2nd Kings,  2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 10

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Di Tribes of Di North Break Komot From Rehobom Kingdom

  1. Rehoboam travel go Shechem, becos all di pipo of Israel don gada for there to make am king.
  2. E con happun sey, wen Jeroboam wey be di son of Nebat hear di gist, he bin dey for Egypt, where he bin run go hide from King Solomon; naso Jeroboam come back from Egypt.
  3. Dem send message to call am, so Jeroboam plus all di pipo of Israel come, and dem follow Rehoboam tok, sey,
  4. “Your papa make us work hard well-well! Now if you go komot small from di  hard work wey he bin give us, and no make us work hard like dat, we go serve you.”
  5. Rehoboam con tok sey, “Make una go for three days, den come back to me.” So di pipo komot.                                       
  6. King Rehoboam go meet di senior-men wey be advisers and wey serve hin papa Solomon wen he bin dey alive. Naso he ask dem sey, “Wetin una advise me to ansa dis pipo?”
  7. So dem tell am sey, “If you go run-tins wit dis pipo wit your church-mind, do  wetin dem ask for, and you use good-heart take follow dem tok beta words, dem go be your servants forever.”
  8. But Rehoboam bone di advice wey di senior-men advice am, and he go meet di young advisers wey dey serve am, di guys wey he grow up wit.
  9. He con ask dem sey, “Wetin una go advise me to tell dis pipo wey tell me sey, ‘Komot small from di work wey your papa give us?”
  10. Di young advisers wey Rehoboam grow up wit con tell am sey, “Tell di pipo wey tell you sey, ‘Your papa make us work hard well-well, but now  komot small from awa work’—tell dem sey: ‘My small finger go thick pass my papa waist!
  11. My papa give una hard work; but I go make una load heavy pass di one wey he give una. My papa punish una wit ordinary koboko; but I go flog una wit scorpions.’”
  12. Naso Jeroboam and all di pipo go back to Rehoboam on di third day, just as di king bin tok. Wen he tok sey, “Make una come back to me on di third day.”
  13. Di king con ansa di pipo in a rugged way. He fashi di advice of di senior- men,
  14. con follow di advice of di guys wey young like am. Naso he tok sey, “My papa give una heavy work; but I go add-join una work. My papa punish una wit ordinary koboko; but I go punish una wit scorpions.”
  15. Di king no gree listen to di pipo, becos Baba-God dey make all dis tins happun, so dat he go fit make di prophecy of Ahijah di Shilonite—come to pass—about Jeroboam son of Nebat.
  16. Wen all di pipo of Israel see sey di king no gree listen to dem, di pipo con ansa di king sey, “Which share we con get inside David?–we no get any  portion inside di son of Jesse! Go back to una house, oh Israel! Now face your own house, oh David!” So all di pipo of Israel go back to dia house.
  17. But Rehoboam kontinu to rule di pipo of Israel wey dey stay for di cities of Judah.
  18. King Rehoboam con send Hadoram, di supervisor of di slave-labor, but di  pipo of Israel stone am sote he kpeme. King Rehoboam rush escape enta hin horse-moto and he run go Jerusalem.
  19. And till today, di north tribes of Israel no gree let di pikin-pikin-pikin of David rule dem.


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