2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 1

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Baba-God Give Solomon Wisdom

  1. Solomon wey be David pikin con make hin pawa as king stand gidigbam, becos Baba-God wey be hin Oga dey wit am and Baba-God give am levels well-well.
  2. So Solomon tok to all di pipo of Israel, even di commanders of one thousand sojas, and di commanders of hundred sojas, di judges, plus all di leaders of all Israel—wey be di heads of dia families.
  3. Solomon and all di pipo con go di worship-place for Gibeon, becos di Tent where dem dey meet Baba-God dey for there, wey Moses wey be Baba-God servant bin make for inside di desert.
  4. (Now David bin don bring Baba-God ark from Kiriath-Jearim to di place where he don arrange for am, becos he don set tent for am for Jerusalem.
  5. But di bronze altar wey Bezalel di son of Uri, son of Hur—make, he put am  for front of di worship-place of Baba-God. Naso Solomon and all di pipo con worship Baba-God for there.
  6. Solomon go up to di bronze altar, wey dey for di worship-place, for Baba- God front, and he give one thousand burnt sacrifices for there.
  7. Dat night, Baba-God show-face to Solomon, con tell am sey, “Tell me wetin you want make I give you.”
  8. Naso Solomon ansa Baba-God sey, “You don show serious love to my papa David, and you don make me be king for hin position.
  9. Now, oh Baba-God, make your promise to my papa David come to pass, becos you don make me to be king of dis nation wey plenty like di dust for di earth.
  10. Now give me wisdom and make me sabi, so dat I go fit lead dis nation well, becos who fit judge dis plenty ogbonge nation wey belong to you?”
  11. Naso Baba-God tell Solomon sey, “Becos na dis kain tin you ask for, and you no ask for moni, beta-beta-tins, and levels, or for revenge against your enemies, and becos you no ask for long life, but you ask for wisdom plus knowledge—so dat you go fit judge di pipo wey I don make you be dia king,
  12. I don give you wisdom and I go make you sabi tins [knowledge]. To add-join, I dey give you moni, beta-beta-tins, plus respect wey go pass any king wey don dey before or afta you.
  13. Naso Solomon komot from di worship-place wey dey for Gibeon, he con go Jerusalem, where he rule as king of Israel.

Di Tins Wey Solomon Get

14. Solomon get plenty horse-moto and horse-riders. He get 1,400 horse-moto plus 12,000 horses. He keep dem for cities of horse-moto and wit di king for Jerusalem.

15. Di king make silver plus gold plenty well-well like stone for Jerusalem; cedar trees con burku like sycamore fig trees for di lowlands.

16. Solomon bring hin horses from Egypt, and from Kaveh; di king market-pipo buy dem from Kaveh for di current price.

17. Dem pay 600 pieces of silver for everi single one of di horse-moto from Egypt, and 150 pieces of silver for everi single horse. Dem still sell horse-moto plus horses for abroad—to all di kings of di Hittites and to di kings of Syria.


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