2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 19

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       Jehu Correct Jehoshaphat

  1. Wen King Jehoshaphat of Judah come back home safely to Jerusalem,
  2. prophet Jehu wey be di son of Hanani meet am; and he tell King Jehoshaphat sey, “Abi e dey good to epp wicked pipo and to be padi of those pipo wey dey against Baba-God? Baba-God dey vex for you, becos you do dat kain tin,
  3. But you don do some good tins; you komot di images of di goddess of Asherah—from di land, and you put your mind to follow Baba-God.”

Di Changes Wey Jehoshaphat Make

4. Jehoshaphat stay for Jerusalem. He go out among di pipo, from Beer-sheba to di mountain of Ephraim, and he ginger dem to follow Baba-God wey be di Oga of dia ancestors.

5. He choose judges tru-out di land, and for everi single strong city of Judah.

6. He con tell di judges sey, “Make una calm down to reason wetin una dey do, becos una no dey judge for men, but na for Baba-God wey go dey wit una wen una dey judge mata.

7. Make una fear Baba-God, con calm down to reason wetin una dey do, becos Baba-God awa Oga no like make dem judge mata in a wrong way, and he no like partiality, plus bribe.”

8. For Jerusalem, Jehoshaphat choose choose some Levites, priests, plus leaders of di families of Israel to judge for Baba-God and to settle mata among di pipo. And dem stay for Jerusalem.

9. He tell dem sey: “Make una do una work wit fear of Baba-God, wit faithfulness, and wit full heart.

10. Any case wey come meet una from una brodas wey dey stay for di cities—about pesin wey dem kill, or if pesin break any law—una go even warn dem, so dat dem no go sin against Baba-God, and so dat  Baba-God no go vex for una plus una brodas. Do dis tin so dat una no go commit sin.

11. See, Amariah wey be di  chief priest, nahin go get di final say for everi mata about Baba-God law,  and  Zebadiah  wey be di son  of  Ishmael,  wey be di leader  of  di  family  of Judah, nahin go get di final say for everi mata about di king. Di Levites go serve as officials for una. Make una do una work wit full-mind! Make Baba-God dey wit those wey do well!”


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