Solomon your pikin nahin go build house plus my yard, becos I don choose am as my pikin, and I go be hin papa.
  7. Evensef, I go stand hin kingdom gidigbam forever, if he kontinu to do wetin I tok and to follow my laws, as he dey do am now.’
  8. “So now I dey yarn you for front of all di pipo of Israel, and for front of all di pipo wey gada for Baba-God, and as Baba-God dey listen. Cool down to follow all di tins wey Baba-God your Oga tell you to do, so dat you go fit claim dis beta land, con pass am give your pikin-pikin-pikin forever.
  9. “And you my pikin Solomon, follow di God of your papa-papa-papa, con serve am wit your full heart, and wit mind wey ready to do wetin he tok, becos Baba-God dey look everi pesin heart and he dey understand di imaginations of dia tinking. If you fyne am—you go see am; but if you shenk am—he go fashi you forever.
  10. Calm down now, becos Baba-God don choose you to build hin house for am—for hin holy-place. Dey strong and make you do di work.”
  11. Naso David give hin son Solomon di plans for all di room wey dem go take enta di house, di plan of Baba-God house, di stores, plus di rooms wey dey for up, di room wey dey for inside, and di room of di mercy chair [di Most holy place].
  12. He give am di plans of everitin wey di Spirit bin put for hin mind, di plan for all di yards of Baba-God house, all di rooms wey dey around, di stores of Baba-God house, plus di stores of di special tins wey pipo give Baba-God;
  13. King Solomon give order for di different groups of di priests plus Levites for Baba-God house, and for di work of service for Baba-God house, and for all di tins wey dem go use for di service.
  14. He give di weight of gold for all di tins wey dem go use gold take make, and wey dem  go use for all di instrument of di different services; and he give di weight of silver for all di tins wey dem go use silver take make, and for all di instruments wey dem go use for everi kind of service;
  15. He give di weight of di gold for di gold lampstand plus dia lamps, he give di weight of everi lampstand plus e lamps; and he give di weight of silver for everi silver lampstand plus e lamps, based-on how dem go use everi lampstand;
  16. He give di amount of gold for everi table for di holy bread; and he give di amount of silver for di silver tables;
  17. David give di amount of pure gold for di forks, di bowls, plus cups, and for di golden basins, he give di gold wit dia weight for everi basin, and he give silver by dia weight for everi silver basin.
  18. David give di amount of pure gold wey dem go use take make di altar—for burning incense, and to make di horse-moto for di cherubim wey spread dia feathers to cover Baba-God Ark of di agreement.
  19. David con tok sey, “I don write all dis tins from Baba-God hand wey dey on me, and he give me understanding for everi single tin wey dey for inside di plan.”
  20. David still tell Solomon hin pikin sey, “Dey strong and make you get full-mind, con do di work. No let fear catch you or lose mind, becos Baba-God wey be Oga, even my God go dey wit you. He no go fail you or fashi you until you don finish di work for di service of Baba-God house.
  21. Di groups of di priests plus Levites don ready for all di work for Baba-God house, and everi man wey get skill for any work, and wey ready to work wit free-mind. And di princes plus all di pipo go do everitin wey you tell dem.


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