2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 24

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Joash Repair Baba-God House

  1. Joash na seven years old wen he climb di king-chair. He be king for forty  years for Jerusalem. Hin mama na Zibiah, wey be from Beer-sheba.
  2. Joash do di correct tins for Baba-God eyes tru-out wen Jehoiada di  priest dey alive.
  3. Jehoiada marry two wives—wey born sons and daughters for am.
  4. E con happun sey afta dis tin, Joash zero hin mind to repair Baba-God house.
  5. He gada di priests plus Levites, con tell dem sey, “Make una go out to di cities of Judah, con collect di amount of moni wey di pipo of Israel dey pay everi year to repair Baba-God house. Make una do am quick-quick!” But di Levites waste time.
  6. So di king call Jehoiada wey be di chief priest, con tell am sey, “Why you neva tell di Levites to go collect di moni from di pipo of Judah and Jerusalem, di tax for Baba-God house, wey Moses wey be Baba-God servant and di servant of di pipo  Israel tok sey make dem pay pay?”
  7. [Di sons of dat wicked Athaliah—bin break enta Baba-God house, con use all di holy tins for inside Baba-God house, take worship Baals.]
  8. Naso di king tok sey make dem make box, wey dem go put for outside di gate of Baba-God house.
  9. So dem send law tru-out Judah and Jerusalem, wey go make all di pipo to bring di tax wey Moses, Baba-God servant, sey make all di pipo of Israel pay for inside di desert.
  10. All di officials plus all di pipo bring dia moni wit happiness, con put am inside di box until di box full.
  11. Any time wey di Levites bring di box come di king office, and dem see sey moni full di box, di king writer plus di officer of di high priest go pack all di moni komot from di box, con carry am go back to where dem bin put am. Dem do dis tin everi day, con gada plenty moni.
  12. Di king and Jehoiada give di moni to di supervisors of di work for Baba-God house, make dem employ pipo wey sabi cut stones, and carpenters—so dem go repair Baba-God house—and even pipo wey dey do iron work and brass work, so dat dem go fit repair Baba-God house.
  13. So di men work hard, and dem finish di work. Naso dem build Baba-God house to di original way wey e bin dey before, and dem make am strong.
  14. Wen dem finish, dem carry di remaining moni go meet di king plus Jehoiada. Dem use am take make properties for Baba-God house, even di tins wey dem dey use for di service and for burnt sacrifices; spoons, and oda gold and silver tins. Tru-out di days of Jehoiada  life, dem always dey give burnt sacrifices for Baba-God house.

Jehoiada Kpeme

15. But Jehoiada con old, and he kpeme. Na one hundred and thirty years old  wen he kpeme.

16. So dem bury am for di City of David wit di kings, becos he do beta tins for Israel and for Baba-God, and di worship-place.

Di Wickedness of Joash

17. Afta Jehoiada kpeme, di princes of Judah visit di king, and dem bow for di king. So di king listen to dia advice.

18. Naso dem fashi Baba-God house, di God of dia papa-papa-papa, and dem worship di images of di goddess of Asherah and idols. Becos of dis evil tin wey dem do, Baba-God con vex for Judah plus  Jerusalem.

19. Naso Baba-God send prophets among dem to carry dem back to am. Dem warn di pipo, but dem no gree hear word.

20. So Baba-God Spirit ginger Zechariah wey be di son of Jehoiada di priest. He stand up for front of di pipo, con tell dem sey, “Baba-God tok sey: ‘Why una dey break Baba-God law so dat e no go beta for una? Becos una don fashi Baba-God, hinsef don fashi una!’”

21. So dem plan against am, and by di law of di palace, dem stone am  to death for di yard of Baba-God house.

22. King Joash no remember di loyalty wey hin papa Jehoiada bin show am and he kill Jehoiada son. As Zechariah dey die, he tok sey, “Make Baba-God see dis tin, con revenge!”

         Zabad plus Jehozabad Kill Joash

23. E con happun sey, by di end of di year, di Syrian army attack Joash, and dem take-over Judah plus Jerusalem. Dem wipe out all di leaders of di pipo, and dem send all di

properties wey dem obtain for there, go meet di king of Damascus.

24. Even though di Syrian army wey take-over di place no really plenty, Baba-God put Judah army wey big well-well—for di hands of di Syrians, becos di pipo of Judah don fashi Baba-God wey be di Oga of dia papa-papa-papa. So di Syrians judge [Baba-God judgement] against Joash.

25. Wen dem komot, dem leave Joash wit serious wound. Hin own servants con plan against am becos of wetin he don do to di son of Jehoiada di priest. Dem kill am for hin bed. Naso he take kpeme, and dem bury am for di City of David, but no be inside di burial ground of di kings.

26. Di pipo wey plan against am na; Zabad wey be di son of Shimeath—wey be Ammonite woman), and Jehozabad wey be di son of Shimrith—wey be Moabite woman.

27. About di sons of Joash, di plenty prophecies about am, and di repair  wey he do for  Baba-God house—see, dem write dem for di Book of di  story of di kings. Hin son Amaziah con take hin place as king.


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