2nd Chronicles

2nd Chronicles Chapter 21

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Jehoram As King of Judah

  1. Jehoshaphat kpeme and dem bury am wit hin ancestors for di City of David. Hin son Jehoram con take hin place as king.
  2. Jehoram brodas—di sons of Jehoshapha na; Azariah, Jechiel, Zechariah, Azariahu, Michael, plus Shephatiah. All dis ones na di sons of King Jehoshaphat of Israel.
  3. Dia papa give dem plenty gifts, even silver, gold, plus oda beta-beta-tins, along wit strong cities wey get wall for Judah. But he give di kingdom to Jehoram becos nahin be di firstborn.
  4. Naso Jehoram start to dey control hin papa kingdom, he con get pawa, but he use sword take kill all hin brodas, and even some of di officials of Israel.
  5. Jehoram na thirty-two years wen he be king, and he rule as king for eight years for inside Jerusalem.
  6. He follow di ways of di kings of Israel, just as Ahab family bin do, sote he marry Ahab daughter. He do evil tins for Baba-God eyes.
  7. But Baba-God no wish to scata David generation as king, becos of di agreement wey he bin make—to give am lamp and to give David generation lamp forever [hin pikin-pikin-pikin go kontinu to rule like lamp wey dey shine forever].
  8. Wen Jehoram be king, Edom free demsef from Judah control, and dem crown dia own king.
  9. Jehoram cross over [River Jordan] wit hin officers and all hin horse-moto, and he wake up for night, con attack di pipo of Edom wey bin surround him and di commanders of hin horse-moto.
  10. Naso Edom take free demsef from Judah till today. Around dat time, Libnah sef turn against Judah, con free demsef from Judah, becos Jehoram fashi Baba-God wey be di Oga of hin papa-papa-papa.
  11. He still build shrine of idols on top of di mountains of Judah; he ginger di pipo of Jerusalem to turn komot from Baba-God like ashawo, and he make Judah waka-miss road.
  12. Naso Jehoram received dis letter from Elijah di prophet sey: “Dis na wetin Baba-God tok—wey be di Oga of your ancestor David: ‘You no  gree follow di ways of your papa Jehoshaphat and King Asa of Judah,
  13. Instead, you don follow di ways of di kings of Israel. You ginger di pipo of Judah and Jerusalem make dem turn komot from Baba-God like ashawo [to worship idols], just like di family of Ahab turn follow idols like ashawo. You even kill your own brodas, men wey beta pass you.
  14. So look, Baba-God go soon nack your pipo wit serious wahala; your sons, your wives, plus everitin wey belong to you.
  15. And you go get one kain serious disease for intestine—until your intestines come out becos of di sickness day by day.”
  16. Naso Baba-God ginger di spirit of di Philistines plus di Arabs wey dey near di Ethiopians—against Jehoram.
  17. Dem attack Judah, con break enta di place. Dem carry everitin wey dem see for inside di king palace, even hin sons and hin wives. No single one of hin sons remain, except hin lastborn son, Jeoahaz.
  18. Afta all dis tins happun, Baba-God nack am wit serious disease for hin intestines—wey no get cure.
  19. Afta about two years, hin intestines come out becos of di disease, sote he die wit serious pain. Hin pipo no burn faya to honor am, just as dem  do for hin ancestors.
  20. Jehoram na thirty-two years old wen he climb king-chair as king, and he be king for inside Jerusalem for eight years. Hin death no pain any pesin; so dem bury am for di City of David, but no be for inside di burial-ground of di kings.


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