2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 2

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Solomon Gada Building Materials for Baba-God House

  1. Solomon sey make dem build worship-place for Baba-God Name, and even palace for hinsef.
  2. Solomon get 70,000 ordinary laborers, plus 80,000 pipo wey dey cut stones for di hills, and 3,600 supervisors.
  3. Solomon send message to King Huram of Tyre: “Epp me as you take epp my papa David, wen you send cedar woods wey he take build hin palace.
  4. See, I don ready to build worship-place for di Name of Baba-God my Oga, and to bless di house for Baba-God, so dat I go fit burn incense wey get nice scent for hin front, to set di holy bread wey we dey always put for Baba-God front, and to give sacrifices wey we burn wit faya; everi morning  plus evening, and for Sabbaths, for new moon festivals, and for di oda holy festivals of Baba-God my Oga. Dis tin na sometin wey di pipo of Israel must do forever.
  5. I go build big worship-place, becos awa God big pass all gods.
  6. But true-true, who fit really build house for Baba-God, since di sky plus di highest heavens no fit contain Am? Who I be wey I go con build house for Am? Except just to give sacrifices to Am.
  7. “Now send one man come meet me—wey sabi work wit gold, silver, bronze, plus iron, and even purple, crimson, plus violet color cloth, and wey sabi do engraving work. He go work wit my artists wey sabi well-well for here, for Jerusalem and for Judah, wey David my papa organize.
  8. Send me cedar woods, fir trees, plus algum trees from Lebanon, becos I know sey your servants sabi cut trees for Lebanon. My servants go work wit your servants,
  9. to supply me wit plenty-plenty wood, becos I dey build big worship-place wey fine well-well.
  10. See, I go pay your servants wey cut di wood 20,000 tons of wheat wey Dem don grind, 20,000 tons of barley, 400,000 liters of wine, plus 400,000 liters of ororo.”

           Huram Agree To Epp

11. King Huram of Tyre con send dis letter go meet Solomon: “Becos Baba- God love hin pipo, he don make you be dia king.”

12. Huram still tok sey, “Blessings (praises) for Baba-God di Oga of Israel, wey make di heaven plus di earth! He don give King David wise pikin, wey get-sense plus understanding, and he go build Baba-God house, and even palace for hinsef.

13. Now I dey send one man wey sabi well-well, na man wey get understanding; Huram my artist wey too sabi.

14. Hin mama na from Dan and hin papa na from Tyre. He sabi work wit gold, silver, bronze, iron, stones, plus wood, and even purple, blue, and crimson cloth, plus fine linen. He sabi how to do everi kind of engraving and he understand any design wey you go give am. He go work wit your artists wey sabi, plus di correct artists of my oga David your papa.

15. Now make my oga send hin servants di wheat, barley, ororo, plus wine wey you promise.

16. And we go cut all di wood wey you need from Lebanon, con float dem come Joppa tru di big-river. And you go carry dem go Jerusalem.”

17. Solomon do census of all di men wey be foreigners for di land of Israel, afta di census wey hin papa David do. Dem be 153,600 all togeda.

18. He select 70,000 as common laborers (men wey dey carry kpon-kpon [load]), 80,000 as pipo wey go cut stones for di mountain, and 3,600 as supervisors to make sure sey di pipo complete di work.


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