2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 13

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Abijah As King of Judah

  1. For di eighteenth year wen Jeroboam be king, nahin Abijah climb di  king-chair as king of Judah.
  2. He rule for three years for Jerusalem. Hin mama na Michaiah, wey be di daughter of Uriel from Gibeah. And war bin dey between Abijah and Jeroboam.
  3. Abijah start di attack wit 400,000 sojas wey dem train well, and Jeroboam  send 800,000 sojas wey dem train well to fight am. And dem set for dia  position.
  4. Abijah climb Mountain Zemaraim, for di mountains of Ephraim kontri, he con tok sey: “Listen to me, Jeroboam and all di pipo of Israel!
  5. Abi una neva see sey Baba-God of Israel don give David and hin pikin-pikin-pikin pawa to rule Israel as agreement forever (agreement of salt)?
  6. But Jeroboam wey be di son of Nebat, servant of Solomon, son of David, stand up, con turn against hin oga.
  7. Jaguda and mumu men wey gada round am, con get pawa against Rehoboam, di son of Solomon, wen Rehoboam neva get experience and wen he  no  fit  fight dem.
  8. Now una dey tok sey una go fight Baba-God govment wey be from David pikin-pikin-pikin. Una get big army, and una even carry di golden malu wey Jeroboam make for una as gods.
  9. Abi una no pursue Baba-God priests, Aaron pikin-pikin-pikin, plus di Levites, and you choose your own priests just as di nations wey dey around us dey do? Any pesin wey bring one small malu plus seven rams come di altar fit turn to priest of  these fake gods!
  10. But as for us, na Baba-God be awa God and we neva fashi am. Aaron pikin-pikin-pikin nahin dey serve as Baba-God priests, and di Levites dey epp dem wit di work.
  11. Dem dey give burnt sacrifices to Baba-God everi morning plus everi evening, along wit incense of sweet scent. Dem dey arrange di Sample Bread for di table wey pure, con light di lamps for di gold lampstand everi evening. We dey true-true observe Baba-God law, but una don fashi am.
  12. Now see, Baba-God dey wit us as awa leader. Hin priests ready to blow di trumpets to attack una. Una wey be di pipo of Israel, make una no fight against Baba-God wey be di Oga of una papa-papa-papa, becos una no  go win!”
  13. Now Jeroboam bin send some men to attack di army of Judah from back wit surprise. Di main army bin dey for front of di army of Judah; but di sojas wey wan attack wit surprise dey for dia back.
  14. Naso di men of Judah turn round, con notice sey Israel dey attack dem  from front and back. So dem cry out for epp to Baba-God. Naso di priests blow dia trumpets,
  15. and di men of Judah raise dia voice. As di men of Judah raise dia voice, naso Baba-God nack Jeroboam wit all di armies of Israel for front of Abijah and Judah.
  16. Di pipo of Israel run komot from front of di armies of Judah, and Baba-God put dem for di hand of di men of Judah.
  17. Abijah wit hin army beat dem well-well; 500,000 sojas of Israel wey dem train well-well nahin fall as dead men.
  18. Dat day, di pipo of Israel fall; di men of Judah win becos dem trust Baba-God wey be di Oga of dia papa-papa-papa.
  19. Abijah pursue Jeroboam; he seize dis cities from am: Bethel plus di towns wey dey around am, Jeshanah plus di towns wey dey around am, and Ephron plus di towns wey dey around am.
  20. Jeroboam  no get pawa again wen Abijah be king. Baba-God nack am down  and he kpeme.
  21. Abijah pawa con dey grow; he marry fourteen wives, and he born twenty- two sons, plus sixteen daughters.
  22. Di rest of di tins wey happun wen Abijah be king, everitin wey he do and hin yarnings, dem  write  dem  for  di Stories of prophet Iddo.


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