1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles Chapter 29

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Gift For Building Baba-God House

  1. To add-join, naso David di king tell everi pesin wey gada sey, “My pikin Solomon—di one wey Baba-God don choose, na small boy and he no get experience. Di work big becos dis no be palace for man, but na Baba-God house.
  2. I don use all my pawa take prepare for di house of my God—gold for di gold work, silver for di silver work, bronze for di bronze work, iron for di iron work, and wood for di wood work, and even onyx stones, and stones wey dem go set, stones wey dey shine, different-different colors of stones, plus everi kind of fine-fine-stones, plus mable stones—and all dis material plenty well-well.
  3. Evensef, becos I love Baba-God house, I dey give my own property, gold plus silver for di house of my God—to add-join di building material wey I don already bin arrange for dis holy place.
  4. I don give 115 tons of gold [gold of Ophir], plus 265 ton of pure silver to cover di walls of Baba-God house.
  5. For di gold for di works of gold, and silver for di works of silver, and for all di works wey di artist go do. Now who dey ready to make hinsef holy for Baba-God service today?”
  6. Naso di leaders of di families, di princes of di tribes of Israel, di captains of thousands plus di captains of hundreds, and di officials wey dey in charge of di king work con give wit free-mind.
  7. Naso dem give 190 tons of gold for di work of Baba-God house, plus 380 tons of silver, 675 tons of bronze, plus 3,750 tons of iron.
  8. Di ones wey get beta-beta-stones give dem to di store of Baba-God house wey Jehiel di Gershonite dey in charge of.
  9. Di pipo con dey happy becos of how di leaders take give wit free-mind, becos dem give wit open-mind and wit dia full-mind to Baba-God. David di king con happy well-well.

Di Prayer of David

10. David con dey praise Baba-God for front of all di pipo wey gada, he tok sey, “Blessings for you, oh Baba-God, God of awa ancestor Israel, forever and ever.

11. Na you get di greatness, plus di pawa, and di glory, victory, plus levels as King, becos everi-everi wey dey for heaven plus earth belong to you. Na you get di kingdom; and You dey for up as di head of everi-everi.

12. Na from you moni plus beta-beta-tins and levels dey from come; na you be di head of everitin. Na your hand pawa plus strength dey. Na your hand dey make pesin great—and your hand dey give pawa to everi pesin.

13. Now, awa God, we dey tank you, and we dey praise your name wey get levels.

14. But who I be, and which levels my pipo get wey dem con dey give wit free-mind like dis? Everitin dey come from you, and we don give you from di tins wey come from your hand.

15. We be strangers [jjc] and foreigners for your eyes—just as all awa papa-papa-papa sef be. Awa days for dis earth be like shadow and wit no hope [shadow wey go pass komot now-now-now, and dem no go see am again].

16. Chai Baba-God awa Oga, as for all dis plenty-plenty tins wey we don give to build house for your holy Name—na from your hand we take get dem, and na you get all of dem.

17. Baba-God, I know sey you dey test pesin heart, and clean-heart dey make belle sweet you. Na all dis tins I don give wit free-mind and wit clean-heart. And now I don see wit happiness—how your pipo wey dey here take give you wit free-mind.

18. Oh Baba-God, God of awa ancestors Abraham, Isaac, plus Israel, keep dis tin forever inside di imagination of di tinking of di hearts of your pipo, and make dia heart dey follow you.

19. Give my pikin Solomon di full-mind to keep wetin you command, to do wetin you want, to follow your laws, and to do all dis tins, even to build Baba-God house wey I don arrange tins for.”

20. Naso David tell all di pipo wey gada, “Now make una praise Baba-God una Oga.” So all of dem praise Baba-God, di God of dia ancestors; dem bow down, con dey worship Baba-God, and di king.

Dem Confam Solomon As King

21. Dem con give sacrifices to Baba-God di next day, and dem give burnt offerings; one thousand malu, one thousand rams, and one thousand lambs, togeda wit dia drink offerings, plus plenty-plenty oda sacrifices for di whole of Israel.

22. Dem chop and drink wit full happiness for Baba-God front dat day. For di second time, dem confam king Solomon as king. Naso dem anoint am as leader wit di name of Baba-God, and Zadok as priest.

23. So Solomon sidon for king-chair as king for David position. He prosper and all di pipo of Israel obey am.

24. All di princes plus strong men, and even all king David sons promise to follow Solomon.

25. Baba-God give Solomon levels well-well for di eyes of di pipo of Israel, and he make am baff-up wit di finess of kings—in a way wey no king of Israel don ever be before.

As David Take Kpeme

26. Naso David wey be Jesse pikin reign for all Israel.

27. He lead Israel for forty years—seven years for Hebron and thirty-three years for Jerusalem.

28. He die wen he don old well-well, and he flex long life, beta-beta-tins, plus respect. Hin pikin Solomon take hin position as king.

29. So all di tins wey happun wen David be king—from starting to di ending—dem write dem for di books of Samuel di priest, di books of Nathan di prophet, and di books of Gad di prophet,

30. togeda wit all di tins wey he do as king, hin pawa, plus all di tins wey happun to am, to Israel, and to di oda kingdoms of di land


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