2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 16

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Asa Agreement Wit Syria

  1. For di thirty-sixth year of Asa as king, naso King Baasha of Israel attack Judah, and he take-over Ramah, con build am as hin camp, so dat no pesin go enta or komot from di land of King Asa of Judah.
  2. Naso Asa carry all di silver plus gold wey remain for inside di store of Baba-God house, and di king palace, con send dem to king Ben-Hadad of Syria wey dey rule for Damascus, along wit dis message:
  3. “I wan make agreement wit you, like di one wey awa papa bin make. See, I don send you silver plus gold. Break your agreement wit King Baasha of Israel so dat he go komot from my land.”
  4. Ben-Hadad gree for King Asa, and he tell hin army commanders to go attack di cities of Israel. Dem take-over Ijon, Dan, Abel Maim, plus all di  store cities of Naphtali.
  5. Wen Baasha hear di tori, he stop to dey build Ramah as hin base to attack Judah, and fashi di area.
  6. Naso king Asa tell all di men of Judah to carry di stones komot, wit di wood wey Baasha bin use take build Ramah. He con use di materials take build Geba plus Mizpah.

Hanani Message to Asa

7. Around dat time, Hanani di prophet visit King Asa of Judah, con tell am sey: “Becos you hope on di king of Syria and you no put your hope on  Baba-God wey be your Oga, so di army of di king of Syria don escape from your hand.

8. Abi di Ethiopians plus di Libyans bin no get big army wit plenty horse-moto and plenty-plenty horse-riders? But wen you trust Baba-God, he put dem for your hand!

9. Surely, Baba-God dey look upandan di whole earth, and he dey ready to show hin pawa to those pipo wey dey follow am. You don do mumu tin for  dis mata; from now on na war you go dey fight.

10. So Asa vex for di prophet well-well, sote he put am inside prison. He para for am becos of dis tins. Asa still oppress some of di pipo dat time.

As Asa Take Sick, Con Kpeme

11. Di tins wey happun wen Asa be king, from starting to di ending, dem write dem for di Books of di Kings of Judah plus Israel.

12. For di thirty-ninth year wen Asa be king, Asa con get disease for hin leg. Even though hin disease bin serious, he no gree fyne Baba-God, but only di doctors.

13. So Asa die on di forty-first year wen he be king.

14. Dem bury am for grave wey he bin carve for inside di City of David. Dem  lay am for bed wey dem cover wit spices plus different-different perfumes wey dem mix. Naso dem make big faya to give am hin last respect.


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