2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 20

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Moab Attack Jehoshaphat

  1. Lata, di pipo of Moab plus di pipo of Ammon, along wit some of di Meunites, con fight against Jehoshaphat.
  2. Messengers show-face con tell Jehoshaphat sey, “Big-big army dey attack you from di oda side of di Dead Sea, for di  side  of  Syria. See, dem dey  for Hazezon-tamar (dat na En Gedi).”
  3. Naso fear catch Jehoshaphat, so he decide to ask from Baba-God. He tok sey make di whole of Judah fast.
  4. So do pipo of Judah gada togeda to ask for Baba-God epp; dem come from all di cities of Judah to ask for Baba-God epp.
  5. Jehoshaphat stand for front di pipo of Judah plus Jerusalem, for Baba-God house, for front of di new yard.
  6. Naso he start to dey pray: “Oh Baba-God of awa papa-papa-papa, na you be di God wey dey stay for heaven, and you dey rule all di kingdoms of di nations. You get pawa plus energy for your hand—sote no pesin fit stand against you.
  7. Abi no be you be awa God wey pursue di pipo wey dey stay for di land komot from front of  di pipo of Israel, and you give di land forever—to di pikin-pikin-pikin of you padi Abraham?
  8. Dem settle down for di land, con build worship-place for your name, sey,
  9. ‘If wahala show-face on us like attack from enemies, punishment, disease, or hunger; we go stand for front of dis worship-place, for your front, becos your name dey for inside dis worship-place; and we cry to you to epp us from inside awa wahala—so make you hear us, con save us.’
  10. Now, di pipo of Ammon, Moab, plus di men from Mountain Seir—dey come! Wen Israel bin dey come out from di land of Egypt, you no allow dem to take-over dia land. Israel waka pass dem, and Israel no scata dem.
  11. See as dem take dey pay us back now! Dem don come pursue us komot  from di land wey you share for us as awa property!
  12. Chai awa God, abi you no go judge dem? Becos we no get pawa against dis big army wey dey attack us! We no know wetin we go do; we dey look your face for epp.”
  13. All di men of Judah con stand for Baba-God front, wit dia babies, dia wives, plus dia pikins.
  14. Naso Baba-God Spirit just show-face on Jachaziel, and he stand up among di pipo wey gada. Jachaziel na di son of Zechariah, son of Benaiah, son of Jeiel, son of Mattaniah—na Levite and na di pikin-pikin- pikin of Asaph.
  15. So he tok sey: “Make una listen, all of una—pipo of Judah, Jerusalem,  and king Jehoshaphat! Dis na wetin Baba-God dey tell una: ‘No let fear catch una, and no let una mind cut, becos of dis big army! Becos no be una go fight di fight, but na Baba-God go fight di fight.
  16. Make una march down against dem tomorrow, dem dey climb go up tru di  up-road of Ziz. Una go see dem for di end of di river for front of Desert of Jeruel.
  17. Una no go fight dis fight. Make una take una positions, stand gidigbam, and  watch as Baba-God go take save una, oh Judah plus Jerusalem. Make una no fear, and no let una mind cut! Tomorrow make una march out go face dem; Baba-God go dey wit una!”
  18. So Jehoshaphat bow down wit hin face for ground, and all di pipo of Judah plus Jerusalem fall down for Baba-God front, con dey worship am.
  19. Naso some Levites, from di family of Kohath and Korah, stand up, con dey praise Baba-God, di Oga of Israel—wit loud voice.
  20. Early di next morning, dem march out go di Desert of Tekoa. Wen dem ready to march, Jehoshaphat stand up, con tok sey: “Make una listen to me, pipo of Judah and pipo of Jerusalem! Believe Baba-God wey be una Oga, and una go stand gidigbam! Believe hin prophets, so dat e go beta for una.”
  21. He meet di pipo, con choose pipo wey go sing for Baba-God [wit fyne holy clothes] and to praise hin fine levels as king, as dem dey march for front of di sojas. And dem dey sing: “Give tanks to Baba-God, becos he dey sorry-for pesin forever.”
  22. Wen dem start to dey shout and praise, before-you-know Baba-God just attack di pipo of Ammon plus Moab, and di men from Mountain Seir, wey bin dey attack Judah; and dem fall.
  23. Di pipo of Ammon plus Moab attack di men from Mountain Seir, and dem  kill and scata dem kpatakpata. Wen dem finish wit di men of Seir, naso dem attack demsef, and all of dem con dey fight demsef.
  24. Wen di men of Judah reach di tall-security-house wey dey face do desert, dem look di armies, and na dia deadbody brekete for ground; no single pesin survive!
  25. Naso Jehoshaphat and hin men go gada dia properties; dem see plenty beta tins for di deadbody; fine jewelries, and dem komot dem from dia body, con keep am for demsef, e even pass wetin dem fit carry; naso dem gada dia properties for three days, becos e plenty well-well.
  26. On di fourth day, dem gada togeda for bottom-of-di-mountain wey dem dey call Berachah, na for there dem con dey praise Baba-God. So dem call dat bottom-of-mountain Berachah—till today.
  27. Naso all di men of Judah plus Jerusalem go back to Jerusalem wit happiness as Jehoshaphat dey lead dem; Baba-God give dem reason to happy for wetin happun to dia enemies.
  28. So dem enta Jerusalem wit di sound of string music instruments (harp plus lyre), plus trumpets and dem march go Baba-God house.
  29. All di kingdoms of di land wey dey around con dey fear Baba-God, wen dem hear gist about how Baba-God take fight against Israel enemies.
  30. Naso Jehoshaphat kingdom enjoy peace; hin God give am peace for everi corner.

Di End Of Jehoshaphat As King

31. So Jehoshaphat rule Judah. Na thirty-five years he be—wen he climb di king-chair, and he be king for twenty-five years for Jerusalem. Hin mama name na Azubah, wey be di daughter of Shilhi.

32. He follow di way of hin papa Asa and he no turn komot from di way. He do di right tins for Baba-God eyes.

33. But, dem no still komot di shrines for di idols; and di pipo still no gree give dia whole heart to di God of dia papa-papa-papa.

34. As for di rest tins wey happun wen Jehoshaphat be king, from starting to ending, dem write dem for di Books of Jehu wey be di son of Hanani, wey dem tok about for di Books of di Kings of Israel.

35. Lata King Jehoshaphat of Judah make agreement wit King Ahaziah of Israel, na wicked man wey do bad-bad-tins.

36. Dem agree to make big ships wey go go Tarshish; dem build di ships for Ezion Geber.

37. Naso Eliezer wey be di son of Dodavahu from Mareshah, con prophesy against Jehoshaphat, sey “Becos you make agreement wit Ahaziah, Baba-God go scata wetin you don build.” So di ships kpafuka sote dem no fit enta water go Tarshish.


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